Popping Drills on Diamond Painting? How to Fix


May 11, 2024

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Diamond painting is a popular hobby for a reason. It’s relaxing and lets you create beautiful works of art. But even the most chilled crafter can get frustrated by popping drills — those pesky resin gems that refuse to stick to the canvas.

Never fear, diamond painters! Popping drills may be common, but with some knowledge and a few tricks, you can banish them from your project and get back to enjoying your crafting zen.

Why Do Drills Pop?

There are three main reasons drills pop off: low-quality materials, the shape of the drills, and application technique issues.

Quality is never a concern when you purchase Diamond Art Club® diamond painting kits. If, however, you’re having trouble with popping diamonds on kits from other brands, it could be related to the low-quality of their drills or adhesive. Drills with rough edges or concave bases can lead to adhesion difficulties, or the adhesive itself simply might not be sticky enough to securely hold the gems in place.

Drill shape matters, too. While the decision between round vs. square diamond painting kits mostly comes down to personal preference, it’s worth noting that square diamonds tend to have more popping issues because there is very little space between the rhinestones when the canvas flexes. So, if you usually purchase square drill diamond paintings and tend to have issues with popping drills, try round drill diamond painting kits

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How you apply the drills can also lead to popping. If you don’t press down hard enough, the drills might not fully stick to the adhesive canvas. Using a crooked (or damaged) applicator or placing drills unevenly can create gaps where they’re more likely to pop off. Placing diamond drills too close together, especially square ones, is another common culprit behind popping. 

How to Fix Popping Drills

Now that you know the enemy, here’s how to fix popping drills and get your diamond painting back on track!

Invest in Quality Products

Preventing a problem is always better than trying to solve one. Investing in high-quality diamond painting kits and supplies is the best way to avoid many issues, like popping drills. At Diamond Art Club®, we stand behind our products. All kits come with high-quality drills and canvases, and we use a proprietary, poured glue method that maximizes stickiness and ensures a flawless finish. 

Diamond Art Club® also offers a variety of diamond art accessories to support you in your diamond painting journey and help remove the frustration of drill popping. If your drill(s) popped off due to a lack of adhesion or dust accumulation, our Diamond Painting Adhesive can restore your canvas’ tacky grip. We also carry an assortment of premium drill pens should you find that yours is damaged. Release paper and diamond painting rollers are other tools mentioned later in this article that can be used to protect your canvas and ensure strong adhesion.

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Master Your Application Technique

By focusing on how you apply the drills, you can significantly reduce popping. When placing a drill, use your applicator to press directly downward, firmly and evenly. With square drills, you will hear a satisfying click. This ensures the drill is fully seated in the adhesive.

Make sure you’re using a straight applicator and that the drills are aligned correctly with the designated spaces on the canvas. This creates a stronger bond and minimizes gaps where drills could potentially pop off.

Work on one small section at a time to minimize exposed adhesive. This reduces the chance of dust or dirt settling on the canvas, which can hinder drill adhesion. You can also use diamond painting release paper to cover sections of your canvas that would otherwise be exposed while you are painting. 

Lastly, make sure to keep your diamond painting flat when you’re storing it because the friction created by repeatedly rolling and unrolling your canvas will increase the likelihood of popping drills.

Tips for a Flawless Finish

A roller tool is your best friend when it comes to preventing and fixing popping drills. Diamond painting rollers resemble paint rollers, and they help ensure that every drill is secure. After completing a section, roll the tool over the drills to press them into place. Use firm pressure, but don’t press hard enough to damage the drills. 

You could also seal your painting once complete. Doing so keeps everything in place and ensures that dust can’t work its way into the gaps between drills. Learning how to seal a diamond painting is a piece of cake, and it’s a valuable skill that will help you ensure your artwork’s longevity.

Discover How to Seal a Diamond Painting Properly

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Perfect Your Masterpiece

Having drills pop off your diamond painting can be annoying, but understanding the causes and using the solutions above can help you minimize the problem and get back to enjoying the relaxing and rewarding experience of diamond painting. Remember — using high-quality materials and focusing on your application technique will go a long way in creating a beautiful, frustration-free diamond painting!