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5 Best Gifts for Crafters

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start making your gift shopping list and checking it twice. For the crafter in your life, there are dozens of great projects, tools and accessories that are sure to bring a smile to their family. Some of the best gifts for crafters include items to help with organization, fun new types of crafts like diamond painting or a personalized gift that you crafted for them. Check out some of our other suggestions and get to shopping.

1. Diamond Painting Kit

Whether the crafter in your life is an avid diamond painting fan or has never tried one before, we guarantee he or she will love this exciting new craft. Diamond painting kits include everything you need to get started. This type of mosaic art uses small, faceted beads known as diamond beads or drills to create a larger image. With a nearly endless collection of designs to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect pattern to fit your friend or family member’s personality. Imagine sparkling images of mythical creatures like fairies and dragons or more realistic depictions of countryside landscape scenes. Whatever image you choose, we guarantee that diamond paintings are one of the best gifts for crafters.

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2. Crafting Tools and Accessories

Every crafter needs tools and accessories no matter what their choice of craft may be. If you have a friend who’s already an avid diamond painter, then consider purchasing diamond painting accessories they may not already have–like a multi-placer tool or box for their drills. If you’re unsure what type of accessories they may need, try getting more involved in their hobbies and learn what they might be missing. For any crafter who enjoys knitting or cross-stitching, new patterns, more unique yarn and string, as well as new needles, are all great accessory options. 

3. Craft Books

One of the best gifts for crafters may not be a craft at all. Some of the coolest crafting books can spark your friend’s imagination or encourage him or her to venture out and try a new type of craft. Select a book focused on one craft in particular or opt for something with many different crafting options. Some craft books also center around themes, like crafts for holidays such as Christmas or Halloween, bringing a fun, DIY element to household decorations.

4. Organization Items

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Anyone who loves crafting knows just how disorganized all your crafting gear can become, especially if you’re the type of crafter who likes to try everything. When looking for the perfect crafting gift, check out your friend or family member’s crafting area. Does it look disorganized? Have you heard them complain about difficulty finding particular crafting items? If so, organization products could be the perfect practical gift. When it comes to diamond painting, having an organizer for your drills as well as a nice portfolio to store your unfinished projects is key. For other types of crafts, shelves, boxes and plastic organizers are also ideal. Do some research into the best organizers for your friend’s craft of choice and then help them keep their crafting area more organized than ever. 

5. DIY Craft Creation

Sometimes, nothing means more than a handmade gift, which is why creating your craft is always an option. You can complete your own diamond painting, have it framed and present it to your friend or family member as a gift. Many people also like scrapbooking for their friends as a way to commemorate all of your memories together. You can even start a collaborative project by creating the few first pages of a friendship scrapbook and gifting your crafting buddy with the book so that he or she can fill it with their own memories of you. 

Give the Gift of Crafting

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True crafters love to get their hands on any kind of new craft or crafting accessories–from diamond painting kits to fun crafting books. Diamond Art Club has one of the largest selections of designs that are perfect for children and adults. These stunning masterpieces can be hung around the recipient’s home to show off their newfound diamond painting skills. If you’re looking for the best gifts for crafters, check out some of our suggestions and find the perfect item for your friends and family. You can even join in on the fun by purchasing your own craft to complete alongside them.