What Adhesive Is Used for Diamond Painting?


July 01, 2023

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a person filling in an arm on a diamond painting of a person

At Diamond Art Club®, we pride ourselves on making quality diamond painting kits that are easy for everyone to use. From beginners to seasoned crafting pros, our kits provide an enjoyable experience for everyone. As someone who is reading our blog, you probably know a thing or two about the art of diamond painting. You probably also already know that we’re always striving to manufacture the highest quality kits around, like in the type of adhesive we use. What you might not know, though, is exactly what adhesive we use or why it’s the best. 

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Every company that makes diamond painting kits uses a different type of adherent. All of the options fall into two broad categories, though, which we will discuss in this article. If you’re curious, keep reading to learn what sticky materials are used for diamond painting and why poured glue is best. 

Types of Adhesive Used for Diamond Painting

As mentioned above, diamond painting kits are made using two different types of adhesive. Some companies use double-sided tape, while others—including Diamond Art Club®—use poured glue on their canvases. Both are transparent, but there are lots of good reasons why the best brands only use poured glue

Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided tape can be cut to the size of the artwork and stuck onto the canvas. Similar to a sticker sheet, it is inexpensive and easy for the manufacturer to stick a sheet of tape onto a canvas as soon as it is printed. Using double-sided tape is an effective means of cutting costs for both the manufacturer and the consumer, which is why most of the inexpensive kits you can find on Amazon or other websites typically use double-sided tape as an adhesive. This is definitely a case where the old adage, “you get what you pay for,” holds true, though. While kits made using this type of adhesive may cost less, they are much less likely to keep their stickiness long-term and definitely won’t last in high humidity or extreme temperatures. 

Double-sided tape is also more prone to separating from the diamond painting canvas. This can result in a range of problems, from diamonds falling off to air bubbles and fine wrinkles. This type of adherent also makes the canvas feel stiff rather than soft and flexible. It becomes less sticky when exposed to air, so finishing projects quickly is a must. If you don’t, using your applicator to apply diamond painting drills will be no easy task, as the canvas might not be tacky enough to keep them in place.

Companies that use this type of adhesive also often extend the sheet of double-sided tape beyond the edges of the artwork itself. This excess tape easily collects dust, pet hair and other debris, resulting in a dirty, unwanted border on your masterpiece. Whether you have just decided to pick up diamond painting as a new hobby or have been painting with diamonds for a while, working on diamond painting canvases with double-sided tape can be more frustrating than enjoyable.

a diamond painting of a mountain landscape in blues and purples

Poured Glue

Canvases that use poured glue as an adhesive are of much higher quality. The process involves spreading a coat of specially engineered glue (sometimes using a paintbrush-like tool to ensure every section is perfectly covered) over each individual canvas and allowing it to dry for several hours in a special chamber prior to packaging. It is much more time-consuming and costs more than sticking on a sheet of double-sided tape, but this method produces a much better quality diamond painting

Poured glue is strong, sturdy and will not lose adhesiveness even when exposed to extreme temperatures or large temperature fluctuations. It remains tacky when exposed to humidity, too. Once the diamonds are in place, they are much less likely to pop off a poured glue canvas than one that uses double-sided tape as an adhesive. Canvases coated in poured glue remain pliable and soft, and there is never any need to worry about air bubbles or wrinkles. 

Another benefit of poured glue is that it offers a degree of flexibility. While it’s always best to align your diamonds carefully using a diamond painting pen or tweezers before sticking them to the canvas, poured glue has some wiggle room that allows you to adjust drills after placing them. This is especially helpful with square drills since they need to be perfectly straight in order to fit together properly. Double-sided tape is less forgiving, making it difficult to fine-tune your diamond placement when necessary. 

Diamond Art Club® Adhesive

At Diamond Art Club®, our goal is to make the highest-quality diamond painting kits in the industry. To do that, we don’t cut corners. Rather than saving time and money by using double-sided tape, we use a proprietary, high-tech, poured glue process that results in exceptional adhesion. The type of glue we use is extremely stable and, unlike other products, resists oxidation. This means our canvases stay sticky even when exposed to humidity, air and large shifts in temperature. 

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Whether you are new to diamond painting or a seasoned professional, using kits that feature poured glue yields better results and ensures your finished products will withstand the test of time. Investing in our high-quality kits also means you will avoid many of the frustrations commonly associated with using canvases that feature double-sided tape. And while you might have heard about sealants and be wondering how to seal a diamond painting, this step is definitely not necessary when working with Diamond Art Club® canvases. That’s right—there’s no need to invest in a sealer when using a Diamond Art Club® canvas because our glue will hold all of the rhinestones securely in place on its own.

Other Benefits of Diamond Art Club® Kits

Our proprietary poured adhesive isn’t the only thing that makes our kits some of the best on the market. Our canvases are buttery soft, and they are self-flattening. We manually convert images into diamond painting canvases to ensure quality and detail. Plus, our luxury resin rhinestones feature vivid colors that shimmer beautifully in the light. Each kit comes with the diamond painting tools you need to complete the project. However, we also offer a wide range of high-quality diamond painting accessories to help you take your creations to the next level. We offer a detailed step-by-step tutorial on our website, too, to help beginners learn this fun craft.

At Diamond Art Club®, we offer industry-leading guarantees on our products. We stand behind our products with a 100 percent money-back guarantee, meaning you won’t be out anything if, for some reason, one of our products does not live up to your expectations. We also offer free accidental damage insurance replacements.

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We are proud to make the best diamond painting kits on the market, and we’re sure you’ll love them if you give them a try. Diamond painting is a hobby like cross stitch that calms the mind while enabling even complete beginners to create stunning works of art. If you have been using lower-quality kits with double-sided tape adhesive, switch to Diamond Art Club® to experience the difference for yourself.