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7 Common Diamond Painting Problems and How to Solve Them

If you’re here, you probably already know how amazing diamond painting can be. The ultra-therapeutic, endlessly enjoyable activity helps you reach a state of inner creative calm and it doesn’t hurt that you wind up with a beautiful display you can hang and admire for years to come. But like any hobby, diamond painting isn’t perfect. There are a few hiccups you may encounter as you get started with the craft. But, don’t stress! These are all easily fixable issues that shouldn’t slow you down. 

Diamond art in progress

Here are a few of the most common diamond painting problems plus some amazing tips for how to solve them so you don’t get interrupted as you’re creating to your heart’s content!

1. Your Canvas Curls—If you’ve purchased your diamond art kit somewhere besides our store, you may have noticed that the canvas has begun to curl or roll upwards, making it almost impossible to complete. Step No. 1: Only buy from Diamond Art Club! Our canvases are unique because they feature our patent-pending, self-flattening velvet tarpaulin canvas, which means they won’t roll. To solve the problem of a stubborn, curling canvas, you can flatten it by covering the (blank) sheet with a towel or blanket and setting heavy books on top for a day or two.

2. Your Diamonds Are Loose—We work hard to make sure our applicator grip and wax create a perfectly secure adhesive, so you should have no issues with sticking when you use our kits. However, certain environments and conditions can affect the hold of your gems onto the canvas. You can use any type of glue on your diamond art canvas, so feel free to experiment with glue pens and double-sided tape if you have found that they work better or if you need an extra hold. 

diamond art pen

3. You’re Missing Diamonds—While it’s rare, mistakes do happen. If you believe that you were sent a diamond art kit with missing diamonds, simply contact us and we’ll send you a replacement. Of course, you can always use a similar color or your extra diamonds to complete your painting. We offer a lifetime warranty on our products, so if anything is off, broken or missing, you’re totally covered.

4. Your Colors Are Mixed—Ahh! Your colors are intermingling! We send our diamonds to you in convenient, individually sealed bags, but spills and mixes do occur during the painting process. We always recommend investing in a special separating system to make your gems easily accessible while keeping them totally separated and organized. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy—an old egg carton, tackle box or bead storage system will help you keep your setup tidy.

colored diamonds 

5. You Spilled Your Diamonds—Don’t worry, it happens to everyone! But a gemstone spill is no less of a headache, if we’re being honest. Luckily, if you have the right tools, it’s actually not a hard problem to correct. The best way to pick up spilled gems is to use a handheld vacuum on the low setting (or one of those retro non-electric sweepers). Empty and wash out the plastic dust receptacle beforehand so your diamonds don’t get dirty. Just make sure to use a bagless vacuum so you can dump out and reuse all the gems you collect.

6. You Can’t Choose Just One Kit—Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the number of amazing diamond art kits on the market? With so many beautiful options, ranging from abstract artwork to inspiring landscape scenes, it can be a challenge to choose just one. We recommend browsing our best-sellers and narrowing down by collections or subject matter. Choose a design that will make you smile, not only while you’re working on it, but also when it’s hanging on the wall for the long-term.

7. You Have No One to Talk to About Diamond Art—If you don’t have anyone in your life who shares your passion for creating diamond art, you’ll be delighted to find that there is an amazing community of creators online on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Start on the community section of the Diamond Art Club Facebook page to connect with fellow artists and get amazing tips!

Prioritize Quality with Diamond Art Club

As long as you buy your diamond art kits from a reputable dealer like Diamond Art Club, you can count on a positive experience from the very first gem you apply. What makes us different is that we pay close attention to the needs and desires of our customers and then develop our products based on that. With solutions to ensure a curl-free canvas and a strong adhesive, you’ll find that problems arise less often with our kits!

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