The Ultimate Guide on How to Hang Unframed Art


September 02, 2023

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You just finished your latest masterpiece. Now what? Chances are, you want to display it. But that can be tricky if you’re attempting to hang something that doesn’t have a frame. Whether you’re looking for unconventional ways to display completed diamond paintings, canvas paintings, photographs, drawings, or any other types of unframed art, you might begin to think that your only options are to learn how to frame diamond art and buy a frame, or visit a professional framer. 

If that’s the case, think again! There are all sorts of ways to showcase unframed artwork in your home. And once you know how to do it, you’ll wonder why you ever hesitated to display your creations simply because they weren’t framed. Keep reading to discover several creative ways to display unframed = art as home decor.

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Use Print Hangers

If you have a minimalist aesthetic when it comes to interior design, you’ll love the look of print hangers. They are made of small strips of wood or metal and should be the same length as or slightly longer than the width of your artwork. To use these hangers, simply place your art between the two strips on both ends of the hanger and secure using the included magnets or screws. To prevent damage to your art, consider adding felt bumpers to the insides of the strips. That way, the bumpers will be pressed against your art instead of the wood or metal. This method of hanging pictures works great for diamond paintings, sketches, canvas prints, and more. 

Print hangers are a great option if you are looking for an easy way to upgrade your home’s wall decor. Their simple design doesn’t detract from the artwork's beauty like an ornate frame might, and they hold the canvas, paper, etc. straight and flat. 

Hang with Binder Clips

Are you looking for a simple and inexpensive DIY approach to hanging pictures and artwork in your home? Flat, lightweight artwork can easily be hung using little more than binder clips and nails or tacks. Attach binder clips to the top corners of the artwork and hang from nails. Yes — it’s really that simple. For larger posters, consider adding a binder clip in the middle, too, to help distribute the weight. 

To avoid damaging your drywall, consider using removable adhesive hooks (or velcro strips) instead of nails or tacks. When you follow the instructions carefully, you’ll be able to take them down without damaging your paint. This option is perfect for renters. 

You can find binder clips at any office supply store, and they come in several different colors. There are even patterned ones that you can use to enhance your artwork’s aesthetic appeal. 

Grab a Hanger From Your Closet

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Looking for something a little more unusual? Try using a single skirt/pant hanger to hold your art. This technique incorporates a wood strip with metal clips, and the look is especially effective when you are hanging more than one piece of art. Mix and match different types of art for an eclectic look. Art prints, canvas art and, of course, diamond paintings always look great displayed in this manner. 

You can use the hangers as they are or paint them in a solid color to create a specific aesthetic. Since most hangers are much more affordable than a wood frame (you may even own some already!), it can be a wonderfully inexpensive solution as well as a fun conversation starter. 

Get Creative with Washi Tape

As a crafter, you probably already have a solid selection of washi tape in your arsenal. Why not use it to hang flat artwork (like drawings or prints) on your wall? With a bit of patience and imagination, you can even construct colorful “frames” for your creations using this trendy masking tape. Making wall art frames with washi tape is easy and allows you to instantly update any wall in your home or office without spending a fortune.

Attach Your Art to a Stretched Canvas

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One of the advantages of stretched canvases is that they are super easy to hang without frames. Plus, even in large sizes, they are much lighter weight than frames — especially frames with glass — and you don’t need to worry about them breaking if they fall. 

If you have a painting, drawing, diamond painting, photo, or another flat piece of art that you would like to display, consider attaching it to a stretched canvas. Choose a canvas that’s the same size for a neat, tidy finish. Or, use a larger canvas to give a small piece of art more oomph. You could even paint the canvas a solid color before attaching your art to enhance your masterpiece before hanging it in your living room (or anywhere else in your home). 

Display Art Using Cafe Curtain Rods and Ring Clips

This idea for creating an at-home gallery from Parents magazine is intended for kids, but we think it would be a great way to display all of your own unframed art! It’s super affordable, too, and easy enough for even novice do-it-yourselfers. Simply wall mount one or more cafe curtain rods, add ring clips, and attach your art. Whether you use this system for displaying your little Picasso’s artwork or for showing off your latest masterpieces created from diamond art, it’s sure to look great in any home. 

Work on a Grid

If you’re dealing with a number of smaller, unframed canvases and pieces of art, one way to tame them is to arrange them on a grid. Produced in a wide variety of materials and coatings — from industrialized, rough wood to rubber-coated wire to shiny rose gold — these latticework structures offer a very flexible way to present your art collection. You can arrange them in a tightly woven collage, space them out evenly in a gallery wall style or clip on just a few select ones to allow the grid to show through. Typically, grids are also sturdy enough to hold items of greater weight and dimension, so why not attach some of your smaller diamond art paintings along with your diamond art tools or accessories? Additionally, you can change out old for new as soon as you’ve finished a kit! 

Make the Most of Minimalistic Magnets

Magnets aren’t just for refrigerators anymore! In fact, they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Some are so small that they are almost invisible. Select a size and shape that appeals to you, online or at a craft or hobby store, and then choose what look you prefer.  Attach a metal strip or wire string to the wall for groupings, or attach a single magnet where you would like a statement piece. Depending on your choices, your art could appear to be magically floating.

Use Clipboards to Make a Gallery Wall

Do you have a couple of clipboards lying around the house? Repurpose them to hang your unframed art! Clipboards are a unique way to display your artwork and can be easily updated. You can even change-up your hanging art by the season or theme. Think fun fall motifs such as pumpkin artwork, an animal theme or travel scenes.

Take your display up a notch and create a gallery wall using lots of clipboards! Hang about six clipboards (minimum) on the wall and add your artwork accordingly! Not only is this a creative way to hang unframed art, but it also can be a personalized focal point or wall in your home.

What About 3-D Art?

Because this wouldn’t be an “ultimate guide” if it didn’t at least mention artwork that is not flat, don’t forget that almost anything around you — from sculpture to quilts to bicycles — can be mounted (unframed) on a wall. If it is an object in your life that holds special appeal to you, there’s a way to hang it up and work it into your visual aesthetic. Don’t be afraid to take a chance and try something new, or repurpose an item you already own as either a “hanger” or “artwork.”  Whether it's unconventional sculptures or cherished mementos, embrace the freedom to transform three-dimensional pieces into captivating wall art, and infuse your space with creative personal touches.


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Hanging unframed art doesn’t have to be difficult. There are lots of stylish ways to get the job done so you don’t need to worry about detracting from your art’s aesthetic value. With the ideas above, you can beautifully display your favorite pieces of diamond art even if you prefer to keep them “unframed”! 

From minimalist print hangers that provide a sleek and contemporary look to the ingenious use of binder clips for a simple and cost-effective solution, the possibilities are endless. Skirt and pant hangers can bring an unexpected charm, and washi tape can elevate your art while also letting your imagination run wild. Stretched canvases present a lightweight and hassle-free alternative to traditional frames, and café curtain rods with ring clips offer an affordable gallery-style display option.

There's no need to be confined by the limitations of frames when it comes to displaying your most treasured art. By venturing beyond traditional framing methods, you can infuse your living space with a sense of individuality and creativity that reflects your personal style and artistic vision. 

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