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Mother’s Day Craft Gift Ideas: Diamond Paintings and Other Great Presents


April 17, 2021

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Whether you are a child or an adult, finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift is no easy task. After all, what can you buy that truly shows just how grateful you are for the woman who gave you life? Combine that with the fact that most moms don’t ask for anything on Mother’s Day (other than spending it with their kids), so it may seem almost impossible to come up with a gift she will like. 

This Mother’s Day, why not make something special for your mom rather than gifting her another “World’s Best Mom” mug? No matter how old you are, moms always love receiving handmade items from their children. So why not try something new like using diamond painting supplies to create breathtaking artwork for your mom’s wall. No matter what project you choose, giving your mother a handmade gift is a great way to make her feel special this Mother’s Day! 

Diamond Painting

Order Diamond Painting Supplies So Everyone Can Partake in the Fun!

If you have not already tried your hand at diamond painting, you are missing out on an awesome craft! To do this type of art, you affix resin “diamonds” in various colors to a self-adhesive canvas. The canvas is printed with a key that shows you exactly what color diamonds should be placed where. Think of it like cross-stitch, but instead of using thread, you use resin gems, or “drills.” When you are finished, you have a stunning work of art that can be displayed virtually anywhere. 

Diamond paintings make great gifts because of their uniqueness, beauty and long-term displayability. If you learn how to frame diamond art, your mother will be able to display your creation in her home for years to come. Diamond art kits come in a plethora of designs, too. You can create a painting that showcases your mom’s favorite animal, make a Mother Earth painting for the mother who loves nature or put together a gorgeous fantasy piece. The options are endless! And because diamond painting is such an easy project, you don’t need to possess any specific artistic skills to create display-worthy art. 

Diamond art paintings are also great gifts for moms who love arts and crafts. If she’s never tried it before, select a project you think she’ll like; however, if she’s an experienced diamond art painter, order a diamond art kit that’s been on her wishlist. This can also be a great way to spend Mother’s Day together. You can get a diamond art kit you both would enjoy and spend the day having fun, chatting and creating a magnificent work of art!

Learn How to Frame Diamond Art So You Can Give the Perfect Gift


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Handmade Jewelry

Does your mom enjoy accessorizing her outfits with jewelry? Instead of buying her a new necklace or bracelet, why not make one yourself? Jewelry-making supplies are available at any craft store or online. And there are options appropriate for all ages and skill levels. 

Making a simple beaded necklace or bracelet is an excellent option for a younger child. For tweens, teens and adults, however, consider something a bit more complex, like making a wire-wrapped piece. Crafting one-of-a-kind earrings is a simple and stylish option, too. Check out some jewelry-making tutorials to find a project your mom will love. 

Fingerprint Butterfly Mugs

Making adorable fingerprint butterfly mugs is an excellent project for little ones. It is easy, and the finished product is a mug that will instantly become mom’s favorite. All you need is a white mug, enamel acrylic paint, a small paintbrush and a dishwasher-safe sealer. 

Dip yours or your child’s thumb in paint and then carefully “stamp” it onto the mug. Repeat to create beautiful butterfly shapes. Then, use a small paintbrush to add lines for antennae. Let dry and then seal. Check out the full instructions (including pictures) at The Best Ideas for Kids

Rock Garden Markers

For the mom who loves gardening, make a set of painted rock garden markers. This easy peasy project is a great excuse to break out your paints, and it is a fun way to add some color to your mom’s garden. 

You’ll need smooth rocks (river stones from the dollar store work well, or you can find rocks outside), outdoor craft paint, paintbrushes, a clear outdoor sealer and a black paint marker. 

Start by painting each rock a solid color. Let dry and add a plant name (Rosemary, Tomato, Bell Pepper, etc.) using the black paint marker. Feel free to add swirls and other decorative elements, too! Once completely dry, add a few coats of your outdoor sealer. For more details, visit Crafts by Amanda


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Making gifts for Mother’s Day is a great way to show your mom just how much she means to you. Try your hand at one or more of the projects above to create a heartfelt gift that your mother (or another special mom in your life) is sure to love.