6 Things to Do Instead of Social Media


January 16, 2021

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Because we live in a world where we have access to the internet at almost every moment of the day, it’s easy to get sucked into checking social media any time you have a free moment. However, being too locked in on our electronic devices can prevent us from experiencing parts of life that are worth appreciating. Everyone is at least a little bit addicted to their phone, so you’re not alone in this experience. But, it’s important for us to implement ways to break away from our habit sometimes and enjoy other things to do instead of social media. From diamond painting to cooking, this list includes a handful of ideas that will keep you engaged and off your phone for a little while.  

1. Try Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is a fun craft that can be worked on individually or as a group. If you prefer to work on a diamond painting yourself, there are many benefits to doing so. Diamond painting can help you relax and de-stress. Crafting and other art therapy projects can help with anxiety, depression and other disorders. Since art therapy has shown to improve both cognitive and motor functions, diamond painting is the perfect hobby to choose for a therapeutic activity.  

If you want to work on an art project with others, get your friends together for a diamond painting night and work on a new productive hobby together. Encourage your friends to leave their phones in their bags while you each use your facet diamond drills to create a mosaic image on your canvas. You can even make it a goal to get off your phones and finish a project together! Additionally, diamond art projects are the perfect family activity as well! Instead of having a family movie night, ditch the screen and have a family craft night! Encourage kids to complete designs they can use as wall decor in their rooms. You can browse our selection of designs to find something that will match your home decor and get to work on your project.

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2. Write in a Journal

Spending too much time on social media can induce feelings of stress or anxiety, but writing in a journal is one of the best methods for combating these feelings and exploring your own emotions. If you’ve never journaled before, don’t feel as though you have to dive right into your deepest emotions. Journaling can be about anything. Maybe you just want to sit down and write about your day. Or, some people prefer to write in a journal that includes prompts. That way, you have a starting point for what to say and it may lead to some insightful thoughts you didn’t even know you had. 

Journaling is also an excellent method to encourage critical thinking and problem solving, as it allows you to organize your thoughts and reflect on them. This is one of the best things to do instead of social media, especially if you can make it a part of your daily routine by setting aside time to journal for even just 10 minutes every day.

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3. Read a Book

Allowing our minds to wander away from the stress of daily life is a good way to unwind and encourage those stressful feelings to slip away. It doesn’t matter what types of books you enjoy. Pick out something that piques your interest and try to read every day. For some people, reading at the beginning or end of the day helps set them up for success. Although reading can make some people tired, we like to encourage nighttime reading as a replacement for looking at social media before bed. Staring at your phone before you go to sleep can actually cause sleep issues because the blue light emitted by our phones actually stimulates the brain. Try putting your phone away 30 to 60 minutes prior to bed and make reading your bedtime activity instead.

4. Spend Time Outdoors

Being in nature can vastly improve our mood and help us to get active. Pick a time each day to go for a walk, sit in the park or exercise outside. This is a great way to take in your environment without being distracted by your phone – and it’s an opportunity to cultivate a more healthy lifestyle.

5. Try a New Recipe

Cooking is an excellent hobby that also comes with a tasty reward — the food itself! Look for a recipe online that piques your interest. Maybe you want to experiment with vegetarian recipes or try a new soup recipe. Whatever you’re interested in cooking, pick a meal and set time aside to cook. You don’t want cooking to feel like a necessity. It should be a fun process that you enjoy. Get the entire family involved if you’re looking for a way to spend more time with the kids. Each person can have their own assignments and work together to make a delicious dinner that you can all sit down at the table and enjoy — without any phones allowed.

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6. Limit Your Phone Time

If you’re looking for a way to get off your phone and start enjoying new hobbies, this list is a great starting point. All of these activities are great things to do instead of social media – from writing in a journal to doing a diamond painting project. Spending time in the moment allows us to let those feelings of stress and anxiety, which are sometimes sparked by social media, slip away. Whether you’re looking for a new hobby or you’ve completed many diamond paintings, check out our extensive collection of designs to find a project that speaks to you. Then, make this a part of your regular routine to cut down phone time and learn an awesome new skill. 

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