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    Religious & Spiritual Diamond Paintings

    With diamond art painting, you have a creative, potentially spiritual and meditative outlet that’s totally unique! By combining painting and cross stitching techniques, you can create a project unlike any other. The spiritual art project designs we offer allow you to highlight your creative skills while also creating deeply meaningful art. Plus, creating your own decor is a great way to add more sparkle to your life and your home.

    Change Your Perception of Making Art

    If you’ve struggled with painting in the past, diamond art might be the perfect solution. You can create spiritual wall art without ever having to pick up a paintbrush. Diamond Art Club™ chooses high-quality paintings and commissions art done with vivid pigmentation. The kits come with detailed instructions that include: helpful charts, your diamond applicator, wax to apply the diamonds, and even a tray to ensure you don’t lose any diamonds.

    High Quality Materials Make Artwork Pop

    Regardless of what spiritual art projects you’ve done before, your finished artwork will brighten your home and provide a sense of accomplishment in what you’ve done! Diamond Art Club™ offers high-quality canvases that are soft to the touch. Our diamonds, available in a variety of shapes, are made of 100% resin that have premium, vivid colors and distinctive shimmer that will last for years.

    Choose from a wide range of different types of diamond art. No matter what type of decor you have, you’ll be able to find a diamond art project to suit your tastes. Shop now to find spiritual art projects you can use to decorate your space!