Unique Home Wall Art Ideas


June 20, 2020

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framed diamond art painting

When decorating (or re-decorating) your home, you can put a lot of pressure on yourself to pick the perfect items to display. We want our homes to look beautiful but also be a representation of ourselves in some way, which is why we can be particular about home decor. If you’re looking for some interesting ways to dress up your walls, check out some of our favorite unique wall art ideas–from handmade diamond paintings to a plant wall. 

1. Fake Plant Wall

Something about having plants inside can really brighten up a room—even if they’re just fake. Look online for some plant wall inspo before selecting how you want to arrange your own beautiful wall decorations. If you’ve really got a green thumb, you can, of course, use real plants inside. Depending on where the wall will be in the house, many plants won’t receive enough sunlight though to stay alive and healthy, which is why, for this type of decoration, fake plants tend to look better. You can use shelves, baskets, or our favorite DIY hanging air plants to add a little bit of life to one of the blank walls in your home.  

2. Diamond Art Paintings

One of our favorite ways to decorate the house is by putting up framed diamond art paintings. These wall accessories are extra fun because you can make the project yourself and then display it for all to see. Find a diamond painting kit with a design that will match the room where you plan to hang it. Once you’ve completed the project, be sure to frame it to keep all the diamond beads in place and keep dust from accumulating on the piece itself. If you love tackling new diamond painting projects, you can make a wall gallery of your completed pieces, which is perfect for office or art room decor!

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3. Unique Decal Stickers

Artists and designers have become quite creative in the ways that they make and position art in homes. The idea of a sticker on your wall may initially sound tacky or childish, but there are dozens of beautifully designed decals that can fit perfectly in large spaces, such as above a couch or a bed. Choose an elegant design like wispy flowers or delicate tree branches with birds and butterflies. For something a bit more abstract, you can use wall art decals in geometric shapes. The best part about using a decal is that they are designed to easily peel off the wall without damaging the paint, and they stick flawlessly to the surface so no one will even realize that it’s simply one big sticker.

4. Functional Shelving

For the minimalist who likes their wall art to also serve a purpose, functional shelving is the perfect decoration. Find a style that matches your house, like rustic chic or sleek and modern, and then use your shelving to hold a few decorative pieces that fit with your decor. Display family photos, plants and books for a little bit of interior design and a little bit of purpose. Using functional shelving in the kitchen is the perfect way to store nice kitchen equipment, like Le Creuset pots, along with cookbooks and kitchen plants. To keep your shelves from becoming cluttered, it is important that you carefully select which items will live on the shelves and be sure to dust regularly as sometimes these items can be overlooked while cleaning.

apartment decorated in purple

5. Accent Wall

Fully wallpapered rooms may have gone out of style, but accent walls are becoming increasingly popular. Find a print or a pattern that you love (and matches the furniture) and then select just one wall in the room to wallpaper. This creates a unique contrast between the solid color paint on the rest of the walls and the matching pattern on your accent wall. If you’re not sure you want to add wallpaper to your room, you can also make an accent wall by simply painting one side a different color. Grays and blues work well together, as well as light pink and white if you’re going for something airy and feminine. Try your paint swatches together to see how each combination contrasts before making a final choice. 

Add Some Pizzazz to Your Place

Every room needs some fun or elegant decorations to pull the room together. There are dozens of cool decorations and painting styles you can use if you’re looking for a creative new way to dress up your walls. If you enjoy crafting, make your own diamond painting, frame it and add it to one of your blank walls. Using high-quality decorative decals or adding an accent wall to your home is another way to create a motif and have your home looking like it’s straight out of an interior design magazine. Plant lovers can even bring some life indoors with a plant wall (real or fake, your choice). Pick a style that fits your personality and your home and then let your imagination run wild.