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Traveling with Diamond Painting

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Chances are, you love heading home at the end of a long day and settling in to work on your current diamond painting project. But what if you didn’t have to wait? While you might usually diamond paint at your dining room table or in your craft room, diamond art is a project you can take with you wherever you go. Whether you’re going on vacation, thinking about working on diamond art during your lunch break or just ready for a change of scenery and thinking about crafting at a local library or coffee shop, it’s possible to take your current work in progress just about anywhere. 

With the right accessories and preparation, you can travel safely with your kit and complete stunning works of art while on the go. Keep reading to discover some helpful diamond painting tips from the experts right here at Diamond Art Club®! 

Bring Your Own Light

Order a Lightweight Diamond Art Light® to Bring with You!

Every diamond painter knows having adequate light is a must. When traveling, though, you may not always have easy access to the light you need. That’s why we recommend traveling with your own diamond art light pad. Light pads are lightweight and compact, so they won’t take up much space in your luggage. And since they light the canvas from the bottom rather than shining a light from above, they don’t bother other people. 

Invest in Spill-Proof Containers

If you plan on taking your diamond art on the go, buying spill-proof containers for your diamond drills is our biggest recommendation! The zippered baggies and other containers you usually use are fine when you are at home. But when traveling, you need something a bit more secure. Look for vials with screw-on lids. Our 30 Slot Diamond Organizer is an excellent option because, in addition to featuring vials with screw-on caps, it includes a case in which to keep the vials. 

30 Slot Diamond Organizer

When kitting up and filling your vials, remember to screw those lids on tightly! There’s nothing worse than accidentally spilling all of your diamond drills. 

Carry Your Canvas in a Puzzle Carrier

Transporting a partially completed canvas is tricky. Fortunately, puzzle carriers make the job much easier — especially for larger canvases. These carriers are designed to store and protect jigsaw puzzles, but they are perfect for diamond art canvases, too. They come in a few different styles. However, the ones featuring a roll-up mat and an inflatable tube work best. 

Place your canvas on the mat with the diamonds facing outward. Don’t forget to make sure the protective cover is in place! Then, carefully roll up the mat and secure it with straps or rubber bands. 

Pack a Small Kit

If your current work in progress is a huge canvas, consider starting a smaller one for when you’re on the go. The larger the diamond painting kit, the more challenging it will be to haul around with you. In addition to dealing with a large canvas, you’ll need to carry more diamond drills and other supplies. Save yourself a lot of hassle by packing a smaller kit to work on when away from home. 

Consider Purchasing an Artist Portfolio with Pockets

Puzzle carriers are great for transporting diamond art canvases, but they don’t leave room for much else. If you are looking for something to hold your canvas, light pad and the diamond art tools needed for completing your masterpiece, consider buying an artist portfolio with pockets. 

The main compartments of an artist portfolio are perfect for holding and protecting your work in progress as well as your light pad. And the extra pockets work great for holding drill pens, tweezers, extra wax and other accessories. Depending on the size and style of the portfolio, it may even be roomy enough to hold your diamond organizer. 

Most artist portfolios are waterproof or water-resistant, too, and can protect your artwork from the elements. They can be pricey, but if you travel regularly or plan on taking your diamond painting back and forth to work, a high-quality portfolio is worth the investment! 

Ensure You Have All the Necessary Diamond Art Tools Before You Head Out

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Diamond painting isn’t just an at-home activity anymore! Whether you’re going on vacation, traveling for work or thinking about working on your current project during your lunch break, the tips above will make traveling with diamond painting a breeze!