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5 Productive Hobbies That Help You Build Useful Skills


March 09, 2020

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5 Productive Hobbies That Help You Build Useful Skills

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When it comes to finding a hobby that you love, the possibilities are endless, but some hobbies can be more beneficial than others. Many people enjoy sitting down after dinner and watching TV and, while television shows can be very entertaining, they are not necessarily making you a more productive person. 

Of course, sometimes we want a mindless activity to help us unwind, but it’s healthy to have a mix of productive hobbies and mindless ones. If you’re looking to pick up a new hobby that may help to improve your thinking and teach you some new skills, learn more about some of our favorite productive hobbies, including crafts like paint with diamonds or practicing regular journaling. 

1. Journaling

If you’re interested in writing in any capacity, it’s a good idea to make journaling a part of your everyday life. Even if you’re not necessarily a writer, this is a really great habit to get into because writing can help you to process your thoughts and feelings, shedding light on situations that you may have previously been upset or confused about. Many people who struggle with anxiety, depression and severe stress can benefit from journaling, as research shows that it helps you to work through and overcome these feelings.

Journaling is also a nice way to preserve memories so that, when you look back and read your entries years from now, you may uncover memories and thoughts that you completely forgot about. If you don’t want to write about your own personal life, you can also start a journal filled with stories or poems to help build your written and creative skills.

portrait diamond art on wall

2. Meditation 

It may sound counter-intuitive to think of meditation as a productive hobby because the entire practice focuses on learning to still your body and mind, but it can be extremely productive and help in other aspects of your life. 

It’s easy to add meditation to your daily routine by practicing for even five or ten minutes each morning or evening. Learn more about specific meditation exercises that can help reduce feelings of stress and leave you feeling calmer and more collected. People who regularly practice meditation are often more productive in their careers and are better equipped to handle stressful situations. If you’re interested in meditation painting, check out our blog post on using diamond art for meditation.

3. Working on an Arts Project

If you’re looking for a hobby, try your hand at different types of arts and crafts projects. Diamond paintings are the result of a new type of craft that has become increasingly popular. Using a canvas with a specific design, you add colored diamonds to the image to create a final project that looks like a beautiful piece of art with the added bling of the diamonds. 

However, any type of craft can help to focus your mind in the same way that meditation does, and it can also vastly improve your hand/eye coordination. If you do any kind of creative work, trying a new project may just help inspire your own work, too.

4. Learning to Cook

Many people consider cooking to be an art form in itself. Learning how to cook well takes a bit of scientific practice when it comes to measurements and some artistic skills when it comes to presentation and understanding how flavors work together. Not only will cooking improve your creativity, but it will, of course, help you to become a better chef! Everyone loves indulging in a tasty meal, so learning this skill will make you a hit not only at home but at your next dinner party when you show up with the best-cooked side dish of the evening.

man gardening

5. Gardening

In some ways, gardening can be considered a type of meditation, though it helps to focus both your mind and your body on physical activity rather than a mental one. Gardening can be a very fulfilling hobby as you watch your plants grow and blossom. You can also try planting household spices and vegetables to add a fresh element to each one of your home-cooked meals. You may want to start off small with a simple houseplant or two before moving on to flower beds and, eventually, a full-fledged garden.

Get Crafty with Diamond Art Painting

Any of these hobbies is a great way to learn a new skill and help to focus your mind, but our paint with diamond kits, in particular, are a fun way to learn something new, improve your hand/eye coordination, and create a beautiful new decoration for your home or office. Browse our unique selection of designs to find something that speaks to your personality. When you order your first kit, you’ll receive all the tools you need to get started. Pick your favorite and start your new hobby today!