4 Helpful Square Diamond Painting Tips


April 02, 2020

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4 Helpful Square Diamond Painting Tips

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Whether you’re new to the diamond painting game or you’ve been crafting this way for a while, we have some helpful hints to elevate your projects to the next level. The diamond beads used to make up the beautiful mosaic image on diamond paintings are available in a rounded and a square shape, each having their own advantages and challenges. Some people even use a combination of both beads to create a different kind of effect. Typically, however, the square-beaded projects tend to be more difficult, so if you’re feeling particularly crafty, invest in a diamond kit with square beads and follow these square diamond painting tips to create your latest masterpiece.

Square vs. Rounded Diamond Beads

Both the square and the round diamond beads feature facets on the top, for the “diamond” effect, and a flat underside to make it easier for the beads to stay flush with the paper. Rounded beads are typically considered to be a bit easier to work with because you can’t–and don’t need to–make each of the beads line up perfectly. Of course, you need to keep your beads in straight lines regardless of the shape to give you a flawless finish, but when using square beads, it is more obvious if they are not lined up correctly because the edges of the beads will touch. With rounded beads, it’s okay for there to be space between each as the shape makes it impossible to cover up any holes between them. Keep this in mind before purchasing a square diamond painting kit if you have never worked with these types of beads before.

Square Diamond Painting Tips

1. Know Where to Place Your Tray

It may seem like a minor detail, but where you decide to place your tray with your diamond beads will make a big difference in the process. To create your finished product, you need to use your placer tool and wax to pick up individual beads and carefully place each of them on the designated spot as denoted on the pattern. Because you have to move the bead from your tray to the pattern, it’s beneficial to keep the tray aligned with your picture and close to the area that you are working on. This will help you to keep the beads straight instead of trying to place them diagonally.

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2. Use a Multi-Placer

For the more advanced diamond art painters, using a multi-placer tool can be a great addition to your set because it will allow you to put down multiple diamonds in a row at the same time. Mastering this tool can be difficult for beginners because you are still learning how to work with the beads and the wax. You may also find it frustrating to work with multiple beads at once if you are still having trouble with aligning your square diamond beads. If you feel confident in your diamond painting abilities, invest in one of these tools to help you keep your square beads close together and speed up the process.

3. Invest in a Straightening Tool

One of the most frustrating aspects of working with square diamond beads is that it actually can be more difficult to line them up perfectly. Most people assume that the flat edges of the squares will make it easier for you to place them in the correct spot, but, unfortunately, these flat edges actually make it more obvious if a bead is not completely flush with its neighbor. A straightening tool can be your saving grace because it allows you to simply touch-up the placement of a bead, arranging them in a more uniform fashion.

4. Have Extra Tools and Wax on Hand

We cannot emphasize this square bead painting tip enough: Always keep extra tools and materials on hand. As you become more skilled at diamond art painting, you’ll begin to collect extra beads and wax that you didn’t use all of from your previous kit. We recommend investing in an organizer as well as wax and tools in case you are ever in the middle of a project and you lose the last bead in a specific color or your wax runs out. Having these additional supplies on hand at all times will allow you to work on your project whenever inspiration strikes.


Step Up to the Challenge of a Square Diamond Painting Kit

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Working on a diamond art project is one of the best activities to do with your family, friends or solo. If you’re looking for a more challenging set, try a diamond painting with square beads and follow these square diamond painting tips to create something you’re proud to show off. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, so keep on trying until you’ve mastered some of the more difficult patterns.