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Diamond Painting Wax Alternative: 3 Household Items You Can Use in a Pinch


March 14, 2020

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Diamond Painting Wax Alternative: 3 Household Items You Can Use in a Pinch

diamond painting tools

If you’re interested in the world of arts and crafts, then you’ve probably heard of the popular new project called diamond painting. For those of you who are just looking into this new art form for the first time, it’s worth trying because these projects are the perfect hobby to do solo or with a group of friends. 

When you purchase a kit, it typically includes all of your diamond painting accessories like wax, a tray and the canvas, but sometimes we can misplace our tools. If you just started a diamond painting project and you’ve already misplaced the wax, here are some other tools and accessories you can use to work on your project.

What Is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is a kind of mosaic art in which many small pieces are used to compose one comprehensive image. In this art form, tiny, sparkling crystals made from resin are added to a canvas that has been marked with specific color sections. Once you’ve finished adding your diamonds to the picture, it should create a beautiful image that sparkles in the light. 

To get your diamonds to stick to the canvas, you must use a special pen applicator tool that is provided with your kit. Dip the tip of your applicator pen into the wax until you can see the bit of wax stuck to it. Then, pick up the diamond that you are planning to place on the canvas by attaching the wax on your pen to the diamond gem. Continue to do this until you’ve filled the entire canvas with a brilliant new image.

closeup diamond painting pen

What Is the Diamond Painting Wax Used For?

The diamond painting wax is a vital accessory that makes it easy for you to pick up each diamond and place it on the canvas. 

Many people think that the wax is used to help the diamonds bond to the canvas, but this is not the case. The canvas was created with an adhesive that allows the diamonds to stick, which is why the canvas must be covered with its plastic film whenever you’re not working on your project. The wax is merely used to help transfer the diamonds to the canvas, but, if you’ve run out or lost your wax, you may become quickly frustrated trying to pick up each individual diamond without its assistance. Instead, try using one of these items to help.

The Best Diamond Painting Accessories

Blu Tack

Many of us have blu tack in our homes as a household object used to attach certain materials to the wall or other items. Blu tack is a clay or putty-like substance that can be rolled up and reused many times, making it durable and convenient as you don’t need to replace it often. People usually use blu tack to stick posters or photos to the wall, but you can use it in lieu of wax when completing your diamond painting. 

In fact, blu tack tends to work even better than wax for these projects because it is stickier and can end up lasting up to twice as long as typical wax. Simply apply it to your applicator tool in the same way you would with wax and—voila!—you have a new way to apply your diamonds. 

Craft Putty

Similar to blu tack, craft putty is another great alternative. The main difference between these two tacky substances is that craft putty tends to be a bit more flexible, which may make it easier to stick to your applicator tool. However, either option would work well as a wax alternative. You can find craft putty in any craft store, and it comes in long sticks perforated into small squares. Keep some on hand while you’re working on your project and dip your applicator tool into the putty before using it to pick up diamonds.

diamond embroidery with tweezers


If this is your first time completing a diamond painting project, we recommend shying away from the tweezer method because it is more difficult to master. Instead of using the typical applicator tool and wax, you can pick up each diamond with your tweezers and gently place them in their place on the canvas. 

If you’re using a set with square-faceted diamonds, this may be easier, as the round-faceted diamonds can slip from the tweezer’s grasp more easily. One of the benefits of using tweezers over wax is that there is no wax residue left on the diamonds, but you must practice to really feel comfortable with this technique.

Diamond Art Club Has All of the Diamond Painting Accessories You Need

The more diamond art projects you begin to complete, the more often you’re going to need new diamond painting accessories. You may run out of wax or misplace a tool, but don’t worry. The Diamond Art Club has got you covered with an extensive array of tools, accessories and all-in-one kits. Browse our selection of diamond painting tools today and invest in the accessories you need to create your masterpieces.