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What Is Release Paper for Diamond Painting?


November 18, 2023

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Release Paper for Diamond Painting

Diamond painting combines the beauty of sparkling resin diamonds and the joy of creating stunning artwork. As diamond painting continues to gain popularity, more enthusiasts are seeking ways to improve their experience. And that is where the world of diamond painting accessories comes in. Let’s explore the advantages of release paper and how Diamond Art Club®’s release paper and kits can enhance your diamond painting journey. 

What Is Release Paper for Diamond Painting?

Release paper, also known as protective film, is extremely helpful for completing diamond painting kits. It acts as a protective layer on the adhesive canvas, ensuring the sticky surface remains clean and free from dust, debris, or accidental spills.

Diamond painting release paper can be either translucent or opaque and features a non-stick surface. It serves as a barrier between the adhesive canvas and the environment, protecting your project and making it easier to work in sections.

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Reasons to Use Diamond Art Club®’s Release Paper

We meticulously designed our release paper to safeguard your diamond painting canvas. It prevents the adhesive surface from coming into contact with dirt, oils, or any unwanted substances that could compromise the adherence of your drills. Using our release paper will help you maintain the integrity of your artwork and ensure that it looks flawless from start to finish.

In addition, Diamond Art Club® release paper is user-friendly, making the diamond painting experience more enjoyable and hassle-free. Carefully created to meet the needs of diamond artists of all ages, it peels off effortlessly whenever you’re ready to remove it. 

How to Use Diamond Painting Release Paper

finished diamond art

  • Prepare Your Workspace: Before starting your diamond painting project, ensure you have a clean and organized workspace. Set up a smooth surface, such as a table or desk, where you can comfortably place your canvas and access your materials.
  • Unroll and Flatten Your Canvas: Carefully unroll your diamond painting canvas, making sure there are no creases or wrinkles. If needed, flatten it by placing heavy books or objects on the corners for a few hours. While this usually isn’t necessary with Diamond Art Club® kits, it will ensure that the canvas remains flat during the diamond painting process.
  • Replace the Original Cover with Release Paper: Gently pull off the plastic covering which came attached to your original canvas. Next, place sheets of release paper directly onto the canvas one at a time, overlapping slightly to ensure coverage. The release paper needs to cover all areas of the canvas that are adhesive so it is completely protected.  
  • Peel Off a Section of Release Paper: Start by peeling off a small section of the release paper, exposing the adhesive canvas underneath. We recommend working in sections — peeling off the paper as you progress — to maintain the cleanliness and stickiness of the adhesive surface.
  • Place Diamonds with Precision: Using a diamond applicator tool, pick up a diamond from the tray and gently press it onto the corresponding symbol on the canvas. The diamonds will adhere to the canvas effortlessly, and using release paper makes it easier to keep track of what section you’re working on. Continue this process, section by section, until your entire canvas is adorned with dazzling diamonds.

Additional Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

How do I store my release paper and diamond painting accessories?

Invest in storage solutions, like craft boxes with labeled compartments, to keep your diamond painting accessories organized and prevent any loss of diamonds. This way, you can easily locate what you need and maintain your supplies' quality.

Can I reuse the release paper? 

Since some diamond painters prefer to reuse diamond painting release papers for environmental or economical reasons, Diamond Art Club® has now created a double-sided release paper. However, we generally recommend using a fresh sheet for each project. Reusing release paper can diminish its effectiveness and lead to unwanted dust or debris transfer.

What if air bubbles occur under the release paper? 

If you notice air bubbles forming under the release paper, gently lift the affected area and smooth it down again, ensuring a tight seal between the canvas and the paper. This will help eliminate air pockets and provide a clean surface for diamond placement.

Use Diamond Painting Release Paper for Your Next Project

Release Paper for Diamond Painting

Diamond Art Club®’s diamond painting release papers are a valuable accessory that enhances the diamond painting process, making it easier, cleaner, and more enjoyable. By using our release papers and other accessories, you can protect your adhesive canvas, achieve precise diamond placement, and create breathtaking diamond paintings that truly sparkle. 

Remember to follow the provided instructions and incorporate the additional tips for a seamless and gratifying diamond painting experience. Embark on your next diamond painting journey with Diamond Art Club®’s release paper and accessories, and let your creativity shine!

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