Breast Cancer Crafts: 4 Creative Ways to Show Your Support


September 26, 2020

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Although breast cancer has received an increased amount of attention over the last couple of decades, there is still a lot of work to be done. According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, one in eight women in the United States will develop breast cancer at some point in her life. That’s a staggering number of women. And, while a foolproof treatment has yet to be created, medicine has come a long way with early screenings and preventive measures that can stop and reduce the cancer’s spread. Raising awareness about this form of cancer is important to further encourage early screenings and help support organizations working to end breast cancer altogether. Show your support by trying one of these breast cancer crafts or projects.

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Why Raising Awareness Is Important

The more people are aware of breast cancer and the early symptoms, the easier it is for doctors to catch the disease early on and help to overcome the cancer before it becomes too widespread. Even just wearing a breast cancer shirt out in public can help because someone may ask you about it and you can spread good information to new people. This could potentially save lives or encourage someone to donate to a cancer research organization. Breast cancer diamond painting projects are another unique avenue to raising awareness as you can complete the project and display it in your home or give to a survivor or current cancer patient to inspire hope. 

Awareness is particularly important for breast cancer because there is a major misconception that only women can develop this disease — not the case. In fact, one in one thousand men will be diagnosed in their lifetime. Although this is much rarer, it’s an important piece of information to know as men may not even think to be screened for breast cancer if they notice something out of the ordinary. 

How to Use Breast Cancer Crafts to Raise Awareness

Purchase a Breast Cancer Diamond Painting

butterfly breast cancer awareness ribbon

If you’ve never tried one before, diamond painting projects are a great craft for adults and children alike. Diamond Art Club has specifically designed a breast cancer diamond paintings to help spread awareness during October — National Breast Cancer Awareness Month — and the rest of the year. You can work on this project and give it to a friend who may be currently undergoing treatment, or you can hang it in your home to show your support and raise awareness for anyone who visits your place. If you own a business or you volunteer with an organization, you may even want to hang your painting in a public space to further raise awareness and encourage people to get screened regularly.

Make T-Shirts

Clothing is one of the best ways to raise awareness for anything because it’s basically like wearing a walking advertisement. Some people may feel inclined to ask you about your homemade breast cancer awareness shirts, which gives you the perfect opportunity to share information, such as the fact that breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women, only next to certain types of skin cancer. Early screenings can help stop the cancer before it develops further. Making T-shirts is also a fun activity to do before participating in a breast cancer awareness fundraising event.

Give Your Halloween Decorations Some Pink Pizzazz

Because October is breast cancer awareness month, what better way to draw attention to the issue than by incorporating it into your Halloween decorations? Using the breast cancer pink and ribbons of the same color, you can create some unique, but still spooky, decorations. When people ask why your Halloween decorations deviate from the usual color palette, inform them about breast cancer awareness month.

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Create DIY Accessories

If you’re the kind of person who loves a good DIY project, there are so many great ideas for breast cancer crafts to help raise awareness and support those fighting against cancer. Use your creativity and come up with fun accessories like pins, bracelets, keychains — anything that you can use on a regular basis and express your support for raising awareness. If you’re looking for inspiration, search Pinterest for some ideas to get you started.

Here for Each Other

With breast cancer awareness month just around the corner, it’s important for everyone to find ways to support and encourage others to learn more about early screenings and participate in fundraisers to help raise awareness on a greater scale. Whether you decide to work on a breast cancer diamond painting or one of these other fun breast cancer crafts, you’ll be helping thousands of women (and men!) across the country. Stay safe, screen early and get creative with spreading useful information.