Diamond Painting Workstation: How to Create the Perfect Studio


July 11, 2020

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diamond painting workshop how to create perfect studio

If you’re the kind of crafty person who is always on the lookout for the next fun new project to try, you’ve probably already considered adding an art studio to your home. Many artistic projects can take several weeks to complete and keeping your art supplies out around the house can make your home feel messy and unorganized. Leaving your accessories and tools in random places also increases the chances of them becoming damaged or permanently lost — especially if you have kids or pets. 

Beginners and experienced artists alike often struggle to find a space they can dedicate solely to doing their diamond art and other crafts. However, even if you live in a small space, there are tons of great ways to add an art workshop to your home and  implement techniques that will keep your diamond painting accessories and other crafting supplies organized and easy to access. You just might need to get a little creative to make it all work. Here are some ideas for creating your very own home studio for diamond painting.


How to Create an Art Studio at Home for  Diamond Painting

Use Your Spare Room for Diamond Painting

If you have a guest room or an office in your home, the most obvious way to create an art studio at home is by converting one of them into a studio space. Putting your workshop in a spare room is a great idea because it is probably not a place used regularly by other people in your home and keeps your diamond painting tools and accessories out of more frequented areas of the house. Using a spare room also means you’ll be able to keep the door closed when you aren’t working to keep your kids and pets from disturbing your works in progress. However, if you still want to have an extra place for people to sleep or an office for yourself, you don’t have to completely convert the space into a full-blown art room. Instead, you might carve out a specific area in the room to dedicate to crafting.

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Divide Your Space

Not everyone has an extra room in their home that can be converted into an art studio, which is why you might need to get a bit more inventive. Pick one of the rooms in your home that is larger and divide it into two areas — maybe your living room or even your bedroom. Section your art area off with a room divider (if you’re feeling really creative, you can even paint your divider to give it a funky, artsy vibe). This will clearly separate your crafting space from the rest of the living room. Then, you’ll need to add a desk or craft table and perhaps a few storage containers to keep your diamond painting tools and supplies organized. Shelving can be a great addition to your art studio as well because it provides extra room for storage without crowding the room.

Create a DIY Art Corner

Your art corner doesn’t necessarily have to be your full studio but rather a place to store your art supplies while making them look organized and easily accessible. Most craft stores sell aesthetically pleasing carts (we’ll discuss these handy carts in more detail later!) that are perfect for storing diamond painting kits and tools. You can find these carts on Amazon, too. The next time you want to work on a project, simply roll your art cart out of the corner and set up your work at your office desk, dining room table or kitchen corner — wherever you prefer to work. If you decide to go this route, you can also install shelving in your art nook for functional yet aesthetically pleasing storage for diamond painting accessories and other crafting supplies. To make your art corner more fun, you might even display some of your shimmering completed projects on the wall.

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Make Use of Fold-Down Tables

Today, minimalist living has become a popular trend that emphasizes making use of the space that you have and getting creative with storage. Many people choose to live in tiny homes to help downsize their living, and these spaces benefit greatly from innovative pieces of furniture, like fold-down tables. Whether you live in a small apartment or a large house, you can also integrate this type of furniture into your art studio design. Fold-down tables are great because they don’t take up much space, and when you’re not using it as your craft table, you can simply fold it back up into the wall and keep the house looking clean. You’ll want to have an area to store your supplies – perhaps on a rolling cart – so you can easily move your diamond painting accessories to the fold-down table or keep the cart and the table in the same area. 

Revamp the Garage or Attic

If your home has a garage, basement, or attic, these can also be ideal spaces for an at-home art studio. Of course, you may need to put a bit more work into creating it if your attic or basement needs clearing out or isn’t finished. Adding walls, lighting and a heating or cooling system can feel daunting, but if you make this a fun project to work on, you’ll be rewarded with an excellent place to escape to and work on your latest crafting project. If you have an entire area of the house dedicated to artistic pursuits, you can ramp up your organization with floating ledges and bookshelves featuring art books and patterns and maybe even an easel for other kinds of painting projects.

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Purchase a Mobile Art Cart

Regardless of where you decide to put your art studio, a rolling art cart is a great accessory to keep you organized and give you the ability to move your most important art materials around the house. Even if you have a dedicated studio at home, you may find yourself wanting to work on your project in a different room occasionally, especially if you’re hosting a craft night with your friends. Rolling carts have plenty of room for the accessories that you use more often and larger carts can even work to provide storage for works-in-progress, easels and light pads. If you’re creating an art space-in one corner or section of your house, you can simply roll your art cart into another room if you don’t want it out on display when guests come to the house.

Convert Your Furniture Into an Art Desk

Maybe you have a cool piece of antique furniture that you’ve been meaning to refinish for years but just haven’t gotten around to doing it. Instead of letting this unique item sit and collect dust, take the time to revamp it, converting your antique into the perfect crafting desk. If your vintage piece is already in excellent condition but mostly acts as display rather than functional furniture, create your art space around the piece. You don’t need to have an antique desk to make this work. Other items like old sewing machine tables or traditional dining room tables can work just as well, but you may need to invest in a few other kinds of organizers to store your additional diamond painting accessories

Things You Need for a Home Art Studio or Craft Room

home craft table

Desk or Drafting Table

A desk is one of the most essential items you’ll need when creating your at-home art studio to serve as your crafting station. As you’ve already seen, it doesn’t need to be a traditional office desk. You can purchase an art table, a fold-down table that secures to the wall, or even an old buffet cabinet can do the job.. Drafting tables work extremely well for diamond painting because of their angled work surface. Many also come equipped with task lights, which will make seeing your project a lot easier. With task lighting and a light pad, you’ll have no trouble reading your canvas and differentiating between similarly colored diamond drills. 

Consider the types of crafts you do most often before investing in a new table. Specialized art tables are very cool and unique because they include features that regular desks may not, such as holders for pens, pencils, and brushes. Most art tables can be angled as well, making it easier to draw or paint. When it comes to diamond art painting, this angled surface can be very helpful, preventing you from being hunched over for hours while diamond painting. The tradeoff is that when you’re placing beads, they may come unstuck from the wax and fall to the ground. If you’re going to invest in an actual art table or a drafting table, look for ones that can be adjusted to lay flat, making your table more versatile for several different crafts. A height-adjustable table is a good option, too. But even a nice lap desk will work in a pinch. 


No matter what type of craft you like to work on the most, from jewelry-making to diamond art painting, organizers are essential. Before arrangingthe accessories you already have, take an inventory and decide what types and sizes of recepticles  you need. Small plastic boxes or DIY storage containers like egg cartons work well for beads and other small items like jewelry clasps. If you have tools like diamond painting applicators or jewelry-making pliers, you can either purchase larger plastic containers or reuse household items such as old shoe boxes. Once you have your containers, keep it all together by organizing your supplies on an art cart or by making use of vertical storage. Adding shelves or a pegboard with hooks to your art space can sometimes make all the difference.


Most crafters work on multiple projects at one time, and they usually take a few different sessions to complete them. This means that at any given time, you might have several uncompleted projects left unprotected. In addition to storing diamond painting accessories and other tools, you’ll need a place in your art studio to keep your in-progress pieces shielded from damage. When it comes to diamond painting, you can use two pieces of cardboard stapled together to create a makeshift portfolio holder that will keep your art safe and allow you to store it somewhere other than on top of your desk. However, you may need to invest in shelving or other storage options for different crafts to make sure your projects are safe when you’re not working on them.

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Beads and Tools 

Of course, your most essential accessories will be your tools and supplies. Try to keep extra materials in your art studio as you never know when you might need them. If you accidentally lose some diamond beads while working on a project, but you have extras on hand that are safely stored and labeled, you can simply replace the lost drills with your extras. Diamond painting tools and other crafting supplies can easily be mislayed, or damaged, which is another good reason to have additional ones at the ready. Many crafting accessories can be replaced with household items, so you may even want to keep some things like blu tack and ziplock baggies in your art supply storage kits in case you run out of something mid-project. 

Diamond Painting Kits

Of course, you can’t create the ultimate home art studio without diamond painting kits. Having a few kits on hand allows you to switch back and forth between projects to avoid boredom. Whether you choose one of our best-selling kits, or find something altogether unique that strikes your fancy, Diamond Art Club® is an excellent place to find high-quality diamond painting kits. Shopping for new diamond art kits is one of the most enjoyable parts of creating your own art studio, too, so have fun with it! 

Benefits of an At-Home Art Studio

A Quiet Place to Focus

Crafting is a calming activity, but if you’re constantly working on your projects in the middle of the living room or at your work desk, you may start to feel overwhelmed by the things around you – whether it's the kids watching TV or the work on your desk distracting you from the task at hand. Having your own workspace gives you a place to sit down and focus entirely on your project, making it easier to work by eliminating other distractions. Plus, having a distraction-free area in which to pursue your craft can help you enjoy the mental health benefits of completing paint with diamonds projects. 

Crafting Can Reduce Anxiety

Doing arts and crafts as an adult can be greatly beneficial to your overall well-being. As adults, we have a lot on our plates, from work to family, and it can be tough to balance everything. Having an outlet like crafting to clear your head has been proven to reduce feelings of depression, anxiety and stress. It can also give you a real sense of accomplishment when you’ve finished a masterpiece. Crafting can work in a similar way to meditation because it gives your brain something specific (and physical) to focus on, allowing other thoughts and worry to melt away and providing you with a nice mental break.

benefits of an at home art studio

Room for Craft Projects with Friends

If you’re able to repurpose an entire room, basement or attic into an art studio, you can use it as a space to host friends for a crafting night. Although creating art on your own is beneficial and a fun hobby, getting your friends in on a project is a great way to come together while also creating something exciting. You can each find your own diamond painting projects to complete at the same time or buy one large design and have everyone pitch in. As you complete your projects, remember to use them as wall art decorations around the studio.


Home Is Where the Art Is

For any craft lover, an at-home art studio or dedicated craft room is a dream — and it’s one that you can achieve! If you have an extra room in your home, turn that space into your new studio or find a common area where you can set up a corner art studio with a rolling cart and a divider. If you need additional inspiration, you can find plenty of tutorials online. The key to creating the perfect space is keeping your diamond painting accessories organized and utilizing the space you have by considering items like fold-down tables or vertical shelving storage.

When working on your craft room, consider your needs. Do you have lots of diamond painting kits you need to store, or just a few? What diamond painting tools and accessories do you have? Things like tabletop easels and light pads take up a lot more room than tweezers, extra round and square drills, diamond painting pens used to pick up drills, etc. Being mindful of what you already have will help you determine how much space and what organizational pieces you need. With a bit of creativity, you will be able to create a diamond painting workstation or craft room that suits your needs perfectly.