Best Quality Diamond Art Kits: Diamond Art Club vs. Competitors


December 03, 2022

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As diamond painting becomes an increasingly popular crafting activity, more and more diamond painting sellers seem to be popping up across the world, but none of them rival Diamond Art Club. With a focus on providing our customers with the highest quality products, as well as a wide range of unique designs, we are proud to be the industry leader for setting the highest standard of excellence in manufacturing, curating, and selling 5D diamond art paintings which consumers deserve. 

Whether you’re looking for your first ever diamond painting kit or you’ve been crafting these mosaic-style pieces for years, if you haven’t tried Diamond Art Club’s products, you’re missing out! Many of our competitors have similar offerings, but none create the high quality experience through top-notch products and friendly customer service as we do. Our commitment to total transparency with our consumers lends a level of trust that you don’t get with some of our other competitors. Here, we’ve reviewed a few factors that help Diamond Art Club stand out and explain why our followers love the brand so much. 

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Quality Canvas Makes All the Difference

In order to end up with a beautiful finished product, it is absolutely essential that the foundation of your painting sets you up for success. Naturally, your canvas is the bedrock of your diamond art painting. So if you’re subjected to a poor quality canvas, it’s very likely that your finished product will not come out the way you’ve envisioned it.

You definitely want to look for a smooth, durable fabric, as cheap plastics and thin materials easily tear and have a tough time flattening; and without a smooth canvas, the diamond drills won’t stay in place. Many of the customer reviews on competitor products have found this to be a major issue.

Quality Canvas Makes All the Difference

At Diamond Art Club, we pride ourselves on manufacturing only the highest quality canvases. We've spent a lot of time researching, testing, and perfecting our process so that our patent-pending, velvety-soft canvas made from strong, wrinkle-free tarpaulin cloth is not only soft to the touch, but also engineered to self-flatten within minutes.  Meaning, your canvas will be ready to go as soon as it arrives! If there happens to be a stubborn wrinkle in your canvas, check out our thorough guide on how to flatten your canvas.

How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Diamond Painting Canvas

High Quality Adhesive

After canvas quality, the second most important element in any diamond art kit is the quality of the adhesive. There are two techniques for creating the adhesive are:  the poured glue method and the double-sided tape method. Using poured glue is, obviously, the superior process because it involves a special formula engineered to help every diamond drill stick to your canvas better.

According to customer reviews of competitors’ products, there has been much criticism that other companies use cheap practices which are oily and make your drills fall off the canvas. In certain cases, customers have said they had to buy their own adhesive and spray it down on the canvas because their drills were no longer sticking. 

High Quality Adhesive

When using a kit from Diamond Art Club, you can rest assured that our high-tech adhesive formula is designed for easy application and long-lasting hold so you won’t have to deal with drills sliding out of place or falling off, even during humid weather. Your Diamond Art Club painting will look gorgeous longer because it’s made to last.

Diamonds That Shine Brighter and Truer to Color

Part of the appeal for crafting these beautiful diamond paintings is the sparkle and shine of the finished product itself. There’s nothing worse than spending hours or even months working on a design only to realize that the drills lack the luster and radiance you were expecting. In some cases with competitor kits, drills that are intended to be the same color, end up mismatched and dull; thus creating an unfinished, unprofessional look for your final artwork.  

At Diamond Art Club, our top-tier resin diamonds are true to the DMC color codes and have a bright, vivid sparkle that don’t fade over time. Our designers hand-chart and render each painting ensuring every diamond drill color matches the original artwork as much as possible; so your painting looks as close to the artist’s original artwork when you’re finished creating your masterpiece. 

do what makes you sparkle

Unlike with many of our competitors, you’ll also receive 20 to 30 percent more diamond drills in every kit than you should need. We intentionally gift you extra diamonds so you’ll never experience the agony of leaving a painting unfinished because you ran out of an important color or are missing diamond drills. And if an unforeseen accident happens? Not to worry! We offer a free accidental “Ooops” insurance where we’ll replace up to 8 different drill colors to you for free!

Unique Design Selections with Full Clarity

Another common issue experienced by diamond painters across the world is the poor selection of quality artwork out on the market today. Many of our competitors do not create their original designs; so they’re illegally using the work of artists without properly licensing or crediting the artist. Not Cool. At Diamond Art Club, we proudly work with a global community of freelance and professional artists with whom we legally license and properly pay royalties for their tremendous creativity and hard work. We then, in turn, provide our crafters with the largest selection of unique diamond art paintings to suit a wide range of tastes and decor. And our offerings are completely original and exclusive, meaning you won’t be able to find these diamond art kits anywhere else. 

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So not only is Diamond Art Club continually committed to providing high-quality products and designs, but we also are committed to manufacturing them with the fullest clarity. Other companies cut corners by using automated charting software to translate artwork into diamond art paintings, which result in confusing patterns printed with low-quality ink that blur, fade and have patterns that are generally difficult to follow. To ensure every Diamond Art Club painting always has the same detail and beauty as the original artwork, our designers use a special labor-intensive, hand-crafted technique to translate original designs into diamond art templates with supreme clarity and perfectly matched colors. We transform each artwork into a diamond painting manually using 10,000 to 100,000 frames per picture for ultimate precision. Through our high-tech printing process, we ensure that the symbols are clear and easy to read to make for a more enjoyable crafting process. 

Excellent Diamond Painting Accessories

Diamond art kit

In each Diamond Art Club painting kit, you’ll receive all the diamond painting accessories and tools that you need to create a masterpiece. Although there are many types of applicators that exist on the market, our simple design provides optimal comfort - with the inclusion of a soft grip - and a great level of control over the placement of your drills. You’ll also receive a multi-placer attachment to help speed the process along in areas with large color blocks. 

Fast Order Processing from the U.S.

In today’s world, we’re used to receiving our online orders in a matter of days, which is why it can be so frustrating to have to wait weeks, if not months, to get started on your new project. Many of our competitors have received customer reviews that complain of unnecessarily long ship times and lack of customer communication to resolve issues. 

Fast Order Processing

Additionally, many of these companies are located overseas, which plays a large part in their delayed shipping process. Although some of these companies advertise two-day shipping, this promise is typically on a select collection of products and can still take longer to ship despite their advertisement.    

Because Diamond Art Club ships from the U.S., you won’t have to wait more than five business days to receive your diamond painting kit (that includes those of you who live in Hawaii and Alaska too!). And if you just can’t wait to get started on your latest project, we offer a guaranteed FedEx 2nd Day Air option at checkout as well.

Once you place an order with Diamond Art Club, we’ll send you email confirmations that allows you to easily check your order status and track your package while enroute to its destination. So no more wondering, no more waiting!

Honest Pricing

Honest Pricing and Advertising

In addition to misleading customers about shipping speeds, many of our competitor reviews also reveal that some companies advertise false prices and deals through social media, tricking customers into spending more money on lower-quality products. No one wants to fall victim to a company that lies to its customers and tries to pass poor-quality materials off as valuable products. Unfortunately, many of our competitors seem to care more about profit margins and cutting costs than providing their customers with excellent products and great service.

At Diamond Art Club, we always aim to price our products fairly and advertise honestly to provide as much transparency as possible to our consumers. We’ve gained a large loyal following who put their trust in our brand because of this philosophy.

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Customer Always Comes First

Diamond Art Club Package

At Diamond Art Club, our customers come first, which is why we  put together the best  customer service team we can, and make it easy for you to contact us. You’ll notice that we provide multiple methods of communication (through email, chat, messenger, etc.), so you can reach out to us at any time, and we’ll always do our best to answer your questions. We’re always delighted to hear from our customers, as well, so please feel free to reach out with a comment or leave a review. We’d love to hear from you!

Lifetime Warranty

Because we care so deeply about our customers, we want to ensure that you never receive a diamond painting kit that isn’t up to par with our high bar of excellence, which is why we implemented a lifetime warranty on our products. We guarantee any manufacturer’s defects against our kits for the lifetime of that product, along with offering free Accidental Damage Insurance, missing diamond protection and a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with the product. This extra level of care and security is one of the many reasons our loyal customers keep coming back.

Experience the Diamond Art Club Difference

Diamond Art Club Difference

Here at Diamond Art Club, we have designed and engineered every element of our diamond paintings to meet the high expectations of our customer base. From our high-quality, wrinkle-free canvases canvases to the high-tech process we use for our adhesives to the extra sparkle of our vibrant diamond drills, our kits will help you create masterpieces that simply can’t compete with other diamond art kits on the market. The results are diamond art paintings that look even more dazzling and gorgeous than you ever envisioned. 

So browse our extensive collection of exclusive designs, and select a few masterpieces for yourself today.  Experience the magic of the Diamond Art Club difference.  You won’t be disappointed!

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