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Non-Stick Parchment Paper for Diamond Painting: Things to Keep in Mind

Diamond painting can be one of the best crafting activities for adults and children as it helps boost creativity and promote feelings of calm and focus. In fact, crafting has actually been shown to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, as it is a great method of relieving stress and distracting your mind. Plus, you end up with a beautiful masterpiece at the end when you complete a diamond painting! If you’re just getting into the art of this craft, there are some tips and tricks that you should be aware of–like using parchment paper for diamond painting.

Using Non-Stick Parchment Paper for Diamond Painting

If you’ve ever worked on a diamond painting, you know some of the frustrations of navigating your canvas around the plastic protectant cover. The purpose of the cover is, of course, to protect the canvas underneath and prevent dirt, debris and foreign objects like pet hair from sticking to it. Unfortunately, with just one large sheet as the cover, it can be difficult to work on your diamond painting as the entire canvas is exposed. Your arm may stick to the canvas as you try to work on one particular area, or since the entire canvas is exposed while you’re working on it, it may pick up some of those elements you were trying to protect it from in the first place. 

For this reason, many diamond art painters have turned to other materials as a way of keeping their canvas protected in a more efficient manner. This is where parchment paper comes in. Using parchment paper for diamond painting will protect your canvas as you’re working on it and make it much easier to remove and cover specific areas.

Unwrapping Diamond painting

How to Do It

  • Remove the original plastic cover that comes with the canvas. Some covers are clear plastic while others are made from an opaque material. Either way, you can simply rip the cover off because you’re going to replace it with parchment paper.
  • Get non-stick parchment paper from your kitchen and cut sections into squares, or you can order parchment paper squares on Amazon. Most diamond painters prefer squares that are between 4” x 4” and 6” x 6”. 

    NOTE: If you’re working on a particularly small canvas, you can cut your squares down into even smaller sections. This step is all about personal preference. Find a size that works for you and stick with it.
  • Now, begin placing the parchment paper squares over the exposed canvas starting at the bottom and rubbing each section to make sure that it sticks. You can either try to line your square up as close to each other as possible, or you can let each square overlap. You want to start at the bottom so that your arm isn’t getting stuck to the canvas as you reach over it to cover the top section.
  • Voila! You’ve created a parchment paper cover for your diamond painting. Not only does this material better protect your canvas, but it also makes it much easier to work on. Now, you can simply pull back one square and work on an entire section while the rest of the canvas remains protected.
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Why Is Parchment Paper Beneficial for Diamond Painting?

Protects the Canvas

The entire purpose of the plastic layer that comes with your diamond art kit is to keep that sticky canvas from getting soiled with dirt and dust. Unfortunately, with just the one big sheet to cover it, debris can make its way onto the canvas anyway while you’re working on it. Using parchment paper helps to protect the entire canvas, except for the section you’re working on.

Easier to Work with

Perhaps the greatest advantage of using parchment paper for diamond painting is that it makes your experience much easier. When working on a painting that only has the plastic cover, you’ll find your arm sticking to the canvas as you lean over to reach parts of the painting that are closer to the center. Using parchment paper also prevents the plastic cover from getting caught on other things and ripping or curling around the edges. 

Sectioning Makes Painting Easier

The smaller, parchment paper-covered sections make it much easier to work on small parts of the canvas at a time. For beginners, this can make the project feel less overwhelming by breaking it down into sections. For more advanced painters, it’s advantageous because you can knock out a small section when you have some free time without getting caught up in trying to finish the larger design in one sitting.

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Make Your Diamond Painting Easier 

Using parchment paper for diamond painting is a serious crafting hack because it allows you to more easily work on your project without worrying that dirt, dust and pet hair will stick to the canvas. Plus, it eliminates the need for the pesky plastic cover that seems to just rip and get in the way of your painting. Try implementing this tip into your diamond painting routine and see if it works for you. Then, decide what to do with your finished diamond painting so everyone can admire your hard work. We like to display ours in our homes or give a completed painting away as a unique gift.