How to Alleviate and Avoid Diamond Painting Neck Pain


November 13, 2021

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If you love diamond painting, you know how easy it is to get so wrapped up in your current work in progress (WIP) that you pay no attention to the clock. Time just seems to fly by when you are engaged in your favorite hobby. And, while that’s a beautiful thing, it also has its drawbacks. Spending several hours working on a diamond art painting can put strain on your neck and back, much like typing at a computer can, and could lead to pretty severe aches and pains. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to protect your body and keep soreness at bay. Keep reading to discover a few ways to alleviate and avoid diamond painting discomfort. 

Use a Light Pad

Do you catch yourself hunching over your work surface, trying to get your face as close to the canvas as possible because you can’t see what you’re doing? If so, investing in a light pad for diamond painting might be just what the doctor ordered. 

Order a Light Pad for Diamond Painting to Reduce Eye Strain

Light pads illuminate your work from below, making it much easier to read the symbols and see where each drill belongs. When you can see better, you are less likely to end up hunched over in an attempt to get a better view. In addition, using a light pad reduces eye strain, so it also helps to prevent headaches

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Take Breaks to Stretch

It’s easy to lose track of how long you’ve been doing something when it’s an enjoyable activity. Unfortunately, spending too much time in the same position can become a literal pain in the neck. When working on a diamond painting, it is a good idea to get up and stretch your body every so often. Doing a few basic neck rolls and shoulder stretches will refresh you and help prevent stiffness and pain. 

Because you may not be aware of how quickly time is passing when you craft, you might want to consider a way to remind yourself to take these stretch breaks. When you first sit down, set a timer for 30 minutes. Get up and stretch for a couple of minutes when it goes off, and then repeat until you are finished with your diamond painting session for the day. 

Upgrade Your Seating 

If you are sitting on a hard, dining room chair or bench while crafting, it’s time to upgrade to a more ergonomic option. Look for a high-quality office or gaming chair with plenty of padding. Make sure the height is adjustable, too. 

And, if upgrading to a new chair isn’t financially feasible at the moment, try adding a wedge cushion or lumbar support to your current seat. Either way, improving the surface you sit on takes some of the strain off your neck and back. 


Adjust Your Work Surface

Working on a flat countertop or your kitchen table might not be the best — or most comfortable — option for completing a diamond painting. A work surface that is elevated and tilted, putting the canvas closer to your eye level, is a better option. Think of it like painting at an easel instead of on a table. 

Depending on your budget and available space, there are a few different ways to improve  your work surface. Buying an adjustable drafting or crafting table is the best and easiest option. However, using a tabletop easel or laptop stand helps, too. Anything that allows you to elevate and tilt your work in progress will reduce the amount that you stoop over while working, which will, in turn, ease neck pressure. If you need some inspiration, check out these great, craft desk ideas

Pay Attention to Your Posture

Your mom wasn’t wrong all those times she told you to sit up straight! Slouching while crafting is common and can take a serious toll on your body. Slumping your head and shoulders forward puts excess strain on your neck and upper back. And, when you stay in that position for an extended period of time, you are likely to end up with aching muscles. 

Taking breaks to stretch helps with this, to a degree, but it’s best to pay close attention to your posture and adjust as needed. Keep your feet firmly planted on the floor, check that you aren’t leaning forward too much, and make sure your supplies are within easy reach so you can maintain your alignment as you work.

Closing Thoughts 

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Find a Diamond Art Painting for You!

There are a lot of things you can do to avoid incurring muscle aches and soreness when you become deeply engaged in diamond painting. In addition to making your crafting sessions more enjoyable, doing so will limit the risk of muscle strain and injuries. Try the suggestions above today and you might just find that you love diamond painting even more! 

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