Free Accidental "Oops" Insurance

Diamond Art Club Insurance infographic


As you become more excited with Diamond Painting you may get a little overzealous and this invariably results in the occasional disaster. In the worst-case scenario, you could accidentally tip over your whole box full of neatly organized colored diamonds resulting in the Diamond Painting equivalent of grey PlayDoh.

All is Not Lost!

Surveying the hopelessly jumbled pile of Diamonds now being scattered to all corners of the room by your adorable pets who have been waiting all their furry little lives for just such an event, you may toss up your hands in despair. But wait!

We’re Here to Help!

We at Diamond Art Club understand your dilemma and want to make your experience with our product the best it can be, so we are offering “Oops Insurance.” 

Yes, we will actually replace up to 8* packs for free in case of an accident! 

*If you need more than 8 packs, a small fee will apply to discourage abuse of our replacement policy & cover our costs. 

To Claim Oops! Insurance:

Sweep as many diamonds as you can into a pile and take a photo of the apocalyptic disaster area to show us what went wrong. 

Send us an email to with the following:

Order number:
Description Of Issue: (Please include a photo)
How can we help?: (Let us know what we can do to make your day)

A customer support agent will get back to you within a few business hours. 

If you require more than 8 packs: 

In the event you lost or spilled ALL of your diamonds: