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All Diamond Art Painting Collection

Let your creative juices flow with dazzling diamond painting kits from Diamond Art Club™. Here you’ll discover every option in our diverse collection–from eye-catching animal imagery to sparkly sunsets and seascapes. You can narrow our selection by your preferred diamond shape (round or square?) as well as by theme to help you find a kit that’s perfect for you. Explore paint-by-diamond kits in motifs like abstract, cars, beach, food, flowers, fantasy, mermaid, love and so much more.

We've Got Everything You Need

Regardless of which style you choose, all diamond art kits from our store come equipped with everything you need to dive into this relaxing and rewarding craft. Your kit contains a self-flattening canvas in our patent-pending velvet tarpaulin design as well as all the color-coded resin rhinestones you need to complete the painting. You’ll also get a comfortable applicator grip, two heart-shaped wax pads and a craft tray.

Diamond Art Club™ is the best way to enter the world of diamond art painting and see what the big buzz is all about!