5 Fun Things to Do with the Family at Home


March 19, 2020

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5 Fun Things to Do with the Family at Home

working on diamond art paintings

We all lead such busy lives that sometimes it can be difficult to get the whole fam together, which is why we like to make a point to set aside specific days and times for that very purpose. Pick a day of the week that you can all put away your cell phones and laptops, switch off the TV and just get in some good quality time.

Having an activity for everyone to work on together is the perfect way to enjoy your night and do something as a group. We love breaking out a new paint with diamonds kit on our family nights, but you can switch it up every week and try hosting a game night or picking out a movie that you’ve all been waiting to watch. Here are some other ideas to help you plan for your next family gathering.

1. Have a Game Night

Everyone loves getting a little competitive with their family during an intense game night. You can opt to pick one specific game (maybe your family is super into playing charades) or you can organize the night as a kind of game night olympics, during which you play multiple different games and tally up a final score at the end to announce the winner.

When it comes to choosing a game, the options are nearly endless. Board games may take a bit more time but can be nostalgic if you opt for classics like Clue or Monopoly. For those who prefer team games, get the fam in on a few rounds of charades. Silly games like Balderdash or Cards Against Humanity will test your creativity while games of skill like Pictionary or Scattergories can sharpen your mind.

2. Start Crafting

Working on a craft project as a family is a great way to bring everyone together while also feeling a sense of accomplishment when your project is completed.

Scrapbooking is a way to commemorate your family’s vacations and major life events. Ask each member of your family to create their own scrapbooking page and put them together in one book for a unique family story. Painting with diamonds is also an exciting new craft that you can make together. A mosaic art form, diamond art is a cool way to create a masterpiece by adding small, faceted beads that resemble diamonds to a predetermined pattern, creating one larger image.

Get your family’s opinion on what new craft they would like to try and then let your creative side run wild.

family cooking dinner together

3. Learn to Cook or Bake

Cooking and baking are two great skills to have. Everyone loves visiting someone’s house who has a great sense of taste and knows how to whip up a delicious meal. If you’re looking for something new and fun to do as a family, find a recipe for something that everyone can help with, like making homemade pasta. Give each person a designated task and work together to make an unforgettable meal. Then, sit down at the table together for a family dinner and share what you learned from your cooking experience.

4. Create a Garden

As the spring and summertime approach, we’re always looking for a great excuse to get outside—and spend time with the family, too! Creating a garden is a fun activity for everyone, and you can even use some of your fresh produce and herbs to make an exquisite family dinner.

First, determine where the garden will be in your yard and how much space you’re going to need. You can even build simple garden boxes to keep your plants contained. Then, figure out what types of seeds you’re going to buy and what veggies and herbs will work well together. You can let every member of the family pick their own plant, so everyone has something to be in charge of and care for.

family movie night

5. Arrange a Family Movie Night

There’s nothing like a relaxing night at home together, which is why we try to do movie night at least once a week. If there’s a film you’ve all been waiting to see, save it for family movie night and experience it together! Sometimes, it can be tough to get everyone to agree on a movie. In this case, create a rotation that allows everyone the chance to pick something they want to see and support your family’s interests.

Spend Quality Time with the Fam

The more time we spend together as a family, the better we get to know and understand each other–even if we disagree from time to time. Making it a point to spend time with your family is so important. Try hosting a craft night with a new diamond art kit or get outside and start your very own family garden.

Whatever you choose to do, take the time to appreciate the people in your life and love the moments that you get to spend with them.