What Are the Best Warner Bros. Diamond Painting Kits?


July 09, 2022

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Warner Bros. Diamond Painting Kits

From legendary superheroes like Superman™ and Wonder Woman™ to the stars of Harry Potter™, Game of Thrones,™ and Space Jam™, Warner Bros. is responsible for countless beloved characters. Even Scooby Doo™, Looney Tunes™, and Friends™ are part of the Warner Bros. family. And now, you can bring all of your favorite characters to life with one of our Warner Bros. diamond painting kits

At Diamond Art Club®, we are thrilled about our partnership with one of the leading brands in entertainment, and we can’t wait to show you some of our amazing products. So, what are the best Warner Bros. diamond painting kits? Read on to find out! 

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Our Collaboration with Warner Bros.

Scooby-Doo™ Where Are You? kit

Launched in December 2021, the Diamond Art Club® x Warner Bros. collaboration features a selection of designs depicting some of the most well-known characters, franchises, and brands in the world, including Friends™, Batman™, Space Jam™: A New Legacy, Looney Tunes™, DC Comics™, Wizarding World™, Suicide Squad™, and more. This collaboration has enabled us to blend one of the hottest creative hobbies with legacy and nostalgia,creating iconic designs you won’t find anywhere else.

As an industry leader in diamond art, we are constantly seeking new ideas and forming partnerships with leading brands to ensure we offer in-demand designs our customers will love. Thanks to our licensing agreements with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and many other brands, we can legally create kits featuring well-known characters and iconic imagery. 

About Warner Bros. Consumer Products

Part of WarnerMedia Global Brands and Experiences, Warner Bros. Consumer Products is responsible for putting merchandise featuring its portfolio of iconic characters and popular franchises in the hands of consumers around the world. It partners with only the best licensees to distribute toys, home decor items, fashion and, of course, diamond painting kits throughout the world. Warner Bros. Consumer Products is one of the biggest licensing and merchandising organizations in the world and proudly represents WarnerMedia’s largest franchises, including Wizarding World™, DC™, Looney Tunes™, Hanna-Barbera™, Friends™, Cartoon Network™, Adult Swim™, and Game of Thrones™

The Best Warner Bros. Diamond Art

If you are searching for the best Warner Bros. diamond art, you’re in the right place. Diamond Art Club® kits are of the highest quality and come with everything you need to complete your masterpiece. Plus, our diamond paintings feature artwork from and inspired by some of the most beloved franchises in the world. *

Discover The Diamond Art Club® Canvas Difference

If you are trying to decide which specific Diamond Art Club® / Warner Bros. collaboration kit is the best, it’s the one that you like best. All of our kits are manufactured to meet our rigorous standards, so it comes down to choosing your favorite character or franchise. Whichever one you think is the best is the best one for you! And, of course, you can complete as many kits as you would like. 

Best-Selling Warner Bros. Diamond Painting Kits from Diamond Art Club®

Hogwarts™ and Hedwig™ kit

Not sure what Warner Bros. diamond painting kit to start with? Look no further! Give one of our best-selling kits a try.


We Have the Warner Bros. Diamond Painting Kits You’re Looking for

Our Warner Bros. diamond painting kits are the perfect way to enjoy one of the crafting world’s biggest trends and create artwork featuring your favorite character(s) or franchise. Browse our complete collection today to find the best Warner Bros. diamond painting kits!