5 Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make


November 21, 2020

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One of our favorite times of the year, Christmas ushers in feelings of joy, love and sharing. The winter holidays are all about spending time with the people in our lives whom we love and sharing that love through festive meals and thoughtful presents. As a parent, sometimes the holidays can be a little overwhelming with the kids home from school and other family members and guests planning to stop by the house, so it’s important to find ways to keep your family entertained and engaged. 

Few gifts are as special as those that have been handmade. It adds an extra level of kindness and caring to know that someone spent their time making something special specifically for you. This season, keep the kids entertained by helping them work on some of these adorable Christmas gifts kids can make like diamond art paintings or cookies in a jar. Use these crafts as unique gifts for people in your life and help your child unleash their creativity.

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1. Christmas Tree Ornaments 

You can never have too many ornaments for your Christmas tree, and what ornament is more special than one that has been specifically designed for you? This is the perfect DIY craft for children of all ages. If you have younger kids, you can keep this project simple by purchasing traditional round ball ornaments with no designs. Then, use any types of paints that you’d like to create a beautiful new design before sealing the paint in with a finishing coat. IF you’re looking to make this project more challenging for older children, you can buy different shaped ornaments with more intricate designs. 

2. Diamond Paintings

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If you’re looking for ideas for Christmas gifts kids can make, diamond art kits are an excellent choice for children who are a bit older. This craft requires a bit more patience than simpler endeavors because you need to have decent control of your hand-eye coordination and the patience to properly place every diamond bead in its correct place. If you want to work on a project together, diamond painting is a good place to start. You and your child can review the designs and select one that would appeal to the person you are making the gift for. Then, set aside time each day or week to work on the project, ensuring that you’ll have it done before Christmas. Once completed, you can frame the diamond painting for a more polished presentation.

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3. Reindeer Food 

This is a super simple craft that children of all ages love to learn about. The craft itself requires very few items: uncooked oats, birdseed and your choice of glitter. All of these ingredients are mixed together in a bag or a jar to create the “reindeer food.” After mixing the “food” together, you can let your creativity run wild. Select a container like a bag, Christmas-themed fabric or cute Mason jars. You can paint or decorate these in any way to make the gift look more festive. Then, print out the magic reindeer food poem to attach to the gift and you’ve got a fun little gift you can give out to neighbors and relatives!

4. Cookie Mix in a Jar

The holiday season wouldn’t be the same without cookies—lots of cookies. From cookie exchange parties to grandma’s famous Christmas cookies, most of us are surrounded by sweet treats all season long, which is why we love giving the gift of tasty cookies to others. This is a fun and easy Christmas gift kids can make. All you need are a few Mason jars, basic cookie ingredients (depending on the kinds of cookie mixes you’re including) like sugar, flour, chocolate chips, etc., and cute decorations and instructions. The ingredients are poured into the Mason jar in layers and then bows, ribbons and tags are attached to the jar to make it look more festive and provide baking instructions.

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5. Christmas Greeting Cards

A simple craft, greeting cards can be made with any medium that your child chooses–from construction paper to felt. Help your child plan out a design and then look for examples of greeting cards for guidance. For very young children, you can even print out Christmas greeting card designs that they can color in and give to teachers, grandparents or friends during the holiday season.

Get Creative with the Kids

While the kids are home for the Christmas holidays, get the entire family into the Christmas spirit with festive crafts. Help the little ones pick a few of these easy Christmas gifts kids can make and get to work. Diamond paintings for kids feature unique designs made from small, faceted beads to create a gorgeous mosaic picture. Your child will learn how to hone some of their fine motor skills and gain a sense of accomplishment by finishing one of these projects. You can also explore one of our other suggestions to keep your kids entertained and create one-of-a-kind presents that your family and friends will remember for years to come.