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Diamond Painting Kits for Adults: 7 Reasons Why Diamond Art Isn't Just for Kids

Diamond Painting Kits for Adults: 7 Reasons Why Diamond Art Isn't Just for Kids

The art of crafting is much more than merely a childish activity to keep the kids entertained. Adults across the globe love crafting as there are so many different project ideas to create beautiful works of art that you can display in your home or give as gifts. From crocheting and knitting to diamond art painting and pottery, the options are endless when it comes to arts and crafts for adults. Not only are these projects fun and rewarding, they actually provide adults with many real benefits as well, including reduced levels of anxiety and depression. If you’ve never tried your hand at one of these diamond art painting kits for adults, check out some of the benefits and then pick a night to have the girls over or sit down with your SO and start a new project.

Benefits of Diamond Art Painting for Adults

1. Reduces Feelings of Stress and Anxiety

Artwork in all forms can provoke intense emotional responses from the viewers and creator because art is often used as an outlet for emotional trauma, to relieve feelings of pressure or to interpret something beautiful. The mental impact that arts and crafts have on the brain is astonishing. Researchers have found significant observational evidence that suggests crafting is an excellent activity to relieve negative thoughts and feelings and lower your level of stress and anxiety. If you’re the type of person to get too wrapped up in your work or you’re inclined to have feelings of anxiety regularly, you may want to try starting your own diamond art painting project. Focusing on your project and what you are doing right in that moment helps to take your mind off other thoughts that may be bothering you or causing feelings of distress. In some ways, working on a craft is almost a form of meditation as it gives your brain one simple task to focus on, allowing all of the other thoughts to melt away.

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2. Can Enhance Brain Function

While some view the arts as a fun subject that doesn’t provide much in the way of cognitive learning, research has found that this is not the case, particularly as people get older. When we age, it’s important to still challenge our brains by learning different skills and trying different hobbies as this practice can create new neuron connections helping our brain to develop. Decades of research have also found that practicing a variety of art forms can improve our ability to control our emotions and understand our experiences, boost fine motor skills and increase creativity. All of these outcomes are beneficial to adults because it allows us to continue cultivating our social, emotional and mental interactions. 

3. Offers a Creative Outlet

Creativity is an important part of being human. Even if you’re not artistically inclined, there are dozens of great arts and crafts for adults, like diamond art painting, that can still challenge your brain, inspire your imagination and provide a sense of accomplishment once you’ve completed a project. Growing our creativity can help us flourish in other aspects of life, too, whether it be our careers, our social lives or our actual artistic endeavors. Artists and writers always look to their favorite creators for inspiration in their own work. If you enjoy playing music or making art, you may very well benefit from participating in activities like diamond art painting to heighten your creativity and spark a new idea for a different kind of project. 

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4. Helps to Cope with Feelings of Sadness or Depression

Not only have arts and crafts been proven to help reduce anxiety but also clinical depression. Of course, this type of art therapy should be intermingled with other types of help, whether it be medication or more traditional therapy. But it can inspire feelings of motivation and purpose in those suffering from clinical depression. 

Even if you’re just experiencing temporary feelings of sadness, try using your diamond painting accessories to create a beautiful masterpiece that can take your mind off whatever emotions you’re going through. The greatest result of starting and finishing a project like this is the sense of achievement that you experience once you’ve completed the painting. This can help alleviate more serious mental health issues or just provide the pick-me-up that you need to work through your emotions and find something fulfilling to do.

5. Increases Focus and Productivity

Some adults tend to think that completing a crafting project as an adult is a waste of time that could be spent on something more productive. However, crafting even just for a few moments can help to refocus your brain and inspire feelings of motivation. Some businesses even encourage their employees to take a short break throughout the day to try implementing workplace art. This type of art can stimulate employees’ brains and allow them to take their minds off work-related stress, making it easier to come back to after experiencing a short mental break. If people are feeling anxious over work responsibilities or tasks, a brief crafting break can balance out of these feelings and help you return to work with a greater sense of confidence. 

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6. Helps You to Enjoy the Present

Crafting is very much an in-the-moment activity. It’s easy to become completely absorbed by the task at hand, which allows us some relief from the thoughts constantly running through our minds. You may find yourself distracted throughout the day by thoughts of errands you need to run, work you need to finish or cleaning you need to do around the house. It can be overwhelming to think about the future and your responsibilities constantly, so allow yourself some time to work on a diamond art painting project and keep yourself in the moment. You’ll have to be hyper-focused on placing the diamond beads in exactly the right places, bringing you back to earth and giving you a physical activity to set your mind on. Enjoy the break!

7. Sense of Accomplishment

Another way that crafting and art projects can motivate us is through the sense of achievement that we get when we’ve finished something. Think about even simple tasks like reorganizing your closet. After you’ve completed something you put work into, you do feel a certain amount of pride. Creating a fun and beautiful piece of art is an even better feeling when you end up with something you can proudly display throughout your home. It may also motivate you to start that other craft or home improvement project you’ve been meaning to get around to.

How to Do Diamond Painting Kits for Adults

Host a Paint and Wine Night with the Girls

The best thing about diamond art painting is that it can be done solo or as a group effort. If you want to try a large scale diamond art painting, have a few different friends work on the same project. You may even be able to complete it in just one night. For more of a group gathering activity, you can invite your gal pals to come to your home for a night of crafting and wine. Have everyone select and order their project in advance and then set up a space for people to work. You can even offer some appetizers or cheese plates to munch on while you create. Provide some wine for your guests and ask others to bring over their favorite bottle so you can have your very own wine tasting. 

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Diamond Art Date Night

The perfect way to spend a romantic night with your significant other and switch up your regular date night routine is by setting up a crafting night. You can either choose a diamond art painting kit for adults that each of you would like to work on or pick a design that you want to give to your SO once you’ve both completed your projects. It’s a great way to spend time together while laughing and conversing. You can even plan to have a home-cooked dinner date before you settle down to work on your projects. If you can’t finish in one sitting, make it a weekly activity and schedule time to make more progress. Once you’re done, try framing them together and look for the perfect place to hang your new masterpiece.

Have the Kids Help with a Project

If you have kids around the house, they are definitely going to be interested in your fun new project, so why not let them get involved, too? Although there are tons of benefits to crafting as an adult, it’s also a source of creativity and motivation for children. Purchase a smaller, more simple design for the kids before sitting down together to learn how to master a cool new art. You can also work on a collaborative project by giving each person a different area of one large painting to focus on.

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Diamond Painting Physical Therapy

For anyone who has arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, doing crafts like diamond art painting is still possible with the help of some other diamond painting accessories like a gel drill tip. Plus, it can help you exercise your fingers and muscles by learning to place the beads onto the grid outline. If you do have any of these conditions, it may be best to work on your piece just a little at a time. Don’t feel the need to push yourself too hard. Simply focusing your mind and body on an activity like this can strengthen your skills and mindset.

Diamond Painting Swap

Why not arrange a painting swap if you have a few friends who already love diamond art painting? This could even be a follow-up group gathering to your girls’ wine night. Once everyone has completed their project, get together and display your art and then allow people to place mock “bids” on the pieces they want and hand them out to the highest bidder! You could get your friends in on a real auction as well if you want to raise money for a local charity or organization. Bid on your favorite paintings and then pool the money together and decide how to spread the love!

Solo Painting Sessions

This type of crafting project is easy to use as a way to get your friends or family together and be social, but it’s also the perfect way to spend some alone time. Because diamond art painting and other types of crafts have benefits like reducing stress and focusing your mind, it might be a relaxing activity to do first thing in the morning to stimulate your brain or later in the evening when you’re trying to wind down. Pick a day or a time to gradually work on your project and make it a part of your routine to reap the benefits of crafting as an adult.

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Materials Needed for Diamond Art

Before you can get started on your project, you have to make sure you have all the proper materials. Most diamond art painting kits for adults will include all the diamond painting accessories you need to get started, but sometimes these items can become lost or broken. Anytime you start a project, you should have a drill applicator, wax, diamond beads and, of course, the grid pattern itself. We recommend holding on to any extra accessories you may have, including additional beads, and storing them in an organizer in case they can be useful for a future project. 

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Arts and Crafts Are for Adults, Too!

Don’t limit yourself to thinking that crafts are just activities for children. Adults can greatly benefit from indulging in an artistic endeavor from time to time. It’s a proven way to help reduce stress and anxiety, cope with depression and be present in the moment. Plus, it’s just super fun to create these unique, sparkly designs that you can hang anywhere. Browse our extensive collection of Diamond Art Club painting designs to find one that speaks to you. Then, get started on your project by having the girls over for a wine and craft night or get your sweetheart in on the fun and try something new for date night. However you choose to craft, we know you’ll create something special.

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