Artist Spotlight: Randal Spangler and His Collection of Diamond Paintings


September 11, 2021

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using drill pen dragon painting

At Diamond Art Club®, we work with some really incredible artists to create the diamond painting kits you love. One of these artists is a gentleman from Missouri named Randal Spangler, and we're thrilled to make him the subject of our first artist spotlight. Spangler's imaginative creations lend themselves wonderfully to our shimmering, resin rhinestones, making his kits truly unique and worthy of display. He's one of the many reasons why we are the company that makes the best diamond painting kits on the market!

The Art of Randal Spangler

Randal Spangler’s whimsical diamond art designs capture the spirit of imagination, adventure and exploration. Each vibrant piece tells a story of an innocent, youthful time when creativity was everything. His designs featuring adorable dragons and juvenile draglings, books and chocolate chip cookies are some of our best sellers and are much-loved by diamond painters of all ages. His most popular designs include Flight of the Fireflies, So Many Books, So Little Time, Bubble Fairies, Train of Dreams, Kitchen Helpers and Afternoon Tea. Each detailed scene truly comes to life with the addition of diamond drills. 

Check Out His Flight of the Fireflies Diamond Painting

Legend of Ohmlandia

framed fantasy themed diamond art

Much of Randal Spangler’s art is set in a magical place he calls Ohmlandia. Mirrors serve as the gateway to and from this enchanted land, which is home to many different types of dragons. The dragling twins--Dagmar and Dewey--are just one kind. Roughly the size of a housecat, this intelligent, mischievous pair look nearly identical. The only differences are the number of warts on their cheeks and rings on their tails. Dewey has five rings and warts, while his sister Dagmar has just four. 

Ohmlandia is also home to a blue dragling named Rupert. Devoted and easy to please, he is roughly the size of a dog and has a similar personality. Teacup dragons are green, have tiny wings, and as their name suggests, they are small enough to curl up in teacups. The wise, old dragon of Ohmlandia is known as Eldar and like the teacup dragons, he has brilliant, gold wings. When in our world, draglings and dragons spend most of their time with the wise wizard, Ladnar, his wife, Elanor, and their grandchildren, Emily and Arthur. 

There is one thing that all of the dragons and draglings have in common: they love chocolate — especially chocolate chip cookies! A rare and precious treat, chocolate does not exist in Ohmlandia. It cannot be stockpiled or stored, so when a dragon or dragling needs their favorite sweet treat, they enter our world to eat and share it. They especially love rooms with old mirrors, firelight and lots of books. These loveable creatures use colorful marbles as currency, so if you ever find a marble where there was once a chocolate chip cookie, you were visited by a dragling! 

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dragon themed diamond art with tools

Artist Biography

Randal Spangler grew up near the small town of Kirksville, Missouri, in the 1950s. He spent much of his childhood exploring, and these early  shaped his imagination and character. As he got older, his love of adventure led him to join the Navy. He still has fond memories of backpacking through the forests of Olympic National Park in Washington while enlisted.

Soon after his time in the Navy, Randal enrolled in the Kansas City Art Institute. His professional career began in 1977 and over the last 44 years, he has attended more than 1,000 Renaissance festivals and art fairs in 19 states. Each year, tens of thousands of his prints are sold to collectors in the United States and around the world. You can see some of his work on display at the Children's Illustrated Art Museum in St. Louis, Missouri, and at the Museum of Art and Whimsy in Saratoga, Florida. The recipient of more than 100 awards, Randal Spangler has had a prolific career and continues to license his work for numerous products including our diamond art kits. 


The charming art of Randal Spangler is a welcome escape from the ordinary and a magical addition to any home. If you are shopping for diamond art supplies, consider adding one of his delightful diamond painting kits to your collection.