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The Best Diamond Painting Kits for Spring

best diamond art kits for spring

Diamond painting is the perfect craft for any time of the year, but spring is an especially great season to start one of these fun projects. You can use it as a reason to spend some time outside or even start a crafting group with friends to get you out of your winter funk and start enjoying the warmth of spring. 

If you really want to get into the spring spirit, try starting a project focused on nature or spring holidays like Easter. Then you can display your awesome new project all season long. If you’re looking for some ideas on your next project, check out some of the best diamond paintings for spring.

Why Diamond Art Makes the Best Spring Activity

Can Be Done Outside

After a long, chilly winter, we’re all itching to get back outside to feel the warmth of the sun on our skin and breathe in the smell of the fresh, blooming flowers. With one of these diamond painting projects, you can enjoy the door outdoors and get crafty at the same time. Find the perfect spot outside, like the table on your patio or back deck, and then get yourself a tall glass of something tasty and cool and get to work on your project. 

If you decide to focus on a nature scene or a flower project as a nod to the changing of the seasons, completing your project outside could help inspire your work. If you’re going to be working on your painting outside, you may want to consider creating a little portable container to hold your beads, tray, and accessories, making it easier to move your project between the inside and outside areas. 

Good Time to Start a Group Project

In the wintertime, everybody tends to get a little bit less social. The cold weather makes us want to curl up inside with a blanket and a good book or movie. But, as the seasons change and the days become longer, we tend to feel like we want to get out and enjoy the day, which is why it’s the perfect time of the year to start a routine group gathering. 

Get some of the girl squad together and decide on a day to start your diamond painting projects together. You can always host at the same house if someone is willing to, or make it a point to switch each week. This is the perfect time to create an adorable outdoor space with room for everyone’s projects and serve some tasty spring cocktails or light hors d’oeuvres. Collaborating with others on their diamond painting projects may inspire your own work and leave you with something even more beautiful than before!

Keeps Your Mind Focused and Productive

Working on any kind of craft that requires diligence and concentration can greatly increase your focus and make you a more productive person in other aspects of your life. The winter tends to make us lazy and less motivated than usual, but, as spring rolls around, we want to shed our winter coat and get things done, which is why the idea of spring cleaning is so popular. It’s the time of the year to get rid of the old and bring in some new. 

To help jumpstart this mindset, you can begin a new spring flower art project or nature scene to exercise your mind. Completing a diamond painting is time-consuming and takes a lot of focus, but it can be meditative in some ways, as it helps you to focus on only the task at hand, and it relieves feelings of stress and anxiety.  

Add Spring Flair to Your Home Decor

lilac arrangement diamond art painting

Pack away the snowflake decorations and dark winter colors because spring is here, baby! Cover your home in fun spring colors like pastels and brighten up every room. While you’re redecorating for the season, consider crafting a flower diamond painting to add to the spring feel in your home. 

These diamond art paintings look great anywhere in your home, from the kids’ bedroom to the kitchen. Select the design that fits with your home’s theme the best, and then get to work on a new project. When you have a goal in mind, like setting out to decorate your home, you’ll also feel a greater sense of purpose that will motivate you to work on your project regularly. 


Can Be Used as a Gift

No matter the season, we always need a few good gifts on hand for when the next friend or family member’s birthday rolls around. Springtime always welcomes Easter, a holiday during which children often receive small gifts in a basket brought by the Easter bunny. If you have a few projects completed, you can keep them as a special handmade gift to give to family and friends. If you have little ones, create a diamond painting tree or another image that they would love and add it to their Easter basket this year as a unique twist on the usual gifts.

Diamond Art Kits for Spring

Any diamond art project is a great craft to work on during the spring, but, if you want to really focus on the spring theme, there are several diamond paintings of flowers and trees that will perfectly complement your spring decor. Check out some of the best diamond painting patterns available through Diamond Art Club and get ready to start crafting!

Diamond Paintings Flowers

SUMMER BLOOMS—This simple print covered with different blossoming flowers is the perfect way to welcome spring into your home. With a name like “Summer Blooms,” this is a masterpiece you can keep on display through the summer season as well.

HUMMINGBIRD ON A FLOWER—A beautiful way to incorporate floral life and animal life, this diamond painting features bright colors that capture the eye. 

MAGICAL MAMA—Perfect for a child’s room, the “Magical Mama” features spring pastels and two unicorns cuddling in a stained glass format. 

FRIDA KAHLO—This depiction of the great Mexican artist Frida Kahlo pays tribute to her heritage with a sugar skull design. The brilliant array of flowers on her head reminds us of springtime, but the sugar skull aspect gives this painting an edgier appearance.

memoirs of a geisha graphic

MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA—This unique diamond painting would be an excellent addition to a modern-style home with its simple design and white background. It could provide a nice pop of color in a room with a lot of neutral tones.

THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG—If you’re looking for a project to give to your young daughter, “The Princess and the Frog” is the perfect selection. The design is simple enough for a beginner but offers some interesting challenges with the watercolor background.

HAMSA WHITE ELEPHANT—For anyone with a spiritual side, this “Hamsa White Elephant” painting is a great project for the spring. The Hamsa hand traditionally means peace but has become a symbol of spirituality to some, and it offers a unique challenge for a diamond painting.

LA VIE EN ROSE—Reminiscent of the “Frida Kahlo” painting, this option features the same brightly colored roses atop a woman's head, but it hints at French painting styles. This project would be a great addition to your spring decorations in the right area of your home.

lilac arrangement diamond art graphic

LILAC ARRANGEMENT—We could not think of a better way to represent spring with diamond painting than through this tradition-style depiction of a vase of lilacs in shades of purple and white.

JADE’S TREASURE—A whimsical painting perfect for a little girl’s bedroom or playroom, “Jade’s Treasure” shows a mermaid surrounded by underwater plants and sea life. Although this could easily be displayed year-round, it’s a great project to start in the spring because of the fun pastels mixed with bright colors. 

Diamond Paintings Trees and Nature

love birds diamond art graphic

LOVE BIRDS—The smell of blossoming flowers is in the air in this painting that brings up feelings of love and excitement. The two love birds remind us of the sounds of spring and would be the perfect addition to your wall.

HOUSE ON THE HILL—Originally created by artist Claudia McKinney, “House on the Hill” is a beautiful rendering of a little cottage tucked away in the woods as the spring begins to bloom around the property. 

rainbow tree diamond kit graphic

RAINBOW TREE—Bright chunks of color cover this canvas dubbed “Rainbow Tree” to create a brilliantly imaginative tree. Because the colors are sectioned so boldly, this may be a good project for a beginner to try their hand at. 

SERENITY—A painting by Maria Gubar, “Serenity” reminds us of the importance of nature with a depiction of a tree rooted in a mountain’s summit. The beautiful, bright colors in this will really bring out the feeling of spring in your home.

CAN’T WAIT TIL SPRING—What better way to celebrate the coming of spring than with this “Can’t Wait Til Spring” painting by Lisa Frances Judd? Its whimsical, cartoonish design makes us want to spend some more time out in the garden this season.

HIMEJI CASTLE—Sean Pavone’s “Himeji Castle” incorporates the beauty of cherry blossoms and pays homage to one of the biggest festivals in Japan—Sakura, otherwise known as the Cherry Blossom Festivals. This painting truly captures the feeling of revitalization that spring ushers in.

SUNSET REFLECTIONS—Few things in nature are as special as a really beautiful sunset, and Graham Gercken captures that feeling of awe in his “Sunset Reflections,” with the image of a sunset’s afterglow reflecting off the surface of the water. 

A DRIVE OUT—With even just a glance at Steve Crisp’s masterpiece “A Drive Out,” feelings of a warm spring day come to mind. The beautiful white house, the thriving green tree, and the old-school-style convertible evoke our emotions and get us in the mood for a Sunday spring drive through the country. 

SWANSEA SUNSET—Graham Gercken loves to capture the beauty of sunsets in different locations, as no two sunsets are ever really the same. In “Swansea Sunset,” we notice more vibrant tones of red against the shadow of the bird standing atop a wooden pillar. 

BEST BUDS—A beautiful example of unexpected friends, “Best Buds” by Ekaterina Kazartseva shows a playful side to a bear as he offers his nose as a perching place to a passing bird. 


Important Diamond Painting Accessories

do what makes you sparkle diamond kit

Once you’ve selected your projects for the spring season, you may need to restock some of your most important diamond painting accessories. If you’re running low on wax or you’re missing your applicator pen, be sure to invest in a new tool kit to make sure you have everything you need to complete your beautiful spring project. 

For anyone who is a serious diamond painting lover, you’ll definitely want to purchase our 30-slot diamond organizer to keep all of your beads in one place. This accessory also helps you to organize any of your extra beads and keep them in one safe place in case you decide to reuse them for a different craft. We also offer a light pad that you can place underneath your diamond painting canvas to help illuminate the canvas instructions and make it easier for you to precisely place each diamond right where it’s supposed to be.

Celebrate Spring with One of the Best Diamond Painting Kits 

We are ready for spring to arrive as much as you are, which is why we’ve got all of our flower diamond painting projects lined up and ready to be crafted. There’s no better way to spend time outside this spring than while working on your nature-themed diamond painting. 

Once you’ve completed several projects, store them somewhere safe, so that you can surprise your friends and family with a beautiful gift that you made just for them. When you buy your kits from Diamond Art Club, you’ll receive all the tools that you need to get started, including the applicator pen, wax, tray, and canvas design. Our collection of designs is so extensive that we are sure to have the perfect project for every season!