Lifetime Warranty

Diamond Art Club designs and assembles diamond painting kits with the highest quality canvases, brightest diamonds, and strongest adhesive to give you the best diamond painting experience. We guarantee our products against defects in materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the product.

Our Commitment:

At Diamond Art Club, our number one focus is providing our crafters with the best diamond painting kits on the market. We build our reputation on quality products and we stand behind it.

Lifetime Warranty on Canvases:

Our Lifetime Warranty is exclusive to canvases bought through our online store and authorized retailers. It includes:

- Missing or incorrect diamonds.
- Diamonds losing their shine or falling off after completion.
- Missing or damaged tool kit accessories.
- Adhesive issues.
- Canvas rips, wrinkles, creases, and scratches.

Warranty Exclusions:

The Lifetime Warranty does not cover:

- Accessories, LED products (including Light Pads or LED Diamond Paintings), Advent Calendars, Frames, Stickers, Coasters, Ornaments, Coverminders, Calendars, etc.
- Items bought through third-party or non-authorized retailers.
- Sealed diamond art painting kits.

Goodwill gestures may be considered based on individual circumstances for these excluded items.

30-Day Warranty on Other Products:

All other products, not covered by the Lifetime Warranty, come with a 30-day warranty.

Special Note on Canvases:

- Trimming the canvas borders does not void the warranty. Our canvases are designed with borders that can be trimmed off without fraying after completion. Although our scalloped edges are hand-cut at the factory and usually made with precision, variations can happen because they're handmade. The warranty does not cover uneven borders, except where they affect the color code chart or drill field.
- We understand that certain canvas flaws, like blurry symbols or areas where the adhesive isn't sticky, might not be noticeable until you start your project. However, if you notice any potential defects—perhaps a smudge or tear in the middle of the drill area—please get in touch with us BEFORE you start your kit. Identifying these issues early makes it easier for us to determine if it’s a manufacturing fault. If you’ve had a mishap after starting, don’t worry. Reach out to us, and we’ll offer you a 50% discount on the same kit to help ease the situation. We value your candor and the trust you place in us.

Accidental Spill Insurance and Return Policy:

We offer free Accidental Spill Insurance covering diamond replacements. Additionally, we provide a 30-day return period if you change your mind about your purchase.

Making a Warranty Claim:

For claims, email with your full name, email, order number, and a description and photo of the issue.

Claim Processing:

Claims are typically processed within 12 business hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm PST). 

Warranty Disclaimer:

Unusual, repetitive, or suspicious warranty claims, including but not limited to diamond replacements, may be denied or subjected to a fee. Diamond Art Club reserves sole discretion in determining the applicability of the Lifetime Warranty on its products. Physical inspection is usually waived for existing customers in good standing with a well-established order history.

Further Assistance:

For any questions or additional support regarding our warranty policy, please don't hesitate to contact us. Your satisfaction is paramount with every Diamond Art Club purchase.