3 Fun and Exciting Summer Crafts for Kids


May 29, 2021

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a llama diamond art project in progress

Summer is almost here, and you know what that means: Three months of trying to entertain your kids and keep boredom at bay. Though COVID restrictions are being lifted in many parts of the country, you and your kiddos will still likely be spending a lot of time at home this summer. Crafting is one of the best ways to beat summertime boredom—and even if your family spent a lot of time working on projects while in quarantine, there are still plenty of things to try. From tots to teens, kids of all ages can enjoy the summer crafts listed below. Let’s dive in!

Diamond Art

If you and your family haven’t already gotten in on the diamond painting craze, what are you waiting for? This easy craft is perfect for people of all ages, and the results are stunning. At Diamond Art Club®️, our diamond painting kits come with all the diamond painting supplies kids need to make their own artwork. Our collection features hundreds of designs, too. This makes it possible to find something that will appeal to even the fussiest of kids!

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While just about any craft is an excellent way to pass the time, diamond art is more beneficial than many other hobbies. It’s exciting seeing a beautiful image emerge from strategically placed resin diamonds that look random upon close inspection but turn into a beautiful work of art following completion and a step back. Diamond painting for kids is relaxing, too, and can help children develop fine motor skills and improve their focus. 

a framed mermaid diamond art project

Diamond art painting can boost confidence in kids as well, for after finishing the project, you can frame it and hang it in their bedroom, a family room or even the play room for all to see. It also helps with creative expression and fine-tuning motor skills. It’s also a great craft multiple people can work on together, so they can partake in this fun activity with friends, siblings and classmates.

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Tie-dyeing is a summertime staple that never goes out of style. If your family has already tie-dyed loads of shirts, though, this summer is an excellent time to expand your horizons. Instead of dyeing the classic white t-shirt, try your hand at something new, like tie-dyeing a set of sheets, a pair of pajama pants or even a fuzzy blanket. Experiment with different items and various fabric types. You may find a new favorite! 

If you would rather stick with shirts, change things up by reverse tie-dyeing black t-shirts. Fold each shirt and secure using rubber bands or strings as usual. Instead of applying colorful dye, though, apply bleach (be extra careful with the bleach and keep it out of reach from the children). Let the bleach sit for about 15 to 20 minutes or until the fabric has faded to an orange-like color. Don’t leave the bleach on for more than half an hour as it could damage the fabric. Carefully remove the rubber bands/strings and rinse thoroughly. 

While it is still damp, lay the shirt out on a flat surface. Then, apply dye to the bleached sections. Make sure it saturates the fabric completely to ensure vibrant results. When you have finished applying dye to one side, flip the shirt over and repeat on the other side. Place the shirt in a plastic bag and let it sit for several hours or overnight. Rinse, wash and you have a fabulous new reverse tie-dye shirt to show off. 

Ice Cream in a Bag

If you are looking for a project that’s as tasty as it is fun, there is nothing better than making ice cream in a bag. This project is fun for kids of all ages, and the moment they get to taste their homemade ice cream is always exciting! 

You’ll need: 

  • 1 Cup of Flavored Coffee Creamer
  • 2 Tablespoons of Sugar
  • A Quart-Size Zippered Bag
  • A Gallon-Size Zippered Bag
  • Ice
  • Rock Salt
  • A Large Container

Help your child pour the coffee creamer and sugar into the smaller bag and zip it shut. Then, place the small bag inside the large bag along with lots of ice and a few tablespoons of rock salt. Seal the large bag and give it to your child to shake, shake, shake—and before you know it, you’ll have yummy ice cream ready to be enjoyed. 

a young girl using a mixing bowl in a kitchen

Source: Picsfive/Shutterstock.com

Closing Thoughts

Summer is the perfect time to do crafts with your kids. Crafting busts boredom and allows you to create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it’s learning how to diamond paint and creating a masterpiece on a rainy day, tackling a tie-dye project in the backyard or even making ice cream, there are all sorts of projects that are appropriate for kids of all ages. 

This summer, don’t let boredom blues get your family down. Get creative and work on one of the fun and exciting projects listed above instead!