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Holiday & Celebrations Diamond Painting Collection

Diamond Art Club™ offers kits that include everything you need for holiday decor. Holiday art projects are a great way to show off your creativity during the cheeriest time of the year.

If you’re a first time diamond art kit user, you’ll get hooked on the easy-to-use craft supplies and all the options available. No matter what type of holiday decor you like, you’ll be able to use the 100% resin diamonds to create something fun, memorable, and beautiful for anywhere in your home—or as the perfect celebration gift!

Quality Artwork, Quality Materials

Diamond art is unlike any other type of artwork. Some think of it as a cross between paint by number and cross stitch, but it’s really in its own category. The diamonds are vibrant, easy to pick up with the included tool, and made for easy application and lasting hold with our wax. The soft canvas that comes with our holiday-inspired diamond art projects is easy to keep smooth while you’re working on the diamond art.

Holiday Decor for Your Home

You can make your own celebratory decor for your home. The diamond art projects are great because they give you a chance to do something creative while also allowing you to make sure your home looks as beautiful. With diamond art, the options are almost endless. We commission quality pieces of art and use materials to ensure the diamond art pops more than it would with any other type of kit.

No matter which one of the celebration or holiday-themed diamond art projects you choose to do, you’ll get a quality piece that comes with everything you need to create your own work of art. Looking for more ways to decorate your home with your own, unique art? Find the project that inspires you most from our collections.