Our Story

“It all started a few years ago… I was stressed-out working 60 hours a week with barely enough time to eat lunch. I yearned to find an outlet to express myself, even if it was for only half an hour a day. Everything changed when I discovered my passion for diamond art!” — Diamond Art Club founder Angie Shehaj

Despite being immediately hooked, Angie was disappointed with the diamond art painting kits available so she decided to create the diamond art kits of her dreams...

Our Story

Meticously Made

Today, Diamond Art Club is so pleased to make the best quality diamond art kits anywhere available to you!

“Diamond Art Club was created to inspire and unleash creativity of people regardless of age. Being a long time lover, Diamond Art is something I yearn to get my hands on as it has allowed me to sit back and enjoy "me time". I hope that you too continue to enjoy the benefits of diamond art and become a lifelong member of our growing DAC family”

Why you’ll notice a difference

Truly unique designer art

We work with exceptional artists to transform their illustrious works of art into 10,000 to 30,000 dot frames.

Velvety Soft Canvases

Each artwork is rendered on a super soft, 100% velvet tarpaulin canvas that folds out smooth, without wrinkles.

Colors that pop

Our unique production makes our paintings more vivid with noticeable sparkle.

Better bling

Our 100% resin diamonds have more shine because they’re cut for maximum light-reflectivity!

Long lasting beauty

Your DAC painting is made to last. The diamonds stay in place and the permanent printing is scratch and fade-resistant.

Eco-friendly materials

Feel good about what you’re handling for hours at a time. Diamond Art Club glues and inks are 100% toxin-free.

Elevate your diamond art painting to an art

When you’re finished? You’ll have a sparkling, shimmering, colorful diamond art painting that will brighten any room.

Whether you’re creating gorgeous works of art for yourself or a gift for friends and family, you will feel proud to show off every piece you create with Diamond Art Club.

Discover your next diamond art painting today!

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