Using Diamond Art for Meditation Painting: The Ultimate Guide


April 27, 2024

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diamond painting with drill in hand

Meditation and painting are two of the most well-studied, well-proven, therapeutic endeavors one can do. While different, both activities have the unique benefit of bringing the participant toward a state of mindfulness and inner peace through quiet introspection and emotional exploration. Therefore, it’s no surprise that therapists and experts have figured out how to marry the two activities into one super-therapeutic form of art therapy called meditation painting.

Today, we’re going over everything you need to know about using painting with diamonds as a form of therapy that can evoke mindfulness and allow you to experience more joy. Read on to learn all about art therapy and how to set up the most therapeutic environment for diamond painting as a form of meditation art therapy.

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What Is Meditation Art?

Meditation painting — whether done with diamond art or traditional acrylic paints, pastels and watercolors — is a form of mindfulness-based art therapy (MBAT), a type of therapy used to help participants better understand and manage their inner selves and emotions. The idea is that, through meditative, creative activities, such as completing a diamond painting of a sunset, in a quiet, peaceful environment, the artist is able to sink into a state of focused awareness. This contemplative mode of being, coupled with the joyous release that creative energy brings, can help people cope better with feelings of stress, worry and even sadness or anger.

Any activity that encourages the brain to quietly focus on a singular creative task could be considered mindfulness-based art therapy. Meditation painting is typically based around visual art (drawing, painting, sculpture, etc.) and encourages participants to let their minds float to a state of introspection while composing an inspiring nature scene or self-portrait.

Diamond art painting is one of the best activities you could choose to soak up this beneficial therapy as it creates the perfect environment for cultivating inner peace and joy. Unlike many other types of fine art, diamond painting is easy enough for even absolute beginners to master. This makes reaching a point of self-reflective focus much easier, without the stress of trying to create a piece of art that is “good enough.” While activities like oil painting and drawing require a specific set of skills and can take years to master, anyone has the ability to create breathtaking art paintings with diamonds.

what meditation painting helps with

The Research: What Meditation Painting Helps with

The American Art Therapy Association defines art therapy as a personal and relational treatment used to “improve cognitive and sensorimotor functions, foster self-esteem and self-awareness, cultivate emotional resilience, promote insight, enhance social skills, reduce and resolve conflicts and distress, and advance societal and ecological change.” 

While more research is needed, studies have indicated that mindfulness-based art therapy can help with anxiety, depression, mood disorders, stress relief, substance abuse and even eating disorders. Here’s some of the research available indicating that this type of therapy is quite promising for a wide range of mental and emotional issues.

Anxiety — In adults with anxiety, art therapy can have measurable positive impacts. One study showed that not only can art therapy reduce anxiety symptoms in adult women, but it can also lead to an improved quality of life and better emotional regulation. Any quiet, focused activity can have a physically calming effect on the body, as well.

Depression — Similarly, art therapy has been shown to help improve symptoms of depression, even in severe cases. In fact, studies have proven that art therapy can help decrease stress and mood disturbance in patients with depression, alongside other therapeutic interventions, such as traditional psychotherapy.

Physical Pain and Fatigue — Perhaps one of the most promising applications for art therapy is for treating people suffering from serious diseases. One study showed that art therapy intervention, alongside traditional therapies like chemotherapy and radiation, diminished symptoms of pain and fatigue in cancer patients.

Trauma — Art therapy of all sorts has long been employed to help trauma sufferers cope better with their feelings of depression, anxiety and stress. It has even been used with children experiencing trauma or who are hospitalized due to a physical illness, resulting in an increase in self-awareness, resilience and self-compassion. Art is a powerful form of self-expression that can help one work through traumatic experiences in a healthy, relaxing way.

Eating Disorders — Eating disorder specialists utilize art therapy and mindfulness meditation in recovery to help those suffering from eating disorders recognize their emotions and feelings, which — when guided by a therapist — can actually help them desensitize the fears or emotions which may have triggered the eating disorder in the past.

lotus pose diamond art painting

How to Use Diamond Art as a Form of Meditation 

As previously mentioned, when it comes to practicing meditation art, diamond painting is among the very best crafts for the job. Painting with diamonds requires no special equipment, no extensive collection of art supplies, not even a steady hand. It truly is one of the easiest and most user-friendly ways for beginners to do art therapy at home.

Unlike traditional painting using watercolor or acrylic paint or drawing, diamond painting kits come with everything a person needs to experience the calming, mindfulness-boosting benefits of MBAT. You won’t find yourself frustrated by needing extra supplies that are sold separately and you can relax knowing that diamond drills will not stain your upholstery or ruin your floors. The neat, self-contained, and easy-to-use system makes it an excellent choice for seniors, children and adults alike. 

And, even if you have never so much as picked up a paintbrush, you can create a beautiful painting with diamond art. The simple, straightforward approach of placing colored resin diamonds on their matching symbol requires no prior artistic experience or skill, and makes it a craft that is approachable for all. Because it is so easy to learn and does not require any special skills or supplies, even children can paint with diamonds and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of participating in this form of meditation. Simply purchase a Diamond Art Club® kit from our store and follow the instructions that came with it. Once you have begun this ultra-relaxing activity, here are a few tips for how to take it to the next level therapy-wise.

1. Pick a Calming Scene — First things first: Pick out a diamond art kit that elicits feelings of calm, introspection and wonder. Whether it’s a tranquil ocean scene or animals interacting in the forest, the right subject matter can evoke feelings of peace. Certain colors have a therapeutic effect, too. If you’re trying diamond painting for stress relief, consider paintings featuring soothing colors like green and blue that balance the heart chakra and throat chakra, respectively. Choose from the list of Diamond Art Club® selections below for therapy-friendly options that can serve as lovely wall art once complete.

diamond art club painting drill with accessories

2. Create a Quiet, Peaceful Environment — Setting up your workspace in the middle of a chaotic environment is probably not the best idea for those seeking deep calm and reflection. It is nearly impossible to reach a state of Zen meditation when there is chaos going on around you. Instead, create a comfortable spot where you can spend hours peacefully focused on your craft. Some ways to make your surroundings more suitable to your therapy include:

  • Light a candle in a calming but invigorating scent to help you sink into a creative mindset that's not shrouded by stress or worry. Fragrances such as jasmin, peppermint and lemon have properties that can both soothe and energize at the same time. When combined with meditative art, aromatherapy can be a powerful tool for letting go of mental distress and allowing yourself to slip into a deep, meditative state.
  • Work in solitude or with other people who are doing the same activity. Don't try to practice meditation painting around people participating in other activities around you, such as cooking, cleaning or working out.
  • Play peaceful music. This will help you drown out any distracting ambient noise, whether it be a spouse watching TV or traffic sounds outside. Look for soft, instrumental music that won't distract from your mantra. A quick search for meditation music on Spotify, YouTube, etc. will yield plenty of options from which to choose. 
  • Listen to a guided meditation. As an alternative to meditation music consider putting on a guided meditation while you create. Listen to the speaker as they help you imagine yourself floating on a cloud, drifting in the ocean, etc. If you have a hard time letting go of racing thoughts, actively focusing on a guided meditation while you work on your painting can help you better enjoy the therapeutic effects of meditation painting. 

3. Pick a Mantra — In meditation, mantras — repetitive sounds or prayers said aloud or in your head — are used to help focus the mind and help practitioners concentrate on their session. To create a sense of balance and to help prevent your thoughts from wandering, you can select a mantra that applies to the intention of your therapy. For example, you may repeat the phrase “I am that I am” or “May I find inner peace” in your head to help you stay in the moment. The great thing is that there is no “wrong” thing to say. You can even repeat a single sound or focus on something as simple as, “Breathe in. Breathe out.” This is your art therapy session. Do what feels right to you. 

4. Start Working on Your Painting — We recommend choosing a designated time frame to work on your meditation artwork each day. Consider reserving an hour or two in the evening after work or in the morning as your art therapy time. This will help ensure that you (and those around you) see it as a priority each day. If you just try to fit it in when you have time, you will likely find yourself skipping it when you are busy with daily activities. To keep yourself on track, schedule time for meditation painting and treat it just like you would treat any other commitment in your life.

5. Reflect on Your Experience — One of the most important parts of therapeutic art activities is recording and reflecting on your experiences after the fact. Not only should you monitor how the activity made you feel, but you should also use the creative mindset to help you express the way you feel about any number of things that may be bothering you or negatively affecting your life at the moment. Keeping a journal is an excellent way to reflect on your experiences and keep track of your project. Plus, journaling can be another form of art therapy. 


The Best Diamond Art Kits for Meditation

Although any form of creativity can have therapeutic benefits, there is something to be said about the subject matter you choose. For example, creating a nature diamond painting can have a different effect on the brain than working on one of a bustling metropolis. Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all kit for those who want to use art for introspective therapy. You may find a cityscape stimulating in a way that elicits joy, while another may find it overwhelming. 

If your goal is inner calm and quiet, you may want to consider one of the more relaxing Diamond Art Club® kits listed below.

autumn walk diamond art

  • Autumn Walk - Ukrainian Artist Olha Darchuck has envisioned a perfect pathway for you to twirl down, in a forest bursting with pops of dazzling color. Embrace the rustling sound of your dress mingling with fallen leaves, creating a chorus in synch with the sunlight streaming down on your skin.
  • Beautiful Bridge - Step off the edge into brilliant turquoise waters that lead you to clarity and open your creativity. ocean image which takes you to a tropical locale The contrast in this tropical local between the perfect, turquoise sea and the rustic wood pier gives makes it endlessly inviting and intriguing.
  • Buddha Deep Serenity - Focus on the tranquility of this gleaming, jade Buddha’s expression and watch your thoughts release to the ether as harmless, effervescent bubbles. Julia Watkins’ depiction of the essence of deep calm is both beautiful to the eyes and easing to the soul/spirit/mind.
  • Buddha Feng Shui - Bring harmony into your home, with this vibrant reposing Buddha by Patrice Murciano. Meditate on how a body at rest, is peaceful and radiates glorious auras of authentic color.

capture the sky diamond art

  • Capture the Sky - Take a step back to absorb the stellar appellations and swirling cosmos before you. Yuumei Art’s dazzling portrait of Mother Nature in action, draws you in with Caribbean blues, bright blushing pinks and sweeping crystalline snow.
  • Chakra - Fill your spirit from head to toe with the sparkling energy of the universe, intensifying your creativity, health, and inspiration. Feel the colorful, kaleidoscopic explosions that artist Julia Watkins has visualized at each chakra and reflect on the profound emotions they bring up.
  • Chakra Lotus - Open your spirit to the possibilities by focusing on this serene image of calming deep blues and rejuvenating aquas. Let it awaken an inner state of mindfulness through relaxation and a release of the pure energy within.
  • Hamsa Hand of Fatima - In dazzling sapphires, sky blues and shining swirls of joy, Luciana Nobre Deliza interpretation of Fatima’s hand makes it clear: any and all evil must disappear! Bring its protection into your life and get lost in its hypnotic ocular spheres.
  • Hamsa White Elephant - Be inspired by this brightly hued combination of powerful symbols from artist Maria Gubar. The hamsa (the Hand of God) gives protection from evil while the lotus crowned white elephant brings rejuvenation and wisdom.
  • Inspiration of Spring Meadows - Take to the meadows beneath towering mountains, where a peaceful cabin lies. With blooming dogwood trees, daisies, and abundant lavender flowers, Chuck Pinson’s vision announces the joyous arrival of spring in a vibrantly pastel palette.

  • Not a Care in the World - Give in to the carefree whims of the wind, letting it take you to enchanting places unknown. Enjoy the touch of humor that artist PhatPuppyArt has instilled in this gorgeous vision of ruby fields celebrating both randomness and connection.
  • Phases - Linger in a moment out of space and time, as the luminous phases of the moon pass by. Using deep crimsons and engaging blues, Yuumei Art’s magical dreamscape reminds us that, no matter how small we may seem, we each have a unique part to play in the everchanging vastness of the universe.
  • Pink Lotus - Stand in the sparkling effervescence of a blooming, pink water lily as it graces you with purity and rejuvenation. Even in the darkest of places, one’s soul can carry the loveliness of the lotus flower.

sanctuary picturesque oasis

  • Sanctuary - Feel the gentle spray of mist upon your skin as you stand before this picturesque oasis. Set amid rich, red foliage, the river is turned a glowing tangerine by the sun, encouraging peaceful reflection.
  • Space for Reflection - Spend some time in quiet reflection at this idyllic spot, where the sun’s rays, rugged mountains, and brilliant autumn aspen trees shine in an alpine lake. “I hope this painting serves as a gateway that leads you to moments of reflection.” -Chuck Pinson

The Best Diamond Art for Meditation

Ready to give this form of meditation a go for yourself? Diamond Art Club® is the best resource for top-notch diamond painting kits for your therapeutic endeavors. Each one features a self-flattening, velvet tarpaulin canvas, color-coded rhinestones and an easy-to-use magic diamond applicator that makes the whole process seamless and a true delight. There are also step-by-step instructions to help you get started. We’re happy to help you master this special craft so that it becomes a staple in your health, wellness and self-care routine this year!