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5 Creative International Women’s Day Activities

Every year on March 8, International Women’s Day (IWD) is held to celebrate the incredible cultural, social, political and economic achievements of women around the world. The event is also a time when activists ramp up their efforts to campaign for gender equality, fight gender bias and stereotyping and make the world a better, fairer place for women spanning the globe. One of the many missions of International Women’s Day is “to celebrate the work of women creatives and elevate visibility for commercial projects and commissions.” And regardless of whether you are a skilled artist, there are plenty of things, like diamond painting, you can do to commemorate the day. We’ve put together this list of International Women’s Day activities to give you some creative ways to celebrate this important event. 

Celebrate International Women’s Day By Working on a Diamond Art Kit

1. #ChooseToChallenge

In 2021, the official theme for International Women’s Day is #ChooseToChallenge and encourages everyone to call out and challenge gender inequality and bias. This includes looking within yourself and challenging your own biases and negative beliefs. 

To show your support, take a photo of yourself raising your right hand assertively to show your commitment to calling out gender bias, challenging inequality and stereotypes and addressing all types of gender inequality. Feel free to get creative with your photo and share it on social media using the #ChooseToChallenge hashtag. You can submit your image to the IWD community, too. 

2. Craft for Equality

dancer diamond painting

Art has long been used to spread awareness and call out inequality and other social issues. If you are looking for creative ways to celebrate IWD, expressing yourself through art is an excellent option. Depending on what type of project you choose to work on, you could even carry it with you when attending a march or display it in a public area on March 8. 

Drawings and paintings are always options for expressing yourself, but they certainly are not the only ones. Any type of art can be used for self-expression and to support social causes. If you want to do something a bit different this year, consider doing a diamond painting featuring artwork created by a woman artist, or featuring a strong woman character. This is a great way for both adults and children alike to support IWD.

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3. Do Something Kind for a Special Woman in Your Life

In addition to bringing awareness to gender inequality and other issues, IWD is a time to celebrate the women in your life. Whether it’s your wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother, grandmother, friend or even your favorite barista at the local coffee shop, March 8 is a great time to do something to make her feel special. 

Send a card and/or small gift, have flowers delivered, prepare a special meal or take them out for a day filled with all of their favorite things. Any kind gesture–no matter how small or large it may be–done to show love and gratitude for a special woman in your life will be greatly appreciated. Even a heartfelt “thank you” means a lot to most people. 

4. Read a Book Written by a Woman

woman reading book in window

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Celebrating IWD doesn’t have to be a big public gesture or something that involves anyone other than yourself. In fact, you can commemorate the day in the comfort and privacy of your home by simply reading a great book written by a female author. 

Whether you choose a work of non-fiction or prefer to get lost in a good fiction novel, reading a book written by a female author is a simple and enjoyable way to celebrate IWD and the accomplishments of women. If you are looking for some excellent books written by inspiring women, check out this list

5. Participate in a Virtual Event

Due to COVID-19, in-person IWD events are less prevalent and much smaller in 2021 than they have been in past years. The good news? There are still plenty of virtual events to take part in. From virtual runs and bicycle events to online conferences featuring women speakers, there are several events you can participate in while maintaining social distancing. 

Find an International Women’s Day Activity That Feels Right to You

i am brave diamond art

Whether you are a woman or a man, celebrating IWD is a personal experience. Take the time to find International Women’s Day activities that feel right to you and you will be on your way to commemorating the day in a meaningful and enjoyable way. If you want to show off your creativity through crafts like diamond painting, browse our website to find kits featuring artwork by women artists. 

Celebrate International Women’s Day with DAC’s Founder


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