How to Mount a Diamond Painting on a Foam Board: A Step-by-Step Guide


February 04, 2023

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diamond painting on foam board

For those new to the diamond art world, diamond painting is a craft activity that has recently gained immense popularity. It involves using diamond painting tools to attach small, shiny resin diamonds onto a self-adhesive, pre-printed canvas creating a beautiful, sparkling picture. Once you have completed your diamond painting, and decided to display it in your home. And if you’re wondering how to frame diamond art, we’ve got you covered!

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One of the best and easiest ways to showcase your completed diamond painting kits is by mounting the artwork on a foam board. Unlike some techniques, this one doesn’t require any special tools or skills. Plus, this option is very inexpensive, thanks to the low cost of foam board. Foam board is lightweight and provides a stable surface for your diamond painting. Keep reading to discover a step-by-step guide on how to mount a diamond painting on a foam board.

Tools You Will Need:

  • Foam board
  • Completed diamond painting
  • Double-sided tape
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Cutting mat

Step 1: Measure the Diamond Painting

The first step in attaching your artwork to a foam board is measuring the painting. Use a ruler or tape measure to find the exact dimensions of your artwork. Be sure to only measure the design. Don’t include the border. When preparing your diamond artwork, you can carefully cut the border off, leaving just the painting, or wrap the excess canvas around the board. Write down the precise dimensions, as you will need them when you cut the foam board. 

Step 2: Cut the Foam Board

cutting white foam board

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Next, use a craft knife and a cutting mat to cut the foam board to the same size as your diamond painting. Keep in mind that cutting through foam board is a bit different than cutting regular poster board. If the knife doesn’t cut neatly or seems to snag on the foam, you may need to replace the blade. Be sure to cut the foam board precisely, as any inaccuracies may cause your artwork to fit incorrectly. Take your time to ensure straight edges, too. You may want to use a ruler as a straight edge to avoid making crooked or wobbly cuts. 

Step 3: Apply Double-Sided Tape to the Foam Board

Once you have trimed the foam board to the correct size, apply double-sided tape to the surface of the foam board. Be sure to apply the tape to the entire surface of the board. It can be tempting to use a spray adhesive instead, however, it tend to dry more quickly, so you may not have enough time to properly align your artwork on the board. 

Step 4: Adhere the Diamond Painting to the Board

Next, carefully lay the diamond painting onto the foam board. Be certain to align the picture's edges with the foam board's edges. Once you have it in position, press down firmly to ensure strong adhesion. Try to avoid moving or damaging the diamond drills. If you did not remove the border, wrap the excess canvas around the board and glue it in place. 

Step 5: Cut Off the Excess Foam Board

Using a pair of scissors, trim off any excess foam board around the edges of the painting. Cut as close to the edge of the painting as possible, but be careful to avoid cutting the artwork.

Step 6: Frame Your Diamond Painting

couple hang framed art

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Once your diamond painting is mounted on the foam board, you can now frame it. You can either purchase a ready-made frame or make your own frame using materials such as wood, metal or plastic. You can also take the mounted artwork to a professional framer. If you choose to make your own frame, be sure to measure the dimensions of your painting and cut the materials to fit the painting precisely. 

Enjoy Your Finished Piece

Mounting a diamond painting on foam board is an excellent way to display your masterpiece. It is a simple and affordable way to create a stable surface for your artwork. With the right tools and following the steps above, you can create a beautiful piece of home decor that showcases your creativity and hard work. Just remember to measure your diamond painting accurately, cut the foam board precisely, and frame your painting after mounting to complete the look. Then, sitback and enjoy your beautiful diamond painting and the compliments it is sure to receive.

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