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Who Invented Diamond Painting? A History on This Exciting Craft

As one of the millions of people who has jumped on board the diamond painting craze, you may have wondered just where this addictive craft originated. While hobbies like knitting, jewelry making and painting have been around for centuries, diamond painting is a much newer addition to the crafting world. It has been gaining momentum for a few years and has quickly become one of the trendiest crafts to date. Enjoyed by everyone from young kids to adults and offering a wide range of mental health benefits, it is unlikely this hobby will be declining in popularity anytime soon. 

Whether you have recently picked up the hobby or if you are a seasoned diamond painting pro, keep reading to learn more about who invented diamond painting and to discover the history of this exciting craft. 

What Is Diamond Painting? 

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Before we dive into the history of diamond painting, let’s take a moment to go over what it is. Of course, if you are already familiar with the project, feel free to skip to the next section.

So, what is diamond painting?

Diamond painting involves placing sparkling resin diamonds in various colors on a self-adhesive canvas. The canvas is printed with symbols that let the crafter know where each colored drill needs to be placed. When finished, the individual diamonds work together to create a beautiful mosaic image. This activity is popular among crafters of all ages and skill levels because it allows anyone to create a display-worthy piece of art without the need for any special skills or talent. 

The Inventor of Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is thought to have originated as a combination of sand painting and cross-stitch. In fact, the inventor of diamond painting mentions a patent of the Sand Painting Card in the patent for diamond painting. The patent states that diamond painting aims to produce a pattern with a plastic canvas—much like the Sand Painting Card—and follow the pattern and place beads like adding stitches in a cross-stitch pattern. 

The patent for what we think of as diamond painting was filed in 2010 by a China-based company called Guangdong Dazu Yueming Laser Technology Co., Ltd. Previously, a similar project existed in which plastic beads were placed on velvet to create an image. The inventor of modern diamond painting came up with the idea of affixing resin diamonds to a canvas as a means of overcoming the problem of the glue not providing strong enough adhesion on velvet.

Though diamond painting originated in Asia, it quickly spread to Europe and remains especially popular in Russia. It didn’t take long for the craft to reach American soil and for kits to make their way onto the shelves of craft stores throughout the nation. 

Diamond Art Club® founder Angie Shehaj set out to produce high-quality diamond painting kits to inspire people, regardless of age. As a long-time lover of diamond painting, she was disappointed in the quality of the kits available to her and decided to make the kits of her dreams. 

a diamond painting of a steampunk zombie girl with her lips sewn shut

Today, Diamond Art Club® is a leader in the diamond painting industry and is well-known for producing kits that are far superior to those available from other brands. 

Benefits of Diamond Painting

One of the truly remarkable things about diamond painting is the benefits it offers. Painting with diamonds is more than just a hobby. It’s a way to improve your mental health, help your kids develop better hand-eye coordination, patience, team work and more. Some folks even see it as a form of meditation.

Working on a diamond painting is easy, but it requires concentration. When you are focused on placing each individual diamond in the correct spot, it is easy to let go of the stress and worry of your day and just get lost in the moment. Plus, completing a project can give one a much-needed self-esteem boost since these kits make it possible for anyone to make breathtaking art. 

For kids, diamond painting provides an opportunity for learning about colors and shapes and matching colors to symbols. Working with the small diamonds improves dexterity as well. Diamond art is even a great project for kids with autism

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In Conclusion

Diamond painting hasn’t been around nearly as long as many other hobbies, but it has already had a huge impact on the crafting world. If you haven’t already, try it for yourself to see what all the excitement is about!