How To Choose Between Round And Square Drill

How To Choose Between Round And Square Drill

If you’re new to the world of Diamond Painting, you are about to embark on an exciting journey that is sure to provide hours of enjoyment as you express the artistry within you. But best of all, when you’re done you’ll have an amazing work of art to display proudly in your home or office! Plus you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you created it yourself. And, yes, anyone can do it!

The Physics of Diamonds

Often referred to as 5-D Diamonds due to the geometry of their multi-faceted surface, both Square Diamonds and Round Diamonds have different angled planes that reflect light to give the finished piece a sparkling effect. You may even find they shimmer like a disco ball! But without the boring repetitive beat and bad hair styles.

Square VS. Round Diamonds: What’s the Difference?

Square Diamonds

The Perfect Fit
Diamonds of the square variety fit together very neatly, with no gaps, and are preferred when creating larger canvases.

The “Snap”
Another feature people really seem to like about the Square Diamonds is the satisfying “snap” sound they make when you are close to finished and filling in the gaps. The feeling has been compared to popping bubble wrap, which is arguably one of life’s greatest pleasures!

Round Diamonds

 Easy is Fun
Though the lack of corners inherent in the round shape means there will be some visible gaps between the diamonds when the artwork is viewed close up, Round Diamonds are easier to pick up and place on the canvas with the applicator.

Size Matters
Round Diamonds are generally preferred when producing smaller sized artworks. They tend to create a smoother, clearer painting and take less time to complete than artworks made with Square Diamonds.

It's Personal
Over time, as you become an expert at Diamond Painting, you’ll develop an inclination toward one or the other depending on your own personal style. There is no wrong way!

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