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8 Mosaic Art Projects to Try at Home


March 23, 2024

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Mosaic Art Projects to Try at Home

Serious crafters are always looking for an exciting new project to take on, but these mosaic projects are great for experts and beginners — plus, they’re kid-friendly! Crafting hobbies not only encourage creativity and imagination, but they can also help you de-stress. Studies have even found that the arts can help people overcome feelings of anxiety and depression while improving focus and productivity.

Working on a project like a diamond painting with your children is also a fantastic way to bond and strengthen their sense of creativity and critical thinking skills. Let’s dig deeper to learn more about mosaic art before selecting your next project. 

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What Is Mosaic Art?

Mosaic art originated in ancient times and has been embraced and developed by various cultures throughout history because of its timeless appeal. But making a DIY mosaic doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, creating a beautiful mosaic is much easier than you might think. In essence, mosaic art is simply a method of creating visual art from smaller, fractured pieces of glass, tile, beads or other small materials. These smaller objects are arranged and fixed onto a surface creating a larger image, or a beautiful pattern. There are even some mosaic pieces that are completely random, making them easy for beginners to create.

colorful mosaic circle

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This type of art requires a bit of patience, as you have to carefully place each piece of the mosaic precisely in order to form the intended image or pattern. For children, it’s a great way to practice and improve fine motor skills. However, broken pieces can be dangerous when little ones are around. If you love the look of mosaic pieces but are seeking kid-friendly alternatives, here are some art ideas you’re sure to love.

Why Try These Kid-Friendly Alternatives?

While glass or tile are the traditional materials for creating mosaics, there is a variety of other materials you can use to create these unique and beautiful designs. Testing out different materials also grants your piece a different look, making it more unique.  Certain projects like diamond paintings are ideal for children because they make sure to use other elements like resin beads to eliminate the danger of a child working with glass. Plus, they’re an easy mosaic alternative that allows anyone to create beautiful home decor, regardless of skill or experience. 

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Working on kid-friendly projects is the perfect way to spend quality time with your children while also fostering their development. Art can help with a range of developmental skills, from decision-making and critical thinking to motor skills and language development.

6 Mosaic Art Projects to Try

1. Diamond Painting  

diamond art pen closeup

If you’ve never seen a diamond painting before, it is a type of mosaic art that uses small, faceted beads — known as “diamonds” or “drills” — to construct a larger image. There are hundreds of designs available through Diamond Art Club®, from fun favorite characters to mythical animals to other great inspirational themes, so you have plenty of options to choose from. We suggest starting with a smaller painting as your first project because completing a project can take time. It’s important to work at an unhurried pace, placing every bead in precisely the right spot on the grid. When you’re finished, you can display your masterpiece in a picture frame or wrap it around a canvas for a DIY gallery-ready look.

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2. Mosaic Wood Art

Although most mosaic projects use glass, ceramic, or plastic to create a pattern, wood is another viable option that can be especially appealing to naturalists or woodworkers. Whether you want to create a decorative piece to hang on your wall, a unique mosaic table top, or to embellish a picture frame, you can use pieces of scrap wood in varying species, shades and stains. Because you will have to use a drill to keep the wood together, it’s best to keep the kids out of this project, though you can ask for their help in creating a beautiful pattern.

3. Rock and Shell Mirror Mosaic  

Like many of us, you probably have jars and bowls filled to the brim with beautiful shells you’ve found on trips to the beach. But, what are you supposed to do with all those shells once you’ve brought them home? Turn them into a craft project! Making a mosaic mirror is an excellent way to show off your finds — and it doubles as a work of art

Keep any shells that you want to keep in their full shape out of this project. Take the remains of shells or crush up full shells and attach the pieces to the frame around a mirror. You’ll have a unique piece full of memories that you can hang anywhere in your house.  

4. Mosaic Garden Rocks

This is a simple but fun project you can do with the kids anytime. Gather some large rocks from outside, the flatter the better. These will serve as your “canvases”. Then, pull together some beads, pieces of sea glass, shells — anything you think will fit the design. Next, glue your materials to the rock in your chosen pattern. Using grout and a clear finish — like Mod Podge — you will seal in your design and create a fun new decoration for your garden.

Alternatively, create mosaic stepping stones using glass pieces and concrete mix. Follow a tutorial to ensure yours turns out just right. 

5. Stained Glass

Once you master the art of stained glass, you can make DIY projects ranging from suncatchers to jewelry boxes. You can even use this technique to create mosaic wall art. Additionally, stained glass kits that use kid-friendly materials are readily available online and in craft stores. Stained glass adds a fun translucent dimension to your home decor. It comes in a wide assortment of colors, textures and opacities, which allows you to play with light and color in unique ways. Cutting glass requires specialized tools, but they are relatively affordable. If you decide to try your hand at this hobby, just remember to take proper precautions for working with glass. 

6. Mosaic Coasters

Unleash your inner artist and protect your coffee table with mosaic coasters. This beginner-friendly project is practical and easy to personalize. Gather glass or ceramic tiles, broken china, (or child-safe) natural materials like pebbles, beans, dried berries, etc. Next, sketch out a design, or embrace spontaneity. Use strong adhesive to stick the pieces to the coaster base. Grout the gaps between the pieces if you’d like to create a polished look. Finally, seal your creation to protect it from moisture. This small project has a big impact, and the finished product will put a smile on your face every time you reach for your favorite beverage. 

Tip: Not sure what to use as a base? A Mason jar lid works in a pinch! Remove the band, clean the lid and it’s ready to go. 

rainbow dragon hugging cat

7. Torn Paper Mosaic

Super simple and kid-friendly, the materials for this mosaic technique are items most ​​have on hand already: torn up bits of colored paper. From tissue, scrapbooking, and construction paper to magazines, candy wrappers, maps or old greeting cards, this can be the ultimate recycling project. As for a base, anything from a paper plate to a formal stretched canvas will work. Choose an adhesive that is appropriate to the paper and base you are using and seal with a clear acrylic if you like. 

8. Fabric Mosaics

Fabric mosaics blend traditional mosaic art with the versatility of fabric, creating visually stunning and textured masterpieces. Cut various colored, patterned, and textured fabrics into small pieces and affix them to a base material using adhesive or stitching techniques. Try overlapping the edges of the fabric pieces for a seamless piece. Fabric mosaics offer a unique and soft interpretation of the art form that you can use for pillows, wall art, or decorative clothing. 

Let Your Creative Side Run Free

With these inventive ideas for mosaic art projects, you and your children will be able to create unique projects like diamond paintings and beautiful garden rocks to decorate your home and yard. Working on projects together will help you unwind, allow you to spend quality time together, and encourage your child’s development through creative inspiration and critical thinking development. 

No matter which project you choose, embracing mosaic art is a great way to let your artistic side shine while creating beautiful, functional objects. Keep your creations for yourself — or give them as gifts. The choice is yours!

If you want to keep trying new mosaic art projects, you can look for even more diamond paintings for kids to create new designs and display them in your child’s room or throughout your home.