8 Diamond Painting Techniques You've Never Thought of


December 18, 2019

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8 Diamond Painting Techniques You've Never Thought of

Seasoned diamond crafters know that few things are quite as satisfying, relaxing or all-around enjoyable as spending an afternoon completing a dazzling piece of diamond artwork. While this hobby is perfect for newbies and the self-described “non-crafty” folks out there, it’s also beloved among super creative types who have been making art for ages. No matter which category you fall into, mastering a few clever new techniques will help you complete diamond art that you’ll be proud to showcase. Here are a few of our favorite tips and techniques.

colored diamond pieces

1. Upgrade Your Organization—Don’t underestimate the power of a good storage system! Having all your diamonds clearly labeled and separated within arm’s reach will cut down on the time it takes to search for specific colors and prevent you from losing any tiny pieces. There are a number of brilliant ways to keep your diamonds organized, including:

  • Use Egg Cartons—Egg cartons are the perfect solution for separating your gems into different colors while you’re working on a big piece of diamond artwork. 
  • Use Labeled Bags—While bags are a bit more difficult to store, they’re great because they can easily be picked up and poured into your diamond tray. 
  • Use Small Trays—Once you’ve tried a few diamond paintings and have decided you like it, upgrade to a small craft box. We recommend bead storage trays that have self-contained compartments that you can pull out of the main box individually. 

2. Make Your Workspace Mobile—While it’s nice to have a permanent place to work—such as at a desk or the dining room table—you will occasionally want to move your craft station to another area. To do this, put all your tools onto a cutting board or a large mat so you can take it from office to living room to bedroom to a friend’s house as needed.

3. Invest in a Multi-Diamond Applicator Tool—Forget the basic rhinestone applicators! Our diamond painting toolkits come with the amazing Magic Applicator and comfort grip, which allows you to work on your painting for hours at a time. The great thing about these tools is that they feature a double-sided head that either lets you pick up and apply one diamond at a time or, if you’re working on a large area of the same color, multiple rhinestones at once.

Diamond Painting progress

4. Start from the Top—Gravity is at play, so make sure you start from the top of the canvas and work your way to the bottom. This will make your artwork easier to transport and maneuver since you won’t be worried about the bottom being weighed down, causing rhinestones to drop or slip off.

5. Create the Perfect Workspace—Your workspace is extremely important when doing any kind of artwork, so make sure to create a craft area that provides a flat surface with ample lighting. Consider investing in a light box (also known as a light pad) so you can see everything, even at night or when you’re working in low-lit environments.

6. Work in Small Sections—Don’t try to attack large sections at a time. Peel back the protective plastic sheet in sections of about 2- or 3-inch squares or cut slits in your plastic so that only a portion of the canvas is exposed. This helps prevent your hand from sticking to the adhesive in other areas.

7. Swap Out Your Wax—Our heart-shaped diamond art wax is some of the best there is, but if you feel like you want to experiment with different options, you can swap it out for Blu-Tac or another reusable adhesive that you’ll find at the craft store. This stuff also makes a great alternative if you’ve run out of wax and your local craft store doesn’t sell it.

8. Invest in the Best—If you’ve tried diamond art kits from other companies and have found that the canvas rolls, parts are missing or the color key is plain-old wrong, then you’ve got to upgrade to a better quality kit. Diamond Art Club makes the best diamond painting kits out there and addresses all the pain points of other brands, so make sure to always buy from us!

Diamond Painting close up

Start with Easier Paintings First

Remember, like any new hobby, it’s best to take it slow with rhinestone art. Start with one of our beginner diamond art kits or something small with fewer complex colors and patterns if you’re just getting started. Eventually, with the help of the above tips and techniques, you’ll advance to large, breathtaking canvases that you can display for everyone to admire!