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5 Hobbies Like Sewing: Diamond Painting and 4 Others

Hobbies like sewing have made a major comeback. While once regarded as “old lady” crafts, the lost arts our grandmothers mastered are becoming increasingly popular amongst younger generations. The explanations for this phenomenon range from collective nostalgia for better times to seeking something “real” in the mass-produced modern era. No matter what the case may be, everyone from 20-somethings to senior citizens is embracing sewing, knitting, crocheting, gardening and other projects from earlier eras.  

If you are someone who enjoys sewing, there are several similar projects worth trying your hand at. For those who are into producing handmade garments, knitting is a solid option. For those,  however, who enjoy the more artistic side of crafting, diamond painting is the perfect choice because you're re-creating beautiful artwork that inspires and can evoke emotion. Keep reading to discover some hobbies like sewing that will quickly become your new favorites!

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Diamond Painting

Like sewing, diamond painting allows you to create something beautiful and personal. Instead of using fabric and thread, however, you diamond paint with an applicator pen, resin diamonds, and a canvas of your choice. Diamond painting is a much easier hobby to learn than sewing because it does not require any special skills or expensive equipment, so it’s a great hobby for every age group. 

Diamond Art Club® kits come with extra sparkly rhinestones known as “drills” and a self-flattening,  tarpaulin, self-adhesive canvas, plus all the tools needed to complete the project. The canvas is pre-printed with symbols in a grid-like pattern that shows you exactly what color drill to place in each spot. While you’re working on the project up close, it may look a bit random. But when you are finished, you will have an incredible piece of art that reveals a beautiful image or landscape when viewed from a distance. 

Diamond art painting can be good for your mental health too. It allows you to decompress, relax your mind and take a break from whatever work, school projects or stressful tasks you are currently working on. Plus, it’s a fun hobby that can involve friends and family. With a large enough canvas, you can work on one end of the design while a buddy or sibling works on the other side. Just make sure to order extra drill pens so everyone has the right tools to partake in the fun. 

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Once finished, you’ll have a lovely work of art that will last a lifetime. With sewing, many people enjoy having a blanket, sweater or pair of mittens to show the work they have done or even gift it to a friend. Diamond art painting is similar in that accord. Simply frame your finished piece to give to another enthusiastic arts ‘n’ crafter, or hang it up in your bedroom, living room or workspace to cherish forever. 

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If you enjoy working with a needle and thread, consider taking up cross-stitch. Like diamond painting, this project involves creating an image from hundreds of smaller elements. Only instead of each square being occupied by a resin rhinestone, each square is filled by an X of colored thread. 

Cross-stitch is easy to learn, and it is cheap to get started. And if you think of old-fashioned samplers when you think of this craft, think again. Modern cross-stitch patterns contain everything from classic imagery to funny phrases and pop culture icons. 


Knitting has seen a major resurgence in popularity over the last few years, and for good reason. What better way is there to make your Netflix sessions more productive than by whipping up a pair of socks while you binge? 

All jokes aside, knitting is a rewarding hobby. It’s hard not to feel a sense of accomplishment after making a wearable garment or accessory using little more than sticks and string. It has been gaining some serious momentum in the fiber arts world, too, and it is possible to knit just about anything you can imagine. 


Quilting technically is sewing, but it is a brand-new hobby for someone who is more familiar with, say, stitching clothing. A finished quilt is an incredible work of art, too. The appeal of quilting is obvious. What’s better than making something warm and cozy to snuggle up in or give as a gift? 

While the idea of making a quilt may seem overwhelming, the process isn’t exactly hard. Sure, there are plenty of complex and difficult patterns out there, but there are also much simpler ones that are appropriate for newbies. Learning how to make a quilt takes time, and you will likely make loads of mistakes before becoming a pro. If you want to take your sewing skills to the next level, though, few hobbies are better than quilting. 


Comparing gardening to sewing may seem like a bit of a stretch, but hear us out. Like sewing, gardening takes time and involves working with your hands. It also allows you to create something from virtually nothing and is incredibly rewarding. And it is probably a life skill that your grandmother (or great-grandmother) mastered long before you were born. 

Even if you live in a tiny apartment, you can still plant a “garden” on your windowsill, or check with neighbors or local online forums for a community garden you can join. There are even countertop gardening systems (complete with lights) that allow you to grow fresh produce anywhere in your home. Whether you try your hand at indoor or outdoor gardening, you’ll develop a valuable skill while working on this rewarding hobby. 


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From diamond painting to gardening, there are all sorts of hobbies great for anyone who enjoys sewing. Try one out today to embark on your journey to finding a new favorite hobby!