Should You Try DIAMOND DOTZ® Diamond Painting?

Diamond art painting is a captivating hobby that has gained immense popularity in recent years.

It combines elements of cross-stitch and paint-by-numbers, using "diamond dots" to create mesmerizing mosaic art. While getting started with the hobby is easy, choosing a brand can be more challenging.

Diamond art brands range from average to exceptional. The best diamond art kits offer a delightful experience and result in stunning, eye-catching artwork.

DIAMOND DOTZ® and Diamond Art Club® stand out as two of the top brands in the industry. In this article, we'll compare these leading brands in detail and provide a side-by-side chart to highlight their similarities and differences.

Please note that while we have done our best to provide accurate and up-to-date information, details regarding the companies, their products, and the artists involved may change over time. As of the time of writing (March 2023), we believe the information presented here is accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, we encourage readers to verify the details on the official DIAMOND DOTZ® and Diamond Art Club® websites or other reliable sources before making any purchasing decisions. The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the authors, who are affiliated with Diamond Art Club®.


Based on our research, DIAMOND DOTZ provides what appears to be basic information about their products online. Often, you have to dig deeper to get answers to your questions.


One of our first questions was, “Where does DIAMOND DOTZ get their art?” This matters because many diamond painting brands illegally use artists' work.

*As of the time of writing (March 2023), DIAMOND DOTZ seems to feature designs from approximately 11 artists. The vast majority of their designs appear to be licensed from generic websites such as Shutterstock and similar platforms, rather than being exclusive or original artworks from their listed artists. In contrast, Diamond Art Club collaborates with around 400 artists, providing a much wider variety of unique and exclusive designs.

Compared to Diamond Art Club, some people might argue that the DIAMOND DOTZ designs are less varied and original. The brand does offer some cute and pretty designs, but if you want a diamond painting that’s utterly unique, you might struggle to find it at DIAMOND DOTZ.


DIAMOND DOTZ is known to focus on round drill paintings, which are faster and easier to create. However, round drill paintings do show canvas around the diamonds. They’re not always the first choice of avid diamond art painters.

The brand offers far fewer square drill diamond art kits. With square drill paintings, you cover the canvas from end to end, with no canvas showing. Square drill paintings take more time and care to create, but the result is stunning.

Many DIAMOND DOTZ canvases featuring people are partial drills. A partial drill canvas refers to a diamond painting with a printed area that is not covered by diamonds. Full-drill canvases, where the artwork area is entirely covered by diamond drills, are preferred by diamond painters because they capture the sophistication and sparkle of the artist's original vision. Diamond Art Club offers a vast selection of full-drill canvases, which includes all of their popular, licensed character properties as well.

DIAMOND DOTZ also offers fewer extra large canvas sizes. Large canvases are desirable because of the detail and total visual effect.

DIAMOND DOTZ Pixelation Process.

Unlike other cheaper brands that use automatic pixelation, Diamond Dotz distinguishes itself by employing a manual pixelation method. This ensures that the final product is visually pleasing, as the colors are not randomly changed across the pattern and don't look like a hot mess of blurred colors. However, it seems that to keep their kits affordable, Diamond Dotz may concentrate on smaller, simpler, lower price point designs. As a result, their diamond paintings could be more pixelated and less accurate than those of Diamond Art Club's, but are still better than most other brands.


The best quality “diamonds” (otherwise known as “dots, or “drills”) are made of resin instead of acrylic. Like Diamond Art Club, DIAMOND DOTZ uses non-recycled resin.

DIAMOND DOTZ round diamonds feature 13 facets to reflect light, which is the industry standard. Their square diamonds come with either 9 or 13 facets. In contrast, Diamond Art Club offers an even more superior sparkle by providing both round and square diamonds with 20 facets, enhancing the brilliance of their diamond art painting kits.


In diamond painting, the canvas matters too. DIAMOND DOTZ claims to offer a heavy-weight, high-quality, 100% woven polyester canvas. It is said to resist fold marks and feel sturdy. However, according to some reviewers, it feels very tough and doesn’t have the velvety soft backing of Diamond Art Club canvases.


Quality of adhesive is important, too. DIAMOND DOTZ explains that they use a hi-tech formula with a stronger hold.

However, to our knowledge, this brand does not visibly offer a warranty, so you’ll have to take it on faith that their diamonds don’t fall off. Some reviewers have said that it’s not the stickiest adhesive, especially compared with Diamond Art Club.

Please note that DIAMOND DOTZ does not guarantee replacement diamonds if yours fall off. They claim they will direct you to the closest store where you can find replacements or “arrange to send the needed DOTZ® to you.”

Quality printing makes your craft easier and can make the finished result more beautiful. That’s because some diamond art paintings are designed to show the canvas between the diamonds.

DIAMOND DOTZ utilizes patented printing technology. It is permanent and resists scratching and fading. The company uses non-toxic, eco-friendly inks.

Some reviewers have expressed that DIAMOND DOTZ templates and symbols are slightly blurry and can be somewhat confusing. Others say the DIAMOND DOTZ symbols can be harder to read than those on Diamond Art Club’s canvases.

The colors on DIAMOND DOTZ canvases may not be as close to the original artwork as Diamond Art Club’s. According to a reviewer comparing Starry Night diamond paintings from both brands says that DIAMOND DOTZ colors are quite different from the Van Gogh, where Diamond Art Club stayed truer to the original artwork.

As we’ve said, DIAMOND DOTZ is considered one of the better brands.

Who will love DIAMOND DOTZ the most? It is possible that beginner diamond painting hobbyists may be happiest with this brand because DIAMOND DOTZ specializes in round-drill diamond paintings, which are faster and easier. They primarily offer smaller and mid-sized canvases, which are ideal when you’re just learning.

However, reviewers have suggested that DIAMOND DOTZ kits are harder to work with than Diamond Art Club’s. This is partly because DIAMOND DOTZ doesn’t use the standard DMC numbers to color code their kits, and their legend layout is not in numerical order, so it can be harder to find the colors you need.

It is possible that you may grow out of DIAMOND DOTZ as a diamond art painter. Or, you may just want more original art and the shiniest diamonds.

If you’re nodding “yes,” then Diamond Art Club may be better for you than DIAMOND DOTZ.

Why Diamond Art Club®

We don’t take for granted that our customers choose us. That’s why we invest so much effort in educating shoppers about our diamond paintings. Everything you need to know about our quality and designs is front and center when you shop Diamond Art Club collections.


At Diamond Art Club, we’re proud of our artists. All of Diamond Art Club‘s designs are completely original and exclusive. So you can’t find these diamond art paintings anywhere else.

We officially license artwork from artists who live all around the world, feature them on our product pages, and always pay royalties. So, you know that your craft is supporting someone else’s living and creativity, too.

It’s always satisfying following the artists you like and discovering their other designs.


Whatever your decor or diamond art vision, you’ll find just the right design at Diamond Art Club. (Thanks, once again, to our wide network of artists.)

Diamond Art Club offers more diamond painting kits in large sizes than DIAMOND DOTZ. We also offer more square drill diamond painting kits. Yet, even if you’re a beginner, you’ll find an incredible variety of easy options.

You can filter our diamond art collection by full drill vs. partial drill, square drill vs. round drill, difficulty level, and more. It’s simple to find the perfect piece of artwork for your artistic taste and diamond painting skill level.

Diamond Art Club Pixelation Process.

Diamond Art Club specializes in more intricate and detailed images, never compromising on quality. Each piece is sized appropriately to achieve the best result possible. Their pixel artists spend over 10 to 16 hours pixelating each piece to ensure the best possible outcome. Unlike cheaper brands that rely on automatic pixelation, Diamond Art Club uses a manual pixelation method, which leads to stunning and professional-looking results. This is why Diamond Art Club kits can be proudly framed in your home, as they look exceptional and high-quality.


Like DIAMOND DOTZ, we use resin diamonds. However, there are key differences between our diamonds and theirs. While both companies use resin diamonds, Diamond Art Club manufactures our own diamonds in our facility, where we have complete control over the raw materials used and maintain a very tight quality control over production.

Diamond Art Club diamonds are also cut for maximum light reflectivity! While DIAMOND DOTZ and most of the industry cut their diamonds with 13 facets, Diamond Art Club cuts our round and square diamonds with 20 facets. More facets mean more shine.

Customers say that Diamond Art Club diamonds tend to be more uniform in size, fit better, and have virtually no misshapen "trash" diamonds.

You'll never have to worry about having enough diamonds. Each Diamond Art Club kit includes 20 to 30 percent more diamond drills than you need. And if you have a spill, we'll replace up to 8 different drill colors for free!


Diamond Art Club’s proprietary, patented canvas resists wrinkling and folds out smoothly. It’s guaranteed to flatten within minutes of unrolling your art.

Our canvases are made from heavy-duty, waterproof tarpaulin fabric with velvet backing for extra strength and stability. It won’t warp or tear.

This material is made to stand the test of time—and you don’t have to take our word for it. We stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty.


Like DIAMOND DOTZ, we invest in a high-quality poured glue adhesive so your diamond dots stay on the painting where they belong. No slipping, sliding or falling off.

You can feel good about what you’re handling for hours at a time. Diamond Art Club adhesive is 100% toxin-free.

Once again, you’re backed by our lifetime warranty. If you ever experience a quality issue, we stand behind our product.


Diamond Art Club printing is 100% toxin-free, permanent, and resists scratching and fading. However, our printing advantage goes beyond durability.

Most brands use automated charting software to translate the original art into diamond art painting templates. Our designers use a hand-rendering technique to perfect the final template.

You’ll notice more clarity, detail, and a closer color match in our paintings as a result. Even the symbols you’ll use to guide your “paint by numbers” process are clearer and easier to read, so diamond art painting is more enjoyable with Diamond Art Club.

Diamond Art Club is hard to beat when it comes to designs and selection. Our partnerships with artists make it possible to bring you the widest and most interesting art selection, which is one reason why Diamond Art Club has such a loyal following.

Our advantage isn’t just on the surface, though. Diamond Art Club is highly transparent about how our diamond art painting kits are made, down to the detail. You don’t have to guess if the quality will meet your expectations.

You’re also backed by outstanding 24/7 customer service, a 30-day return policy, and a lifetime warranty.

Should you choose Diamond Art instead of DIAMOND DOTZ? We’ll let you decide.


Rogena Mitchell-Jones

Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

Exceptional quality and service!

Diamond Art Club is by far the best diamond art company. The quality of their canvases, the crisp clear printing, the shine and sparkle of their drills (a.k.a. diamonds), the hand-charting of the art, taking it from the artist and creating a beautiful piece of art for us to complete—not to mention shipping from the U.S. Their customer service is responsive and the company knows how to take care of their customers. If you haven't tried DAC yet, don't delay—order now!


JD Sendlbeck

Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

Amazing experience from start to finish

This company produces some of the best quality products available. I love that I dont have to worry about life's little accidents with the lifetime guarantee. The customer service is top notch and I love that all images are designed perfectly for the best outcome and I dont have to guess which size I will need. All images are properly copyrighted and I know that the artists are being compensated for their hard work. Thank you DAC for being a truly wonderful company.

How Diamond Art Club® Compares to Diamond Dotz®

Design Selection

Diamond Dotz

500+ Designs
Known for Round Diamonds, Smaller Designs

Diamond Art Club

1000+ Designs
More Large, Full Drill, Square Diamond Designs

Pixelation Process

Diamond Dotz


Diamond Art Club


Licensed Designs

Diamond Dotz


Diamond Art Club



Diamond Dotz

$9.99 and up

Diamond Art Club

$14.99 and up

Rewards Program

Diamond Dotz


Diamond Art Club

10% Cash Back

Canvas Quality

Diamond Dotz

Regular Quality (Woven Polyester)

Diamond Art Club

Premium Heavy-Weight, Patented Waterproof, Tarpaulin with Velvet Backing

Diamond Quality

Diamond Dotz

Resin (percent unknown), Round Diamonds: 13 Facets, Square Diamonds: 9-13 Facets

Diamond Art Club

100% Resin Drills, 20 Facets on All Diamonds (Round and Square)

Special Diamonds

Diamond Dotz

Some Designs Available with Aurora Borealis, Limited Special Diamonds Available Separately

Diamond Art Club

Designs Available with Glow in the Dark, Iridescent, Electro, Aurora Borealis and Fairy Dust

Replacement Diamonds

Diamond Dotz

May replace on request

Diamond Art Club

Up to 8 colors FREE

Lifetime Warranty

Diamond Dotz


Diamond Art Club


Accidental Spill Insurance

Diamond Dotz

None Specified

Return Policy

Diamond Dotz

14 Days

Diamond Art Club

30 Days

Fast, Free US Shipping

Diamond Dotz

Free on Orders Over $75
Delivery Time Unknown

Diamond Art Club

Free on Orders Over $75
Delivered in 3 to 6 Business Days

24/7 Customer Service

Diamond Dotz


Diamond Art Club


Why Try Diamond Art Club®

Once you get a look at our range of designs, the real question is, “Which Diamond Art Club painting should I try?

Kleo Trio
Step Siblings
Jaguar of the Crescent Moon
Penguin Harmony
Blue Rose
We’re always bringing out creative and exclusive artwork at Diamond Art Club.

Seeing what’s new keeps your diamond art painting hobby exciting and fresh. There’s always something to spark your creativity at Diamond Art Club, and you can challenge yourself to go bigger and bolder with a wide range of large and full-drill canvases.

Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

Diamond Art Club paintings are premium-quality, from the soft, strong canvases to the crystal-clear canvas printing and fail-proof adhesive. So it’s easier and more enjoyable to diamond paint.

And with Diamond Art Club, you get more shine because our diamonds boast higher quality and contain more facets than those offered by DIAMOND DOTZ. Ultimately, it wouldn't be diamond art painting without the captivating sparkle.

So, check out our full selection today and experience the difference!

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*Please note that the information provided in this comparison is accurate as of March 21, 2023, and is subject to change. While we strive to keep this page up-to-date, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information provided at any given time. We recommend checking the respective websites of Diamond Art Club® and DIAMOND DOTZ® for the most current and accurate information.