7 Indoor Winter Activities for the Whole Family


October 21, 2023

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While wintertime has its perks, being stuck inside for weeks on end due to inclement weather isn’t much fun. It does not take long for cabin fever to set in when the entire family is trapped at home — and it's not the best idea to depend on screens to keep the kiddos occupied. 

Fortunately, there are lots of sanity-saving ways to actually enjoy time at home with the family. Even if you’re stuck there for several days due to a severe storm or bone-chilling temperatures, these indoor activities will keep everyone happy and entertained. From working on holiday diamond paintings to building comfy, blanket forts, here are a few of our favorite indoor winter activities for the whole family. 

Get in the Spirit with a Christmas Diamond Painting!

1. Try Diamond Painting

Painting with diamonds is a great way for the entire household to pass a dull, winter day. Since no special skills are required, everyone in the family, from young kids to adults can enjoy creating these shimmering works of art. And Diamond Art Club® has so many designs to choose from, that no matter their style, preference, hobby or interest, every family member is sure to find a kit they will love! This is one of the many reasons our diamond painting kits make such great gifts for birthdays and the holidays.

When you purchase your diamond painting kits from Diamond Art Club®, you won’t need to worry about hunting for special tools or supplies because you’ll receive everything you need to complete your stunning masterpieces. Each premium, self-flattening canvas will arrive ready to be covered in brilliantly colored, resin “gemstones.” As with similar hobbies like cross stitch, it doesn’t take long to become fully engrossed in this relaxing pastime. Diamond painting is a craft that all generations can enjoy doing individually, or collectively. There’s no better way to bring the family together and create memories that will last a lifetime.

So, If you’re looking for a great way to keep everyone occupied on the next cold, snowy day, be sure to  stock up on diamond art supplies now

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2. Have a Dance Party

Are your kids driving you crazy because they’re stuck inside with no way to burn off their excess energy? Turn your living room into a dance floor! Move the furniture aside, crank up some lively music and encourage your kids to dance their hearts out. Mix it up by calling out “Freeze Frame” moments or specific dance moves. Make sure you get involved, too, since joining in has multiple benefits: it can strengthen your bonds to each other, it’s a great way to exercise, and it helps relieve stress.

3. Host an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

When you think of scavenger hunts, you probably think of sending your kids off to search for various objects in the backyard. While this classic activity usually takes place outside, there is no reason you can’t bring the fun indoors. 

Scavenger hunts are fun for kids of all ages. With the right theme, even tweens and teens will enjoy getting in on the excitement. (Think crime scene detective, Survivor, or even Indiana Jones) There are tons of options, so get creative. 

4. Build a Blanket Fort

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Building a blanket fort is a classic indoor activity that every child should get to enjoy at least once. Get out some sheets and blankets to stretch over chairs and, using pillows to hold them in place, help the kiddos build a fort in your living room. Once it’s all set up, invite the entire family inside for some imagination-inspiring playtime. Is your fort a spaceship? A pirate’s lair? Secret agent headquarters? A spooky cave? Let your kids take the lead and follow along with wherever their imagination leads you. 

String up fairy lights and the fort can be a cozy spot to cuddle up and enjoy a book or movie when playtime is over. You could even “camp out” overnight in it as a family. 

5. Create an Obstacle Course

Using furniture, pillows and other household items, create an obstacle course that runs through your house with your kids. Then, take turns seeing who can complete the course the fastest. Crawl under, over or through a row of chairs, walk with a book on your head or skip around the sofa three times holding an apple in a spoon. If you have some string, use it to mimic laser beams and navigate through them a la Mission Impossible. Just be careful to ensure that the day’s activities don’t end with an outing to the emergency room! 

6. Play with Balloons

There are lots of fun, silly games families can play with balloons, and the easiest way to start is to blow up a few and see how long your family can bat them back and forth without letting them fall to the ground. Make the game more challenging for older kids by only allowing them to use only one hand. Or, try out the Balloon Waddle, where everyone tries to keep a balloon between their knees while racing to the finish line.

7. Make a Cardboard Playhouse

Before cold weather sets in, pick up a refrigerator box from a local appliance store, builder or furniture store. The next time the family is stuck at home and boredom sets in, get the box out. Tape one end closed and reinforce the sides with duct tape. Help your kids cut out windows and a door. Then, encourage them to decorate their playhouse using markers, crayons, ribbon, glitter or any other craft supplies you have laying around the house. Once the house is ready, enjoy a day of imaginative play. 

Not loving the house idea? Make a rocket ship instead! Or let your kids take the lead and come up with their own ideas.  snow cabin diamond art kit

Closing Thoughts

Make Sure You Have Enough Diamond Art Supplies for the Whole Family

Being cooped up inside this winter doesn’t have to be a bad thing! With the ideas listed above, your entire family can have a blast while riding out severe winter weather at home.


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