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When Does Diamond Art Club® Restock Diamond Paintings?


August 06, 2022

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We get it. Visiting our website only to find that the design you’ve been dying to order is out of stock isn’t much fun. It can be downright disappointing when you’ve been patiently waiting for the arrival of a new design and then miss out because it sold out in minutes. If you’ve ever had such an experience, you’ve probably wondered when and how often we restock our diamond painting kits. 

So, when does Diamond Art Club® restock? Keep reading to discover the answer and learn how to maximize your chances of scoring your most-loved diamond painting kits. 

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Our Restocking Schedule

At Diamond Art Club®, we restock our best diamond painting kits frequently. We also add brand-new designs every single week, typically on Saturday mornings. We usually refill our best-selling kits throughout the month to ensure availability for our loyal customers. Our goal is to ensure you can get the kits you want without having to wait several months for something to come back in stock. 

Tips for Snagging the Kits You Want

Sometimes, our top-rated diamond painting kits sell out in minutes. Highly anticipated new kits typically don’t last long, either. While we can’t promise that you’ll be able to get the kit you want every single time, we can share a few tips and tricks to boost your odds of a successful online shopping session. 

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Add Kits to Your Wishlist

When you see a kit you love, add it to your wishlist on our website. Your wishlist stores all your favorite kits in one location so you can easily access them from your computer, phone, or laptop. This means, you won’t have to go searching for a kit to see whether it’s been restocked or not. Instead, you can just check your wishlist. Keeping high demand kits on your list also makes it easier to find them and put them in your cart when restocks happen. 

Follow Us on Facebook

We also share updates about new products and restocks on our Facebook page several times per week. Often, we will communicate the exact time new kits will be released. And if you are a Ruby or Diamond member, you’ll get to take advantage of a 30-minute early access window before the kits are available to the general public. Start following us on Facebook today, and you’ll never have to worry about missing an update again. 

Check Your Email

Diamond Art Club® sends out emails with updates about restocks and new releases, too. If you are not already a member of our email list, signing up is easy. Head to our website and scroll to the bottom of the page. In the lower right corner, you’ll see the phrase “Let’s keep in touch,” and below that is a box to enter your email address. Type in your email, click submit and you’re good to go! Soon you’ll be receiving emails that keep you up to date on what’s coming and when items are being replenished. 

Sign Up for Restock Alerts

Our restock alerts let you know the moment we restock a particular kit. If the kit you have your eye on is unavailable, simply enter your email address on the product page and click subscribe. We will send you an email as soon as it becomes available again so you can place your order promptly. 

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Browse Our Products Regularly

Instead of wondering where to buy diamond art kits when the one you want from us isn’t available, come back and browse the rest of our products. The inventory at Diamond Art Club® is constantly changing. We encourage you to check back regularly to see what’s in stock. Even if you are yearning for a kit that’s out of stock, you may discover something else to work on while waiting for your preferred kit to become available again. 

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When does Diamond Art Club® restock? A lot! We do our best to ensure we have the diamond painting kits our customers want, when they want them. Sometimes, though, it takes a bit of time to restock. With the suggestions above, you can boost your odds of scoring the kits you want as soon as they are available again.