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4 Fun Earth Day Crafts for Kids


March 20, 2021

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earth chalk drawing

Earth Day takes place annually on April 22nd and that means this year’s event is just around the corner. Since 1970, people around the world have celebrated Earth Day as an opportunity to come together and show their respect for the planet we call home. The event has been gaining momentum for over 50 years now, and today, Earth Day is recognized as the largest secular holiday in the world. More than a billion people participate in various Earth Day crafts and activities every single year! 

As the fight for a cleaner, greener planet continues, Earth Day is a great time to start teaching your little ones about environmental awareness, eco-friendliness and sustainability. Recycling and picking up trash are great habits to instill, and Earth Day provides the perfect opportunity to teach kids about these practices in fun, enjoyable ways. If you are searching for an artistic Earth Day project to do with your kids, you’ve come to the right place! From helping plant seeds, to using recycled materials to completing a diamond painting inspired by Mother Earth herself, keep reading to discover a few fun Earth Day crafts for kids. 

1. Earth-Inspired Diamond Art 

Diamond art is a fun project to do any time of the year. When you’re looking to commemorate Earth Day, though, there are some specific designs that are really perfect. Inspired by the goddess of nature herself, our Mother Earth design by Hannah Lynn or the Gaia design by artist Julia Watkins are both excellent choices. There are also many options featuring lush landscapes, blossoming trees and other nature-inspired imagery. 

That’s right — you can order a landscape diamond painting featuring beautiful nature scenes of all kinds. For example, if your son or daughter prefers a mountain or cabin scene, you can order a diamond art kit depicting a log house by the lake or an alpine castle. On the other hand, if his or her preference lies more toward the coast, browse our options for diamond paintings with sandy beaches, warm waters or a cottage by the sea. By letting your child choose which diamond painting they’d like to do, they might be more interested in celebrating Earth Day and expressing themselves creatively. 

mother earth diamond art painting


If you’re thinking about using diamond painting for kids as part of your Earth Day festivities this year, remember that Diamond Art Club® kits are manufactured using only eco-friendly materials, so they are safe for planet Earth. And since our inks and glues are all 100 percent toxin-free, you can rest assured they are safe for your kids to use. And after they have finished their diamond painting, be sure to get it framed so it can be showcased for family and friends — not just on Earth Day, but all year-round.

Diamond art is an excellent project for kids of all ages. Whether you have preschoolers or teens, this project is easy enough for everyone to enjoy. Painting with diamonds doesn’t require any special skills or experience, so when you choose this project, you can feel good about everyone having a fun Earth Day regardless of their crafting prowess. 

2. Plantable Paper Earth

Making paper is a fun project for kids of all ages. It’s a great way to recycle, too! And when you add flower or herb seeds to the mix, making the paper is only half the fun. To get started, you will need scraps of blue and green construction paper or cardstock. If you have paper scraps lying around from other projects, this project is a great way to reuse them and teach your kids about using recycled materials. You’ll also need a large piece of screen, seeds, a large empty can and a rubber band. You can use any type of seeds when making these easy Earth Day crafts, but wildflower seeds are the most popular option. Just be sure to choose ones that are native to your area to ensure the best (and most planet-friendly!) results. Lastly, you will need a blender, two bowls, a round cookie cutter that is slightly smaller in diameter than the can, a spoon and water. 

Separate small scraps of paper into bowls by color. Next, add just enough water to cover the paper and let soak for a few minutes. Put the wet blue paper in the blender along with a cup of water. Quickly blend until it forms a blue pulp. Dump the pulp back into the bowl and mix in the seeds. Rinse the blender and then repeat with the green paper. 

Put the screen over the opening of the can and then secure it with a rubber band and place the cookie cutter on top. Help your child carefully spoon the blue mixture into the cookie cutter in a thin layer. Allow the excess water to drip into the can. Then, drop spoonfuls of green pulp on top to form the “continents.” While the mixture is still wet, carefully remove the cookie cutter and place the “Earth” in the sun to dry. Once mostly dry, peel the paper off the screen and press using heavy books and paper towels. 

Once thoroughly dry, plant the paper Earth seed bombs and wait for the seeds to grow. 


3. Earth Day Luminary

Light up your child’s Earth Day by helping them make a luminary. For this project, you’ll need an old jar, blue and green glass paint, brushes and a tealight. Alternatively, you can use blue and green tissue paper with white glue instead of paint, and finish with a clear sealant. 

If using paint, have your child start by painting the outside of the jar blue. Let dry and then help them use the green paint to add “continents.” For preschoolers, trying to paint the Earth may prove a bit too tricky. Instead, help them add a green handprint to their blue jar. They’ll have fun getting their hands dirty, and you will smile knowing that you are making a keepsake you can treasure for years to come. 

To use tissue paper instead, start by tearing it into small pieces. Then, attach the pieces to the outside of the jar using white glue. Start with blue and then add green to create continents. Once dry, apply a clear sealant, such as Mod Podge, to the outside. 

Once the paint or glue has dried, place a tealight inside the jar and light. Whichever method you choose, remember to never leave the luminary burning unattended! The lovely luminary will glow with color, just like stained glass. 

4. Earth Day Suncatcher

Using a bit of scrap plastic from your recycling bin and some markers, you and your kids can make fun Earth Day suncatchers to display in and brighten windows throughout your home. Empty, clear, berry containers or see-through plastic takeout containers work best for this fun Earth Day craft. Additionally, the piece of plastic should be flat, so a round plastic bottle won’t work. 

Start by helping your child cut a circle out of the plastic. Then, have them color the circle using permanent markers. They can draw the Earth, trace their handprint and color it blue and green to create an Earthy feel, draw the recycling symbol… The options are pretty much endless. When they are finished, punch a hole at the top of the circle and attach a string for hanging. 

Making Earth Day Fun with Enjoyable Earth Day Activities

the tree of life diamond art painting

Crafting together is a great way to spend a fun Earth Day with your little ones. It also provides countless opportunities to teach your kids about reusing old materials – like scrap construction paper and glass jars – to make something brand new. Making recycled crafts is an Earth-friendly (and budget-friendly!) way to have an awesome Earth Day with all the young people in your life. You may even help your child develop a lifelong love of upcycling. Try the projects listed above to get your family in the Earth Day spirit, or get creative and come up with unique uses for other commonly upcycled materials, like paper plates, coffee filters and egg cartons! 


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