Inexpensive Decorating Ideas - Kids' Bedrooms


July 25, 2020

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girls bedroom with diamond art hanging

When it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom, you want to make sure that it’s both cute and functional. As your child grows and develops, he or she will definitely want to integrate their tastes, interests and personality into their bedroom, which is a great way to teach them to express themselves. One of the best and inexpensive decoration ideas for kids’ bedrooms is DIY art. You can spend time bonding together while working on a diamond painting with the intention of hanging it in your child’s bedroom. If you’re looking for easier, affordable decorating ideas, check out some of these suggestions. 

Decorate with DIY Diamond Paintings

1. Purchase Multi-Purpose Furniture

Decorating and purchasing furniture for a young child’s bedroom can be challenging because you know that they’re going to grow out of their clothes, interests and even furniture quickly. This is why we love buying multi-functional pieces that can be used for years. For example, you can invest in a crib set that can also be converted into gorgeous headboards and footboards when your child grows into an adult-sized bed. There are dozens of other types of furniture that can be used this way to help save money and maintain a well-thought-out design.

2. Choose a Color Scheme

bedroom with bright decor

Before you can begin decorating (or redecorating) your child’s room, you should have some idea of what you want the room to look or feel like. If your son or daughter is old enough to want to give their input, definitely work with him or her to get a sense of the colors that they want to show off in their bedroom. Neutral colors are always a great choice because it’s easy to add pops of color with furniture, fabrics, rugs, paintings or other decorations while the actual paint will remain timeless. If you’re thinking of going bold with a color scheme, be sure that it’s the right choice because you may end up covering up the color with something new a few years from now. You want to choose a color scheme that will look good and will last for a long time.

3. Add Wall Stickers

Because kids go through many phases as they grow, they may be dying to display certain characters, images or colors that they love only to decide they don’t like those decorations anymore in a few months. This is the exact reason why wall stickers are the perfect way to spice up your child’s room. They can easily be added or removed without damaging the paint, and it’s a fun activity to do together. Just be sure to explain to them why these stickers are okay to go on the wall, but not all stickers can; otherwise, you may be finding Mickey Mouse stickers on every inch of the house.

4. Hang Diamond Paintings You’ve Completed Together

mermaid diamond art

What better way to commemorate time spent with your child than by hanging up a DIY art project that you did together? Diamond paintings are the best inexpensive decorating idea for kids’ bedrooms because they look great, add bright colors and give your child a sense of accomplishment. Each night when they go to sleep, they can look at their diamond painting and feel proud that they made that masterpiece all by themselves. Well, maybe with a little help from mom and dad. Let your child pick from one of the hundreds of designs that include mystical animals like unicorns as well as fun, cartoonish characters. If your child has never tried doing a diamond painting before, you can read up on some of these tips for diamond art painting with kids to help your child create the best work of art that he or she can.

Learn How to Diamond Paint with Kids

5. Brighten Up the Room with Plants 

Plants are a simple addition to any room, whether you decide to give real plants a go or opt for realistic-looking fake ones. Greenery brings light and freshness into a room. And, if you are going to use real plants, it will even help purify the air, providing healthier oxygen levels for your child. Be sure to do your research and find out more about indoor plants before purchasing. Then, you can use these plants to teach your child about responsibilities as you water the plants together each day.

Don’t Break Your Budget for Adorable Decorations

You don’t need to shell out tons of money to make your child’s room look like it came out of a magazine. All you need is the right inexpensive decorating ideas for kids’ bedrooms and some DIY talent. Use colors and furniture that won’t become outdated. This will help you save money in the long run as furniture can be converted with a new purpose and color schemes can be altered by adding brightly colored decorations. To make your child’s room truly unique, try adding DIY art projects to the walls like diamond paintings you’ve worked on together or even a drawing he or she has completed in school. Let your creativity run free, but don’t forget to get your child’s input, too.