Diamond Painting for Kids: Tips, Tricks and More


August 19, 2023

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Looking for a fun new kids’ craft to enjoy with your child? Or are you trying to find the perfect birthday gifts for your son or daughter’s friends? Either way, diamond art crafts could be just what you need. Similar to paint-by-number kits, these DIY projects are fun for all ages and easy to master.

Diamond art kits offer a variety of surprising benefits. While often marketed toward adults, kids can also have a blast with DIY diamond painting kits! From developing motor skills to sparking their imagination to simply offering an enjoyable way to express creativity for kids. 

With diamond painting craft kits, kids can attain a sense of pride and accomplishment. In addition, they can feel creative, like a true artist. They can even hang their finished artwork in their bedroom to show off to friends and family. What kid wouldn’t love making wall art to personalize their space? 

When you purchase a diamond painting kit for kids, it will have all the tools needed to complete a design. But to ensure their first experience is a pleasant one, here are some great tips, tricks, and more!  

Reasons Diamond Painting Is the Best Activity for Kids

More than just sparkly rhinestones, diamond painting is the perfect creative outlet for kids for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the reasons why parents and kids alike love diamond painting:  

  • Enhances Focus — Diamond painting is an engaging craft activity that teaches kids how to focus deeply on tasks instead of getting distracted by television shows and online games, which can often be addictive.   
  • Teaches Patience — Kids can have a short fuse and expect things to go right all the time. If this is your kid, diamond painting can help them grow their patience and endurance.  
  • Provides Sense of Calm — A meditative activity, diamond painting offers a calm and relaxing outlet for kids to chill out after a long week. If they had a bad day, allow them to sit down for a while and decompress with a kids’ diamond painting kit.     
  • Boosts Confidence — Diamond painting also gives kids that extra bit of confidence and self-esteem they need. After completing their masterpiece, you can even have it framed as wall art for their bedroom to remind them of their artistic capabilities and self-worth. They’ll be proud to have a wall covered in diamond paintings rather than stickers or coloring book pages.  
  • Exposes New Art — Even if your kid has art class in school, chances are they don’t teach diamond painting. So not only does diamond painting open up a child’s exposure to the arts, but it also allows them to try a new technique for creating images. Diamond art painting kits are fantastic for helping kids explore their creative sides. 

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Types of Diamond Painting Kits and Which to Choose for Kids

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There are two different types of diamond painting ”diamonds” (referred to as drills) on the market: those with round resin diamonds and those with square ones. It’s essential to understand their differences in order to decide which is best for your child. 

Round Drills or Square Drills?

Square drill diamond kits are a bit more advanced than round drill diamond kits. Square drills need to be placed more precisely because they are meant to fit together in a straight line, covering every bit of the canvas. Round drills are more forgiving because no matter how they are placed together, a tiny bit of blank canvas will still be visible around each drill’s corners. The finished product will, by nature, have more of a mosaic look. Therefore, it’s important to ask yourself what your child’s capabilities are to ensure their success.

Round drills are fantastic for beginners and kids under age 10. But if your kid is over 10 years old or has good dexterity and placement skills, a square drill will be a much more fun and engaging challenge. If you’re unsure and this is their first diamond painting kit, start with a round drill to test their skill levels. Also, if you are here looking for gift ideas, we recommend sticking with round drills to ensure a fun and easy experience regardless of the recipient’s skill level.

Partial Drills or Full Drills?

Partial drill and full drill kits offer different advantages for kids as well. Full drills require kids to be able to carefully pick up and stick the diamonds on the entire canvas. This may be a bit too challenging for little ones who haven’t quite mastered fine motor skills yet. Partial drill kits offer them a chance to complete a kit where only some of the canvas needs to be covered in diamonds.

Tips for Completing Your Child’s First Kids’ Diamond Painting Kit 

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As mentioned above, be sure to buy the best drill kit for your child’s experience level. We recommend exploring our Lil Diamondz™ Collection, which is a full line of kid-friendly kits that feature fun designs and popular characters from Harry Potter, Peanuts, Sesame Street, and more! These smaller diamond painting canvas sizes and simpler artworks are perfect for budding artists. Lil Diamondz™ diamond art kits are made to be easy, enjoyable, and safe for all ages and experience levels, so everyone can join in on the creative fun!

When shopping for kids, beginner kits are usually a safe bet as well. If you're looking for a slightly larger canvas, try a partial drill kit to prevent tuckering them out before they finish. Overall, we recommend starting children off on a small canvas and letting them try that before moving on to a larger diamond painting craft.

Arrange a well-lit workstation or table with a clean surface. Make sure they have a comfortable chair with back support. Offer them an extra light source as well as an illuminated light pad to keep their eyes from straining. You’ll also want to  ensure your child has all the appropriate diamond painting tools. Every Diamond Art Club® kit comes with the essentials, but consider investing in better diamond placer tools to enhance their experience and make their crafting sessions more comfortable. 

Lastly, make sure they take breaks. Sitting for a long length of time can cause neck and back aches. Set a timer for an hour, and when it goes off, have a drink or snack ready for them to come and get to stretch their legs. 

Also, be sure to pick a fun kid-friendly subject matter for them to paint. Diamond Art Club® offers everything from cartoon princesses to animals to nature and tree diamond painting kits. There are also fantasy and mystical-themed diamond art kits with creatures like dragons, unicorns and fairies. We even have Harry Potter™ and Marvel™ diamond painting kits that any child is sure to love! Basically, there’s just about anything to let your kid’s imagination run free. You’re sure to find exactly what you need when you check out our extensive collection of 5D diamond painting kits.

In Conclusion

Diamond painting for kids offers a world of creativity and skill-building that goes beyond simple craft projects. It serves as a platform for enhancing focus, patience, and confidence in young minds. As children place each sparkling rhinestone, they learn the art of concentration and perseverance, qualities that extend to various aspects of their lives. They also develop valuable fine motor skills. 

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Diamond painting’s adaptability ensures a suitable option for every child's age and skill level, whether using round or square drills, with partial or full kits. Creating a comfortable workspace, taking breaks to prevent strain, and selecting fun and engaging designs that resonate with their interests all contribute to an enjoyable experience. In the end, diamond painting not only produces dazzling wall art but also fosters life skills and a lasting passion for artistic exploration, enriching a child’s world with creativity, accomplishment, and boundless possibilities. If your family hasn’t tried DIY diamond paint kits yet, now is a great time to check them out!