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    New Arrival
    Diamond Painting Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man™ 20" x 26" (50.7cm x 65.8cm) / Round with 49 Colors including 4 ABs / 42,535

    Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man™

    © MARVEL / Spider-Man™

    New Arrival
    Diamond Painting Hulk™ Smash! 20" x 25" (50.7cm x 64cm) / Round with 27 Colors including 1 ABs / 41,268

    Hulk™ Smash!

    © MARVEL / Hulk™

    New Arrival
    Diamond Painting He Can Do This All Day 20" x 25" (50.7cm x 63.9cm) / Round with 48 Colors including 3 ABs / 41,268

    He Can Do This All Day

    © MARVEL / Captain America™

    New Arrival
    Diamond Painting Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist 20" x 25" (50.7cm x 63.9cm) / Square with 36 Colors including 4 ABs / 52,428

    Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist

    © MARVEL / Iron Man™

    New Arrival
    Diamond Painting Glorious Purpose 22" x 28" (55.8cm x 70.7cm) / Square with 59 Colors including 3 ABs / 63,616

    Glorious Purpose

    © MARVEL / Loki™

    New Arrival
    Diamond Painting God of Thunder 20" x 25" (50.7cm x 63.9cm) / Round with 61 Colors including 3 ABs / 41,268

    God of Thunder

    © MARVEL / Thor™

    New Arrival
    Diamond Painting The Snap 30" x 17" (76cm x 42.6cm) / Round with 56 Colors including 2 ABs and 10 Iridescent Diamonds / 41,192

    The Snap

    © MARVEL / Thanos™

    New Arrival
    Diamond Painting Magic Portal 22" x 34" (55.8cm x 85.9cm) / Square with 61 Colors including 3 ABs and 1 Fairy Dust Diamonds / 77,280

    Magic Portal

    © MARVEL / Dr. Strange™

    New Arrival
    Diamond Painting Fourth Wall Break 17" x 26" (42.8cm x 66cm) / Square with 45 Colors including 3 ABs and 1 Fairy Dust Diamonds / 45,580

    Fourth Wall Break

    © MARVEL / Deadpool™

    New Arrival
    Diamond Painting Balance 20" x 28" (50.8cm x 70.7cm) / Square with 66 Colors including 5 ABs / 57,936


    © MARVEL / Avengers™


    Bring Your Favorite Characters to Life with Marvel™ Diamond Art Kits

    Are you a fan of the Marvel Universe™ and the incredible characters that have captivated audiences worldwide? If so, Diamond Art Club®'s Marvel™ diamond paintings are perfect for you! These stunning works of art combine the intricate beauty of diamond painting with the beloved personalities of the Marvel Universe™, creating truly unforgettable pieces that you can cherish for years to come.

    Marvel™ Diamond Art from Diamond Art Club®

    We specifically designed our Marvel™ diamond painting kits for those who want to bring Multiverse magic into their home in a brand-new way. Each diamond painting kit includes everything you need to get started, including a self-adhesive quality canvas featuring your favorite character or superhero scene, a full set of diamond drills in shimmering colors, an applicator tool and a wax pad to help you pick up and place your diamonds. Our high-quality drills are made from premium resin, ensuring that each diamond sparkles brilliantly and creates a stunning shimmering effect.

    Decorate Your Walls with Your Favorite Marvel™ Characters

    Put together a mesmerizing masterpiece that showcases your love for iconic characters with Marvel™ diamond art. Our diamond paintings feature intricate designs, capturing every detail of your favorite heroes and villains in a way that truly brings them to life. Whether you're a fan of Spider-Man™, Iron Man™ or any of the Marvel Avengers™, we have a wide range of canvases that will satisfy your inner superhero. 

    Check Out Our Marvel™ Diamond Painting Kits Today! 

    Our premium diamond painting kits and designs are sure to impress and are a great way to relax and unwind while creating beautiful art. Shop our collection of Marvel™ diamond art kits today and start creating your own masterpiece!