The Best Diamond Painting Kits for Spring


April 19, 2023

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butterfly garden diamond painting

Diamond painting is the perfect craft for any time of the year, but spring is an especially great season to start one of these fun projects. You can use it as a reason to spend some time outside or even start a crafting group with friends to get you out of your winter funk and start enjoying the warmth of spring. And since spring is the season of new beginnings, it’s an ideal time for beginners to try their hand at learning how to paint with diamonds!

If you really want to get into the spring spirit, try starting a diamond painting that is focused on nature or spring holidays like Easter. Then, you can display your awesome new masterpiece and fill your home with spring sparkle all season long. If you’re looking for some ideas on your next DIY project, check out some of the best diamond paintings for spring.

Why Diamond Art Makes the Best Spring Activity

Can Be Done Outside

After a long, chilly winter, we’re all itching to get back outside to feel the warmth of the sun on our skin and breathe in the smell of the fresh, blooming flowers. With one of these spring diamond painting kits, you can take advantage of the outdoors and get crafty at the same time. Find the perfect spot outside, like the table on your patio or back deck, get yourself a tall glass of something tasty and cool, and start painting with diamonds! Since spring weather can be unpredictable, consider creating a little portable container to hold your drills, tray, and accessories. This will make moving it between the inside and outside areas much easier. And whether you choose a full drill or partial drill kit, with round or square drills, you’re sure to enjoy spending time outside working on your craftt.

Good Time to Start a Group Project

In the wintertime, everybody tends to get a little bit less social. The cold weather makes us want to curl up inside with a blanket and a good book or movie. But, as the seasons change and the days become longer, we tend to feel like we want to get out and enjoy the day, which is why it’s the optimal time of the year to start a routine group gathering. Get some of the girl squad together and decide on a day to start your diamond paintings together. You can host at the same house every time if someone is willing to, or make it a point to switch each week. This is great motivation for creating an adorable outdoor space with room for everyone’s artwork and craft supplies. Serve some tasty spring cocktails or light hors d’oeuvres, collaborate with others on their diamond paintings, and you may find yourself inspired to create something even more beautiful than before! In addition, you’ll have a great time crafting with your gal pals.

Keeps Your Mind Focused and Productive

Working on any kind of craft that requires diligence and concentration can greatly increase your focus and make you a more productive person in other aspects of your life. While you may have worked on cozy fiber arts like cross stitch or knitting over the winter, now it’s time to start something that’s sparkling new.

To help jumpstart this mindset, dive into a new spring flower art project or nature scene to keep your mind sharp. Completing a diamond painting may be time-consuming and require a lot of focus, but it can also be meditative: building your concentration and relieving feelings of stress and anxiety.  

Adds Spring Flair to Your Home Decor

Pack away the snowflake decorations and dark winter colors because spring is here! Cover your home in fun bright hues like pastels and lighten up every room. While you’re redecorating for the season, consider crafting a flower diamond painting to add to the spring feel in your home. 

Diamond art paintings look great anywhere in your home, from the kids’ bedroom to the kitchen. Select a diamond painting kit with a design that fits your home’s theme the best, and then get to work on a new project. When you have a goal in mind, like setting out to decorate your home, you’ll also feel a greater sense of purpose that will motivate you to work on your crafting regularly. 

Learn How to Frame a Diamond Painting Here

Can Be Used as a Gift

No matter the season, we always need a few good gifts on hand for when the next  birthday that rolls around. If you have a few completed diamond artworks, keep them to use as a special handmade gift to give to family and friends. If you have little ones, create a diamond painting tree or another image they would love and add to their Easter basket this year as a unique twist on the usual gifts. Uncompleted diamond painting kits also make great presents for the crafters in your life! Since each kit comes with a high-quality canvas and drills, along with all the essential tools like a drill pen, craft tray, and wax, your favorite crafter will have everything they need to create their own shimmering work of art.

Fun Diamond Art Kits for Spring

Bunny In Flower Pot

Any diamond art project is a great craft to work on during the spring, but, if you want to really focus on the spring theme, there are several diamond paintings of flowers and trees that will really complement your spring decor. Check out some of the best diamond painting patterns available through Diamond Art Club® and get ready to start crafting! Here is just a small selection of our best sellers for this time of year.

Diamond Paintings — Flowers

Bulldog and Roses

Featuring an adorable image of a bulldog puppy wearing a crown of baby pink roses, this spring painting is a must-have for dog lovers.

Bunny in Flower Pot 

Bunnies aren’t just for Easter. They are an iconic image of spring, and this cute diamond painting of a bunny and small bird is sure to make you smile.

Butterfly Blossoms

Breathe fresh life into your home this spring with this painting of a vase filled with beautiful flowers and butterflies. Unlike real flowers, these will remain just as beautiful all spring and summer long.

Butterflies in the Garden

If you prefer seeing flowers and butterflies in their natural environment, check out our Butterflies in the Garden diamond painting. Vibrant colors and spring imagery make this one Ideal for this time of year.

garden view diamond painting

Garden Terrace 

Relax among the flowers and enjoy stunning sea views that stretch as far as the eye can see. This sun-drenched stretch of the Mediterranean is an idyllic place to relax on a warm spring evening. 

Lady Moth 

A unique twist on traditional spring artwork, this diamond painting features a woman amid a sea of colorful moths and roses. It would make a striking addition to any space. 


Immerse yourself in the sweet scent of cherry blossoms under the full moon, and let your worries drift away like petals on the cool spring breeze.  

Mother Earth

Celebrate spring and rebirth with this stunning diamond painting of Mother Earth. Embrace nature and lose yourself in its beauty.

Rainbow Roses

Featuring roses in eye-popping rainbow colors, this image is an incredible kaleidoscope of delicate petals. Breathe deeply, and you just might be able to experience their intoxicating aroma for yourself.  

dragon bathing diamond painting

Spring Showers

In this diamond painting, one of artist Randal Spangler’s beloved Draglins enjoys a cool shower from a garden hose amid a bowl of bubbles. This whimsical design is cute enough to put a smile on anyone’s face! 

Diamond Paintings — Trees and Nature

Cottage by the Lake

Cottage by the Lake

The imagery in this diamond painting exudes the peace of a sunny spring afternoon. Filled with blue skies, green grass, colorful flowers, a lovely pond and swans and chickens, this artwork is perfect for springtime decor in any home.  

Himeji Castle

Nothing says “spring” quite like the fragrant cherry blossoms surrounding the historic Himeji Castle in Japan. Sail on gentle waters as you approach this national treasure that’s existed since 1333.  

Reading Tree

Curl up with a good book in the company of Draglins and Great-Grandfather Oak. Lose yourself in its pages and explore a new realm.

Realm of the Cats

Explore the realm of cats in this stunning diamond painting. Framed within a cat's silhouette is an incredible nature scene. A black cat waits to accompany you through the dense forest and waterfalls before emerging under a moonlit sky. 

Sakura Festival

Sakura Festival

Cherry blossoms bloom along a peaceful street, leaving a trail of fallen petals for you to follow with your faithful feline companion by your side. 

Second Dream 

Lose yourself on a mystical walk among springtime flora under a sea of stars. 


Let your soul soar with this entrancing diamond painting. Enjoy a special moment with your dragon companion and experience the peace and love of the moment. 

stained glass diamond painting

Stained Glass Trees

Trees and their branches form a gorgeous stained glass mosaic in this captivating diamond art. Feel the sunlight and vibrant colors embrace you as you complete this masterpiece. 

Swan Pond

Enjoy a warm spring day on a sun-spotted lake in the company of a trio of swans. Take in the vibrant fauna and feel the cool breeze on your skin.  

unicorns in the forest

Unicorn Rendezvous

Rendezvous with unicorns amid stunning fauna in this mystical spring diamond painting. This one is a lovely choice for young and old alike. 

Important Diamond Painting Accessories

Once you’ve selected your projects for the spring season, you may need to restock some of your most essential diamond painting accessories. If you’re running low on wax or are missing your applicator pen (sometimes called a diamond painting stylus), be sure to invest in a new tool kit so you’ll have everything you need to complete your beautiful spring artwork. 

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Celebrate Spring with One of the Best Diamond Painting Kits 

We are ready for spring to arrive as much as you are, which is why we’ve got all of our flower diamond painting kits lined up and ready to be crafted. There’s no better way to spend time outside this spring than while working on your nature-themed diamond painting. 

Once you’ve completed several projects, store them somewhere safe so that you can surprise your friends and family with a beautiful, unique gift made just for them. When you buy your kits from Diamond Art Club®, you’ll receive all the tools that you need to get started, including the applicator pen, wax, craft tray and canvas design. Our collection of designs is so extensive that we are sure to have just what you are looking for in each new season. Shop today to find your next project, and add several others to your wishlist! Within just a few business days, you’ll be celebrating the arrival of spring with your new diamond painting kit.