Stainless Steel Diamond Painting Tips and How to Use Them


May 07, 2022

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Every Diamond Art Club® painting kit comes with an applicator and grip you can use to complete your masterpiece. For serious crafters, though, this basic type of applicator may leave something to be desired. If you are ready to step up your game, take a look at investing in  diamond painting accessories from Diamond Art Club®. Most diamond painters find that upgrading to a premium drill pen eases discomfort and makes the process of painting with diamonds even more enjoyable. Premium pens feature stylish, ergonomic designs to ensure comfort during long diamond painting sessions and each has a single placer tip as well as interchangeable four drill and seven drill multi-placer tips.

We Have the Diamond Art Supplies You Need!

Along with upgrading your placer pen, a stainless steel diamond painting pen tip is a must if you really want to elevate your diamond painting experience. They are the strongest and longest lasting tips on the market, meaning you don’t need to worry about them wearing down or breaking like plastic and brass tips. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing these long-lasting tips and how to use them. So let’s get going! 

Why Use Stainless Steel Diamond Painting Tips? 

If you’ve ever had your placer’s tip break while working on a diamond painting, you probably have a good idea why you might consider upgrading to stainless steel tips. They hold uplonger and aren’t as prone to wearing out and breaking as other tip types. This eliminates frustration and ensures an enjoyable crafting experience. We offer a wonderful diamond painting stainless steel tip in our accessories section, making it easy to add one to your collection.

Stainless steel diamond painting tips are designed to fit drill pens that use standard plastic or brass tips, so you are able to change out tips on pens you already own. They are versatile and easy to install, making them an excellent choice for any diamond painter who wants to customize and improve their supplies. 

A stainless steel tip also makes a great accessory to include when giving a diamond painting kit as a gift to a new diamond painter. It helps to make diamond painting for beginners easier and ensures that the recipient will never have to deal with the frustration of a broken tip. 

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How to Install Your Diamond Painting Pen Replacement Tips

As mentioned above, stainless steel tips are easy to install. Start by removing the original tip from your pen. You may be able to pull it out with your fingers, but if you meet with too much resistance, you might need to use pliers to get a better grip. When using pliers, know that they will likely scratch the tip. If you would like to prevent damage, wrap the tip in tape prior to removal. 

To ensure a snug fit when installing the stainless steel tip, twist it slightly while pushing it into the pen. If it seems too loose or falls out during use, wrap the part that goes inside the pen with washi tape. Add one layer at a time until the new tip feels secure.-. While steel tips are designed to be used on most drill pens, there is no guarantee that they will conform to a specific one. If it is too large to slide into the pen or too small to stay in place, you may need to try it with a different pen. In some cases, you may be able to glue a too-large tip inside a pen, but this only works when the hole isn’t significantly larger than the tip. 

Using Your New Tip

Stainless Steel diamond painting tips are very durable, but they are not completely indestructible. If it takes more than your fingers to insert a new steel tip, either protect it with washi tape, or use tools made of wood or plastic rather than metal which could easily bend or damage it. Also, be careful when filling the tip with wax and when cleaning it out. Use a wooden toothpick, a prong from a plastic fork or another small object made from wood, plastic, etc. 

Another benefit of metal tips is that you may not need to apply as much pressure when picking up drills. If you were previously working with a bent or damaged tip, you’ll want to be careful not to scratch or otherwise damage your drills by pushing too hard with your new steel tip. Aside from those guidelines, you can use your new stainless steel tip just like you would use any other tip. 

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Find Your Stainless Steel Diamond Painting Tips at Diamond Art Club®

At Diamond Art Club®, we have all the diamond art supplies you need to elevate your favorite hobby to the next level, including a durable, stainless steel tip accessory. From dazzling premium drill pens to long-lasting, stainless steel diamond painting tips, you’ll find many helpful products intended to enhance your diamond painting experience when you browse through our complete collection of accessories. Check them out today! 

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