7 Diamond Painting Storage Tips


August 22, 2023

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Many people find diamond painting projects to be both relaxing and fun, but each piece of art can take quite a bit of time and patience. As you’re working on your new project (or maybe this is your first time trying diamond art), you may be wondering how you’re supposed to keep track of all of your diamonds, tools, and accessories. Let’s face it — your diamond painting tools and kits could quickly take over your craft room if you are not careful! Fortunately, there are dozens of great ways to keep your supplies organized and easy to locate. Whether you are ready to purchase containers and storage boxes, or you’re willing to get more creative and try some DIY ideas, we’ve compiled everything we know about diamond painting storage to help you find the right organizers to keep everything tidy. Read on to discover some of our favorite diamond painting storage solutions!

How to Store Diamond Painting Supplies and Accessories

1. Find or Make an Organizer

Before you start to put your supplies together in a systematic way, you’ll need to invest in a diamond painting organizer. You can either purchase a craft storage kit with dividers or use household items for drill storage if you're in a pinch. You’ll need as many small containers as you have colors of diamond painting drills. It’s important to also keep extra containers around for when you purchase a new diamond art painting kit with different bead colors that you don’t already have stored. If you run out of containers, all Diamond Art Club® kits come with resealable baggies to use when kitting up.

Holding on to excess drills may not seem necessary, but it may come in handy on a future project if you run out of a specific color or lose a few beads and need replacements. When organizing your gems, make sure that you are organizing them by their DMC number; otherwise, it’s easy to accidentally mix up colors that look alike. To store your individual diamond drill containers, use a larger, plastic storage container that has room for not only your drills but also your diamond art tools and other accessories, keeping everything in one place so it’s easy to locate at any time.

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2. Label Your Containers

The key to creating good organizational habits is to be thorough and spend extra time labeling your accessories — in this case, mainly your extra drills. All Diamond Art Club® kits come with pre-cut sticker labels for ease and convenience when kitting up. If you already have a collection of diamond drills, you may want to create a different organization section for extra beads that could be useful. From this point on, always organize your leftover gems from completed projects with labels that clearly note they are extras. This will help avoid confusion when starting a new kit. When you start a new kit, rather than putting your drills in the included baggies, create a small drill organizer section for each color and label them by number according to the diamond art painting instructions. This will bring your organization to the next level and make it super simple to locate the drill color you are looking for.

There are a few different ways to label containers. Keep things simple by marking them with a permanent marker, or invest in a label maker to ensure legibility and consistency. You could also implement a color-coding system to keep certain color families together. For example, use blue stickers for all drills in the blue range and red ones for various red drills. This will make it faster to track down the exact color you need by narrowing down the number of containers you need to check at a glance. When using labels, make sure they stick to the containers securely so they don’t fall off. 

3. Put Away Supplies After Use

Because diamond art painting requires a lot of different little parts, it’s easy for some of them to get lost in the shuffle, which is why it’s so important to put your tools away after each use. This will help uphold your new organization system and ensure that you don’t lose any vital pieces. We recommend keeping some extra wax or putty on hand, as well as a few extra applicator tools and drill placer tips in case your set becomes damaged or lost.  

4. Store In-Progress Paintings Properly

There’s more to diamond painting storage than simply organizing your tools. Most people do not complete an entire diamond painting in one sitting, so you need to have a way to store your in-progress projects. Every Diamond Art Club® kit comes with small plastic baggies for storing the diamond drills, but some people may work on their paintings on a table in the dining room or office. Eventually, you will need to be able to pack away your painting to make room for guests to come over or to create space in your work area. Create a DIY portfolio cover by using two pieces of cardboard that are large enough to cover your painting. Then, staple them together at the top and side. Now, you can easily slide your project into the folder and keep it safe until the next time you decide to work on it.

5. Safely Store Unopened Kits

Buying diamond painting kits is almost as fun as working on them! Chances are, you’ll end up purchasing more than one kit at a time and need a place to keep the ones you aren’t ready to use yet. When considering diamond painting storage ideas, don’t forget to consider where you’ll keep those waiting kits. 

Sturdy shelves work well for storing kits because they make it easy to see everything you have at a glance. If your shelf space is limited or you’re looking for a more discreet storage option, plastic under-bed storage containers work well. They will protect your kits until you are ready to use them, and they double as spacious storage spaces for extra diamond painting tools

6. Take Care of Finished Paintings

Unless you immediately display your finished diamond paintings, you’ll need a place to store them. For best results, store them flat. Avoid rolling them for long-term storage, as this could lead to damage. Sandwiching diamond paintings between two foam boards and securing them with binder clips works well and is an excellent, low-cost solution. Label the foam boards, so you know which design is inside. Keep the finishing paintings in a storage box in a cool, dry place away from sunlight to prevent fading and moisture damage.

7. DIY Diamond Painting Storage

Need a storage option ASAP? Check out these everyday household items that double as diamond painting storage:

  • Reuse Pill Boxes: Pill boxes are the perfect item to store extra beads. They can keep your colors separated and organized without requiring you to purchase a new organizer.
  • Use Egg Cartons: Another great method for storing diamond drillss, egg cartons are separated into small sections that can hold individual colors. As you organize, remember to write the color number in each individual section.
  • Repurpose Old Shoe Boxes: If you’re always looking for DIY crafts that offer ways to recycle items you’re planning to get rid of, put those old shoe boxes to good use by storing accessories like drills, wax, and tweezers in them. Label the outside of the box or turn it into a different project by paper macheing the exterior to avoid someone else accidentally throwing away the box.
  • Store Drills in Jars: Empty jars are perfect for storing drills. Baby food jars are especially effective due to their small size, but glass yogurt containers, jelly jars, etc. all work well. Just make sure to choose containers with secure lids! 

Keep Your Supplies Organized

Completing a diamond art kit is a rewarding feeling, and you may find yourself itching to start the next project. If you’re creating these paintings regularly, it’s a good idea to invest in diamond painting storage by purchasing plastic organizers or using household items to store your materials. With a strong organization system, tracking your accessories and avoiding problems — like broken, damaged, or missing beads or accessories–will be much easier. And if you really want to upgrade your diamond painting space, check out our blogs on Crafting Table and Desk Ideas, as well as Diamond Painting Workstation: How to Create The Perfect Studio.