How to Use a Diamond Painting Pen: All Your Questions Answered


August 08, 2020

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Diamond Painting Pen

Diamond art painting can be a rewarding hobby for people of all ages, but if you’re new to the craft, you might need to familiarize yourself with the set of tools required to create a masterpiece. The pen that comes with our diamond art kits is arguably the most vital accessory because it is what helps you pick up your diamond beads and accurately place them on to the grid to create a stunning mosaic pattern. You may think that using your pen should be fairly straightforward, but for new crafters, it’s not as easy as you think. There are also several different pen varieties that you can work with. 


What Is a Diamond Painting Pen?

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Your pen applicator is essential to your diamond art kit because it is the vessel that carries the drills (or diamond beads) from your tray to the canvas. As you learn how to master the art of diamond painting, you can use the pen that is provided with your diamond art kit. But, as you become more advanced, you may want to invest in other types of pens that can help you place multiple beads at one time.

How to Use Your Diamond Painting Pen

Basic drill pens that are included with every Diamond Art Club kit are easy to use. Simply grab your wax, fill the small, hollow end of your pen with wax and then use that side to grab beads and place them on the grid canvas. Diamond wax pens eliminate the need to pick up the wax, instead of applying it directly to your drills before placing them. You can simply sharpen these pens when they start to run out of wax and get back to crafting!

You can also use a diamond drill wheel pick-up pen, which features a sticky wheel, allowing you to pick up multiple beads at a time. This is similar, in some ways, to a multi-placer pen. Multi-placers have a flat, line-shaped end, as opposed to the small circular end of a drill pen that can only pick up one drill at a time. Place your multi-drill tool into the wax and then use it to pick up several diamonds at one time. Once you’ve mastered the art of using the wax to pick up the drills, you can practice carefully placing them into each designated spot on the canvas.

Different Types of Diamond Painting Pen Styles

Every piece of art is unique, and the tool you use to create it should be too. When it comes to diamond painting pens, the styles are endless! You can find diamond art pens that are made from wood, leather, gel and much more materials. From thicker pens that are easy to grip to thin pens that are sleek, your perfect tool for creating a diamond painting is out there! 

The Diamond Art Club pens come in a variety of colors and styles, including sparkly, glitter-infused and swirled mixed-color drill pens. Pick a design that reflects you and be sure to find a pen with a comfortable grip. As stated before, some pens are skinny while others are thicker. It really just depends on what feels best for your hand. There’s no right or wrong type of pen. So try out a few styles, see what fits feels right in your hand and express your unique personality.

Why Invest in Diamond Art Club’s Diamond Painting Pens 

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Cool Designs

With hundreds of different canvas designs available, Diamond Art Club has one of the widest selections of projects. No matter what you’re interested in, we’ve got an awesome design for you – from animals and nature scenes to mystical depictions and spiritual images. Diamond art paintings are a great activity to do solo, or you can invest in a design that your friends or partner will like and complete a project together. Our designs are also perfect for gift-giving. 

Single-Use or Multi-Placer Options

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Diamond Art Club kits come with all the tools that you’ll need to finish a project, but we also have a variety of high-quality, premium, hand-turned drill pens as well. If you like to work on projects all the time and you’re looking for a quicker way to place your diamonds, you should invest in one of our multi-placer tools. Our pens are specifically designed to allow users to change the end, so they can use the single-use or multi-placer option as they please. Although you’ll have all your tools when you purchase a kit, we also suggest investing in extra accessories if you complete projects regularly to avoid running out of wax or beads. If you do find yourself in a tight spot with no more wax or glue, you can use household items like blu tack to get the job done.

Gel Grip Is Comfortable and Easy to Use

Although most diamond art crafters find this activity to be the perfect way to relax and calm their mind, it does involve a lot of repetitive motions, which can lead your hand to feel uncomfortable or cramped up. This is why we specifically created our pen applicators to feature a gel grip that keeps your hand comfortable even if you spend a couple of hours placing your beads on your soon-to-be masterpiece.


Know Your Accessories

Magic applicators are vital to the craft itself because they work to help you place your beads accurately and create a beautiful picture. Learning how to use your pen is one of the most important steps, but once you’ve mastered the basic single-use tool, you can move on to multi-placers, wheel pick-up pens or other must-have tools and accessories to step up your crafting game.